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The next Wishin


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Sea trial went ahead,all went well cruised @18knts against the tide through Hurst and 24knts back through with the tide same revs.Took it through the bridge @18kts.....I was ok so was boat but previous owner and his mate went a bit white sick.gif

She does 30kts at full revs if needed and I needed today!!!

I will transfer to my mooring in the week biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif just in time to get some fishing done if weather plays ball.

I have some work to do on the Osprey expedition 24 mainly inside the cabin as it is dated and in need of upgrading,apart from that and a few dozen rod holders more electronics etc that's it.

Power is Yamaha 420sti 245hp through a yam leg single prop.

Hopefully you should see some catch reports soon and maybe a species or two rolleyes.gif

All the best Nige

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Well done mate

Glad the seatrial went well.


She looked a very solid boat when we climbed all over her last week


The hull is as dry as a bone and all work seems to be cosmetic.


I hope that she gives you as much fun and success as Wishin did


Have you come up with a cunning name yet?



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For the rest of the year same place,may move next year wink.gif

The name well asked my family......no sense there dry.gif It has never been named so the name in the lead at this time is..............................you guessed it............Wishin Too........


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I will take some and email them to Martin or Lofty as i struggle loading onto photobucket with five people all on internet at once in my house blink.gif


Come on you lazy old git, get some piccies posted!


Great to hear that you've got the boat you wanted mate, seems to be a good year for that sort of stuff? wink.gifwink.giftongue.gif

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