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  1. JV Only 3 but have dinner! Dogfish Launce Turbot
  2. Entering JV for Sunday - not that we will take seriously, but you never know! JV - Adam, Ian, Rob
  3. Rob


    Train it to come to you Jim, they have four legs for a reason! Even get it to bring you cake and beer (super advanced training). R
  4. Rob


    Brain exercise, as you'll never wear their body out! R
  5. Rob


    Adam has some working cockers about to be born. Think they were due yesterday. R
  6. Rob

    Hi All

    Hello! R
  7. Strange place for it to happen in nice conditions. R
  8. Bass in the sun, Adam & Rube
  9. Rob


    Pics from NCI Hengisbury FB page
  10. The Merc 600s and nice purring V12 engines, so big they steer from the gearbox so the block stays still. Power to weight and prob £, the 450 Mercurys are suppose to be better. I do like the idea of duo props on outboards, they certainly have come a long way in last 10 yrs! R
  11. Rob


    It was lovely! Is this one of our members?: R
  12. Loobie 1V Jerry Shutter,Jerry Sumbler, Jim Tiddler!, Dave Wilson, Sunday Tigerfish, Alun, Steve - Saturday Marlin - Greg and Brad - Monday Joint Venture - Adam, Ian, Rube, Rob, Charlotte - Saturday
  13. Rob


    Joint Venture is taking advantage of the weather!
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