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  1. Rob


    Scarred for life! Brilliant photo. R
  2. Rob

    Looking after your catch....

    Icy Tek on Ebay from Salisbury - not huge one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274444283097?ul_noapp=true
  3. Rob

    Chartplotter problems

    If that is Navico in Romsey then they have been ace for me. I had what I thought was a problem, and to troubleshoot I popped my unit in to them. Even offered to go through to their workshop whilst they hooked it up to their system to check the unit. Can't remember the result outside of, it wasn't the unit as worked perfectly on their bench. R
  4. Rob

    Photo of the Month . July

    Weds pm, kids & dads.
  5. Rob

    The sole search goes on.

    That's a long session Alan, make you you take plenty of supplies! Good luck. Rob
  6. Rob

    Photo of the Month . July

    Childline, is that still 0800 1111?
  7. Rob

    Trip out Saturday

    I'm hitching a ride on JV as usual, we are heading out out tomorrow, night in Portland and then shambles Sunday. Well, that's the plan. Rob
  8. Rob

    Sole Trip. Sat. 11th. July.

    Just keep out of casting range!
  9. Arms like Popeye now Jim!!!
  10. Rob

    Wire Cable Advice Please

    I'd say you need to crimp that cable, just need the right size crimp and hydraulic crimper, then do away with the bolt on crimp - but for testing the bolt on is ideal. R
  11. Nothing like using CAD design and it turning out so well. R
  12. Looks smart Mike, I'd be a little concerned about the leverage this has when buoying an anchor up from deep. I'd add a fairlead to the side and use that at anchor and on retrieval. R
  13. The swivel won't work with a tripped anchor, that is the issue as far as I understand it. R
  14. Rob

    Upgrading from Warrior 165

    Luckily the gelcoat can be wiped down!!! R