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  1. Rob

    Sunday - trip out

    Need to get a light spinning setup out and flick small sidewinder type lures. Al and I have done that a couple of times this winter, superb sport. Especially when the hit on the surface. R
  2. Rob

    Rodman for sale at PYC

    How dare you!
  3. Rob


    Superb pics! How come you want Yamaha (obviously I am a fan)? Were the Suzies not available for ended up ££££? R
  4. Rob


    Excellent, yes, that Portland trip was ace! Where are you keeping her? Back on North Haven swing? I must insist on a trip so I can compare to Boblin2, but not thick fog like last time please? Rob
  5. Rob

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    Gbh, or do they now call it assault and battery? Shocking behaviour guys!
  6. Rob

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    I can see Charlie will get charged with gbh at the next meeting if you lot keep the current jokes going.
  7. Adam invited myself and AJ out on JV for some fishing yesterday. It was a bit slower that we would have hoped. We moved a few times, thanks for the work out Ad! We had a handful each in the box and crept in with just enough water. Wasn't cold didn't rain, not bad. R
  8. Rob

    Boat for sale

    It is just I have a friend looking for his first boat, pics speak 1000 words but I think this is a few 1000 over his budget anyway. R
  9. Rob

    Boat for sale

    Photos and price would help! Rob
  10. Rob

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    Next to the RNLI for a quick rescue too!! No need for a Targa to assist. R
  11. Rob

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    Doesn't look bad after 9:00, gusts of 31max. Not that i am fishing it! Good luck to all, make you you have 50% more fuel that you think you might need. As we all know consumption can go up significantly in adverse conditions. Talking of consumption, remember the hip flasks!! R
  12. Rob

    Day off

    He gets paid and hayd holiday! No wonder he praises his boss so often. Jim, first mistake there is booking the same days off as the wife, get the days wrong and have days to do your own thing!!! R
  13. Rob

    2 days

    There were far from rare yesterday, or 2 weeks earlier when we had the same fun! They aren't big fish, which in a way is a good sign, most 35-40cm. Had some taking on the top too, which I'd taken a popper. The lures were 12cm and at times it was amazing how the managed to engulf then so far! Sprat imatations. Believe the blue on the FF is a shoal of sprats. R
  14. Rob

    2 days

    Popped out Wednesday for a couple of hours with Alun. Target was bass on lures for a bit of sport 50+ bass later, we headed back in for the sun setting at 15:35!!!!! Cracking impromptu session arranged the night before at the club meeting. Just a few fish on the sounder!!! Rob