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  1. Results: 1st Over 11 - Jacob G - 82 points - from July Round 1st Under 11 - Blake W - 62 points (need to confim when i get back home) - from September round 1st Specimen - Leo - 1lb03oz Scad - August round Well done to the 10 juniors taking part - there are a number of photos that others have and can be uploaded. Thanks to Andy at PSAC for sponsoring the prizes via a great discount!! (amazing actually, but I am sworn to secrecy!)
  2. Rob

    JoJo's Ray Comp

    Just for my own records: Changed the plugs lats night, still.got a stutter around 2400/2700k. Added some fuel cleaner / redex stuff, half a bottle / 50litre dose in to 12 litres of super unleaded. After a good blast over hook sands to Poole patch we noted she ran smooth as silk on the way back in the sloop. So I'll pop the plugs and check if they are all similar in colour / burn. R
  3. Rob


    Feel free to Stuie. Please come along to the presentation if you are about around 16:00/30 at Cobbs.
  4. Weather looks awesome, unless Mal shouts - we are ON!!! Rob
  5. I purposely let the girls out-fish me (honest!) To keep them interested!! R
  6. Yes, all in the rules. Scad are 3 points for the first and 1 point for every repeat fish of same type (up to max of 20 fish). This helps to stop someone sat on microbream all day catching hundreds. So in example above, the max for scad is 3+19= 22 , whether you catch 20 or 200. R
  7. Round details below. Please see me a photo of your score sheet at 15:00 or soon after on Sunday. Pdf score sheet link below for printing. Rob 07970767149 http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5d7b3d79a6552/JuniorCompScoreSheet2019.pdf
  8. Best score taken forward, it is not cumulative as that would not be fair on those who can only fish one date. Rob
  9. Martin, please edit the Burt entries above as required, too many names to remeber from last meeting!!
  10. Sunday 15th Final Junior Comp Day FIshing from 9:00 > 15:00 - back to Cobbs for 16:00 - where we will have scores added, prizes presented and pizza for the kids (adults to fend for themselves). Entries for Sunday are: 1:BlakeW 2: JacobG 3: Leo 4: DanielB 5: DarceyB 6: PhoebeB 7: OliviaF 8: CharoltteF 9: Isla Franklin (absent) 10: Ruben Frankin (absent) Anyone else please advise asap - by 18:00 Friday please (or before I go to Pooel Sea Angling @08:00 Saturday 07970767149) Other members are more than welcome to join us at Cobbs @16:00 - weather looking great. Thanks Rob
  11. Good poiunt Neil, i haev been very slack this year. lost my mo-jo and have been having to work for my wages this year. which has come as a surprise, having been blaggin it for the last 20! 😁 Anyway, i will work on it now. Will you be able to get down on Sunday? maybe bring the boat in to cobbs saturday night? have a little overnight jaunt? Rob
  12. Rob

    Ray Competition

    Haha, yes. I refused to reel for them but assisted in stopping my rods disappearing!
  13. Rob

    Ray Competition

    2nd and 3rd, the ray master landed the winner on his boat. Mind you he had been feeding them every week for 5 years!!!! I dug out a mark I haven't been to in 5+years, went to it, couldn't be bothered to anchor, grabbed a pot buoy (naughty naughty) near by and sat there for 40 mins. Luck this time! R
  14. Yes sir, Sunday is on should the weather play ball! Trophies were nearly delivered today but some excuse there was a problem with address!!! (I called them and said bet driver fancied an early finish) Anybody, got any space for myself and 2 kids? Launching and retrieving JoJo on my own with 2 kids doesn't make for a relaxed day! Thanks, Rob