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  1. Rob

    Kenzaki problem

    Search ring repair (rod wise) on here, there is a guy Hooky knows the name of. He did a repair recently for me via Bournemouth Fishing Lodge R
  2. Rob

    Leg Antifoul

    I can only assume his boat is not a rocket ship like Looby! R
  3. Rob

    Photo of the Month July

    Junior comp, macs for everyone!
  4. Rob

    JV Junior Comp

    Great memories
  5. Rob

    JV Junior Comp

    Well, what a great forecast! JV had a relaxed start with 4 kids onboard to entertain. First, pick up some rag, milk, beer and pizzas (the oven is always needed with growing kids onboard). We headed to a classic Poole patch / Bournemouth rocks area for the usual wrasse subjects. Pushed off by the wind at 12, we headed to some rough. The dad's had a drift for bass with the kids aquarium members they had been collecting. But to no avail. Hook in and try for some rays. We had more sun rays than fishy ones. just a small eye for Reuben. Isla had a conger and we had bucket full of macs between us. I was questioning the mark as we only had one lesser cat shark. Anyway, 3pm finish to fit in with the rules and we were off. Back in bathed in super sunshine and a lovely refreshing breeze to compliment. Kids had fun, dad's had fun (and less cups of tea that usual) and mum&s had a break for a short time. Daddy daycare at its best, thanks Adam. Rob
  6. Rob

    Super dangling and company.

    Superb, nice report. Sharing of ideas and knowledge are what the club is about. And can make a memorable day. Rob
  7. We are on , weather looks good, anyone else bringing your ankle biters out to play. (Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren count and don't have to be members). Rob
  8. Junior Comp Rules 2019 Competition Dates are: 13th \ 14th July - fishing 1 day only - nominate day on booking-in 10th \ 11th August - fishing 1 day only - nominate day on booking-in Sun 15th September - followed by presentation at Cobb's BBQ Area There are 3 opportunities for a junior to fish this comp - the junior may fish up to 3 times - once in July, once in August and once in September. When there is an option to fish Saturday or Sunday - the day being fished must be stated at booking-in. Fishing time: 09:00 - 15:00 Style of Competiton - 2 comps in 1: - Specimen Competition - Under 16yrs - largest specimen award over up to 3 comps. Please record your juniors' best specimen by weight, photo required and to be submitted with form. Usual Club Specimen weights used. - Species Hunt - split in to 2 age groups - under 11yrs & 11yrs+ to under 16yrs. Score sheets need to be sent to open@pbsbac.co.uk within 48 hrs of each comp - these will be made available on the forum or emailed by request. 5 hooks at any one time over max of 2 rods (easier for juniors can use 1 rod to feather). Area to fish: All boats compeating will fish within Club Waters and within 5 miles of land (northern boundry of Club Waters). The captain of the boat deems what is suitable for crew and craft. Whether the competition goes ahead will be decision of Safety Officer\Comp Organiser by 19:00 the night before. Safety: The decision whether each competition goes ahead will be made by the PBSBAC Safety Officer \ Comp Organiser day before each competition. A post will be put on the forum the night before each competition to confirm the decision. Species scoring: Each Junior will be issued with a Species Hunt Score Sheet. Each species of fish caught will be awarded with the points stated on the sheet. Should a junior catch more than one of the same species then each additional fish will count as an additional one point. Its is important that the Parent/Skipper log all fish caught on each competition day. Please submit within 48hrs of the comp start - execpet on the final day, please bring form to Cobbs Quay by 17:00. - Slight change this year with max of 20 for each species counting and only the first of a species taking the "species points", the rest score 1 point. Also, added an unlisted species - again 20 max of each and only 1 point each. -- e.g. Bass + 5 points - so 2 bass = 6 points total, 20 bass = 24 points, 30 bass = 24 points All Juniors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Note: If a competition day is cancelled it may not be re-scheduled. Juniors must be registered at least the day before each competiton starts (execpt for the last date (Sept) when 2 weeks notice is required). Registering is via the Comp Organiser or on this forum thread below. Juniors over 11 are expected to bait up, cast and retrieve fish on their own with minimal help. In event of a tie on points, the younger competitor will finish in the better position. Comp Organiser's decision is final. The score sheet below: Rob  All - can those taking part please add names to the list below? same rules as last year. I need to know 1: Olivia Francis 14/07 11/08 15/09 2: Charlotte Francis 14/07 11/08 15/09 3: Ruben Franklin 14/07 11/08 15/09 4: Isla Franklin 14/07 11/08 15/09 5: 6: JuniorCompScoreSheet2019.pdf
  9. Rob

    South of Pevril, East of Durlston

    Good luck!! Listen to the guys above. Save your time for small tides. Big tides are best served inshore or on the drift for bass or wrecking, but too big and the wrecks and be very tackle hungry. Rob
  10. Rob

    Late crew space.

    Think we saw you on the secret ray mark when we can back in. How did you get on.? We found a few bars of silver, nothing massive. Rob
  11. Rob

    Diesel tank sludge

    Slightly related: JV needed and new fuel sender and the old one was messing about. All tests suggested sender so, one was ordered. Whilst on this job with tank pulled forward, it was planned to put a small hatch in the hatch! The main hatch has 30/40 bolts and is for getting in to clean etc, what was planned was an easy access option that doesn't ruin the gasket, take an hour or mean the tank has to be empty enough to pull forward. So a had SureWeld behind Castlepoint cut the hole, drill the bolt holes and they welded nuts on the back to make them captive. Great job, great price. Also, large enough to eyeball the tank with a torch and get your hand in if you so desire. Tested out today, and seems to help catch bass somehow! R
  12. Rob

    Junior Comp 2019 Dates

    Believe so! &11th Aug. R
  13. Rob

    Late crew space.

    See you out here, JV is off early doors
  14. Rob

    Aux flush

    Saw this on Facebook, thought be good for other boaters as I have no aux, even on mooring could be used. Just thought it looked good, compact and simple if muffs are not an option. R
  15. Rob

    Best day of the week !!!

    We had a load just off Ballard down, just outside swanage bay. 50 37.657 1 55.602 R