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  1. True Blue? Saturday? If so, we followed you in to the harbour I believe. R
  2. Route out was poor vis!! R
  3. 10/12 miles depends how foggy it is and how straight you drive! R
  4. I think he is fishing quite a bit further out than we go. I thought about calling him again, maybe I should have, as we only had the one! R
  5. I have taken Adam for a trip to Cornwall. So far so good! R
  6. Adam 3lb 10oz Rob 4lb Bucket loads of fish, nothing big. Beautiful day to be out. R
  7. Rob

    Plane crash

    Video of the crash http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/6133ce495e2d8/241159085_1486487535060515_3480778312932330907_n.mp4
  8. Rob

    Kayak tope

    Big for a boy! Well done R
  9. Did you ask permission? [emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Not Pollack of any size though, need the wrecks for them
  11. Rob


    Hello, welcome! R
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