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  1. Rob

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Rob

    Has anyone seen any mackerel yet?

    Just had a few this morning, typically 12 on first drift then none of second! R
  3. Is the water still full of May rot? R
  4. Got to let the wood season Jim, no point rushing.
  5. Can't you cast far enough? Come on Martin!
  6. Rob

    Who's out on the weekend?

    I see Christchurch angling has 35lb of rag arrive today. Call and book and slot for service, shame I'm working Tuesday/Wednesday! (But grateful to be working and not furloughed or worse) Re
  7. Rob

    Lockdown project - livebait tank

    The same pump and hozelock style fitting was used on the old tank to good effect (white barrel type in photos). Could be upgraded if needed quite easily. R
  8. Rob

    Who's out on the weekend?

    Do you defrost the squid before wiping your arse Neil? (Never thought I'd string those words together! R
  9. Rob

    Happy Birthday.

    Enjoy Frank
  10. Rob

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    Dorset's answer to the Fonz?
  11. Rob

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    Look like the road based equivalent of a Dejon!!!! R
  12. Rob

    Diesel Bug - long time on shore

    Careful what you add, I've had my head in a tank due to bug, volvos do not like some additives! R
  13. Rob

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    More room for cake Jim? R
  14. Rob

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    Thought you were retired Dave, sounds like you are busier than ever!!! How about afternoon snoozing? Not only paint the hall but also watch it dry? Maybe time for another boat project? R
  15. Rob