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  1. Ian Jones picked up a Rodman from Bordeaux recently. Worth sending him a PM. R
  2. Looks like a decent ploy to stop trawling, well done soap dodgers for once!
  3. Agree with the comments, Dave was a very talented angler and was happy to share knowledge. RIP
  4. i use the palomar knot, when the eye of the hook will allow doubled up line to pass through. Simple and easy to tie in rough seas. R
  5. "South Dorset" better that North I guess! I like the idea of green peace dripping concrete blocks to disrupt trawling. BBC News - Bottom trawling ban for key UK fishing sites https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-55894608
  6. Turn your Ais off then and she will never know. As always , you need to pick the weather/seas conditions to suit yourself, skills and craft. I've been 20+ miles from mooring in heavy white topped seas, wind against tide in the dark on the wrong side of Start Point lighthouse. But with sensible approach and knowing it.would.take a lot of throttle control we came back ok. Just do what you (and for Ian, his wife) are happy with. R
  7. Any room to have a unit or two hanging down? Move VHF up / out the way? Hopefully you'll not have time to sort as the weather will be so good you'll be out constantly. R
  8. Yeah, at the club Xmas meeting, free snacks, it's a win! R
  9. Rob


    Brian is sporting a black eye!
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