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  1. Rob

    Photo of the month Nov

    They were supposed to let me catch the biggest, but Liv's biggest bass was 5lb and Lottie's 4.5 I believe. R
  2. Rob

    Photo of the month Nov

    Met up with Gastro on the water today, the boys were having fun!
  3. Busy at work Jim, barely stopped! (2weeks in France August) Hoping to get some time off at Xmas. R
  4. What will you call it Jim? "Powered by cake" R
  5. Rob

    Another beast of the bay?

    I'd be persuading it to stop with a boat hook!!! R
  6. Rob

    Best birthday wishes Oli

    Enjoy! R
  7. Justify a load of cake after a day out on that Jim!!
  8. Rob

    Birthday greetings Pete G

  9. Rob

    Coloured leads

    If anglers buy em, shops will sell em. I made some wrecking leads in yellow, seemed to make no difference to catch rate (or lack of!!). R
  10. Rob

    Oh bugger

    Good luck
  11. Rob

    Photo of the month October

    2 photos on a post, careful Chris, I think it will have the likes!! R
  12. Rob

    9th Birthday Treat

    Brilliant. Happy Birthday Blake! R