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  1. You can refuel in portland marina have to see when they are open mark
  2. How much are they charging a metre this year mark
  3. I thought you were going to say she is happy outside the house
  4. mw

    Oh bugger

    You could try J B weld I once repaired a heat exchanger on a boiler it lasted a couple of years not as hot as a turbo but may be ok mark
  5. Sounds like something in the Bible mark
  6. Hi Ben is it the pro fish you have if so I had the same problems mine had a 8mm gypsum i went down to a 6mm and used more chain before this I used 3 different ropes and they all got caught up and I had 24 inch drop in the rope locker mark w
  7. Sound like it could be an injector problem mark
  8. I tried it with chain and zip tied to the swivel 3 zip tied on the anchor still broke every time, tried strong orange thin rope still broke so back to just using swivel Did catch a bass on bread looking to catch a mullet though mw
  9. I would have thought it would be free to members mooooooo free cake mw
  10. Try looking on findafishingboat.com they will have one I would think mark
  11. Hi Lofty the centre line is the boat the darker section is the depth of water below the boat the image left and right are out to the side 60 either side
  12. Looks really good Adam how much resin and mat did you use mark
  13. I thought I had finished my jobs painted fence repaired gate removed decking after painting it 4 coats replace with shingle moved plants now I have to replace the boiler cant wait to get back to work mark
  14. On the photo they use what looks like a crimp if use broke one of the clamps with a wrench makes you wonder how strong they are mark
  15. I cant see how the swivel is fitted to the anchor but will wait to see how it works for you mark
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