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  1. mw

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    You can still get cod in the harbour mark
  2. mw

    Arvor 250 steering

    They don't recommend the red stuff on mine mark
  3. mw

    Arvor 250 steering

    Try using a small funnel that fits the helm keep it an inch up thetube if you opening and just top up the oil it may jump out when you turn the wheel mw
  4. mw

    New prop anyone?

    Good job the speed limit was lifted they would get you if they could mw
  5. Hi Steve when I did mine I used a clap on the pipes I only used one sheet of kitchen paper to clean up clamp I used is for gas pipes but you can get different types have you tried recommissioning the computer unit mine did this the pump would only move the motor by an inch then back mark
  6. mw

    Revised Bridge Times

    First time Saturday I had to wait to go under Kingfisher went under so I followed but only had an inch or two clearance mark w
  7. mw


    Try craft insure
  8. mw

    Diesel tank sludge

    Hi Neil you are lucky getting the line drawling from Stuart I wanted one for my boat that I bought from him but never got one If you have a toilet you will have have a tank I have the 790ob like your boat the tank is on the starboard side in the space next to the pilot seat ps you cant get to it I had to disconnect mine mine is a little bow heavy as I fitted a bow thruster how does it steer in the marina mark
  9. mw

    New family member

    Looking Good mark w
  10. mw

    Hard mono for shark trace.

    you can use strimmer mono will be a lot cheaper mark
  11. mw

    One for the bird watchers!!

    Didn t you mean they are cherpy mark
  12. I wish ide a of fished it now but been ill for over a month so thought i better not mark
  13. I always look for the thick strings at water level if I can see them near the surface or just below I can get under mark
  14. mw

    Town Bridge Lift Changes.

    The last time I went out they forgot to change the the lights when I pointed it out they still waited at least ten mins to change them but if you go under on all red they would be on you like a shot mark
  15. mw

    Fuel prices

    Supply and demand they must sell more diesel in poole Diesel is cheaper to refine but has a higher out put