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  1. dicky

    Where to keep my boat?

    If you're happy with the fishing where you are then i would save the £1600 for a year and see how the drive is. You may find that at 7 am on a Saturday or Sunday morning the roads are fairly quiet. We regularly travel to hayling from Oxfordshire and the motorways are normally clear in the morning but a bit busier at 5 in the evening
  2. dicky

    sand eel trawl

    watch out for weevers
  3. dicky

    New family member

    I've seen that somewhere else recently lol, again fine looking boat 😁
  4. dicky

    Are the Danish fishing fleet out of control.

    That was in Shetland if i remember correct. Underground tunnels transporting fish to a secret packing area for distribution. There are many factors leading to over fishing but mainly rule makers and commercials are responsible. I don't think recreational anglers even scratch the surface
  5. dicky

    Hard mono for shark trace.

    do you mind me asking why you want to use mono? is it in case an oversized mackeral comes along?
  6. dicky

    Are the Danish fishing fleet out of control.

    that's the sort of attitude that will really mess up fish stocks. Don't believe all the bull about the EU boats doing all the damage and our fleet being whiter than white. We have a shady history when it comes to commercial fishing and a free for all would result in the collapse of all fish stocks.
  7. dicky

    Fuel prices

    diesel 10p a litre dearer in Witney, Oxfordshire as well.
  8. dicky

    Fish of a lifetime

    Fantastic fish, I do a bit of winter piking when it’s to rough for the boat but have yet to get a brute like that, nice job.
  9. dicky

    Engine Talk

    Nice work, how long did it take you? If they quoted £210 just to look at it then that equates to around 3 hours labour?
  10. dicky

    New kid on the block

    I’m not wearing a gimp suit to open anything!!!!!
  11. dicky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    In this instance being a pillock may be the cheapest option
  12. dicky


    live mackeral hard on the bottom. If you get them feeding hard then you can drop down to cut baits/chunks as this will improve hook ups.
  13. dicky

    Rodman v Merry fisher?

    how many miles on average to 140lts. On our 18ft we would be getting close to 200 miles.
  14. dicky

    Rodman v Merry fisher?

    just out of interest how far are you prepared to take your Parker? I've only seen them at shows but have been impressed with them. Is fuel capacity a restriction?
  15. dicky

    Alderney 2018

    How did you all get on? You certainly had the weather for it