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    Super dangling and company.

    Myself and two friends raided the waters 6 miles south of the needles yesterday. Great tips from a couple of club members made the day, thanks guys [emoji1303]. We arrived around 1pm after steaming from Hamble and stopping at Yarmouth deep to feather for mackerel , we found 3 or 4 to add to the bait box. First drop for the tope produced a feisty 15lb example After that we had another 5 between 6-12lb, one brill A small thornie And of course the standard LSD (not deemed worthy enough for a pic)!! Weather was amazing and Tarlach Too behaved impeccably . All in all a great day out and loads of fun had !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So a evening report Met up with Megabite by Aunt Betty, Good advise given, it's not very nice out there ! So off we go , found it rather bumpy on the way out , that bloody slamming so we found Happy Hooker , very kindly let us have a few Mackerel for bait ( sorry about the wee ding ) 40 odd ft of water about half mile SE off the pier , nothing really happening but was joined by Boy Colin & Megabite . A few of them had been out for most of the day , tales of a fantastic days catch (come on Colin) the VHF was very lively ! A decision was made to move inshore just as it got dark , Three Sole first drop on Happy Hooker , errrr we must b doing it wrong 😂 So so tonight's tally was all small fish ( Plaice, Gurnard, Bream Pouting Doggies Smoothhound ) but once again these evening trips are geared towards social gathering . I have also had a brilliant evening on my first "" Pen Rod Challenge """"" Truly great fun can be had with a lively Smoothhound ( I will think on this for further evenings ) It all went very well , roll on those summer evenings , it's so good to fish in company , thanks chaps.
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    Sunday after Club BBQ.

    Went out with Glen at 9am. Plan was to look for rays at the mark. Sadly after 30 minutes of weed upon weed we opted to move. Apart from a small bream to Glen the baits were weeded up almost as we dropped them in. 30 minutes later we dropped the hook again in a calmer weedless Swanage Bay and began to land a series of species. First was a tompot, followed by a rock cook and a number of ballans - biggest 3lb plus. Glen found a sizeable bream and then another. We stayed until 3.30 and had a great time.
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    Photo of the month June

    Undulate ray
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    Pom winner June

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    Diesel tank sludge

    Ok, so a quick follow up on this subject. Last week I had the tanks on Tarlach Too cleaned out and the fuel polished. Balance pipe tested as clear. 3 access hatches were required to be cut in on each tank . Not loads of sludge but by far enough to cause problems. In line separator fuel filter replaced and also primary engine filter replaced (all by my own fair hands I’ll add)!! Manufacturers Max revs not achieved again thank god ! So now into the electronics suite !! I’ve just ordered........ Garmin GPSmap 8410 X 2 AIS 800 GT40 LVS12 GMS10 I have managed a 35% discount off of RRP. Still a whole lot of money but, hopefully it will last many many many years ...!! All building up to Alderney 2020 I hope !!! Now I need to rest my wallet and hide the receipts [emoji56] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kingfisher 126

    Leg Antifoul

    Hi Jerry, best thing is clean them off, sell them and put a couple of shafts in!!! 😂😂😂 Good luck with sorting them out I’m sure there will be feedback to help. 👍
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    Super dangling and company.

    Superb, nice report. Sharing of ideas and knowledge are what the club is about. And can make a memorable day. Rob
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    great white

    Great footage

    As someone who feels chuffed when I tag together a few clips to get a short video. I was really impressed when I saw this one tonight, a really different view of catching a big Marlin
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    Diesel tank sludge

    Balance pretty much sorted Martin, I’m still listing to starboard but only by 20mm over 3.5m. As Ive said, when under way she is level so it’s only when on the pontoon ! I’m putting this down to a manufacture defect as there is no reason for it. Engine is Revving at max manufacturers stated rpm yes !! [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2 GPS units to 1 VHF unit.

    You need an electrician Mick [emoji23][emoji23][emoji106]
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    Birthday greetings Mick & Kim

    Happy birthday guys
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    Wight Magic

    Birthday greetings Mick & Kim

    Happy birthday to you both
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    Saturday numbers

    Yes but you would still be eligible to enter any fish you catch in our waters into the fish of the month competition which is an ongoing comp
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    What is it Mick ? A map showing the way to Greenslades ?
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    Leicester Fisheagle

    Late crew space.

    Fisheagle has a spare space for tomorrow. Leaving Cobbs around 10 am. Please phone or text 07758356474 before 10 pm.
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    Diesel tank sludge

    Slightly related: JV needed and new fuel sender and the old one was messing about. All tests suggested sender so, one was ordered. Whilst on this job with tank pulled forward, it was planned to put a small hatch in the hatch! The main hatch has 30/40 bolts and is for getting in to clean etc, what was planned was an easy access option that doesn't ruin the gasket, take an hour or mean the tank has to be empty enough to pull forward. So a had SureWeld behind Castlepoint cut the hole, drill the bolt holes and they welded nuts on the back to make them captive. Great job, great price. Also, large enough to eyeball the tank with a torch and get your hand in if you so desire. Tested out today, and seems to help catch bass somehow! R
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    Pom winner June

    Steve S with his needles photo
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    Poole Quay Folk Festival

    Thanks Greg. I’ve also seen that Poole Quay boat haven have visitors spaces for £7.50 for up to 4 hours. It’s probably a bit more sheltered in there so will give them a call to see if there’s spaces available. Failing that, a couple of flybys of the Quay and a tour around the islands will be in order. Anywhere on the water given the expected temperature!
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    Diesel tank sludge

    None of us are going next year
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    Great footage

    Good bit of flying too
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    Steve S

    2 GPS units to 1 VHF unit.

    If you are using the NMEA 0183 then that should be ok, the impedance presented by the powered off plotter should not be so high as to stop the signals getting through. If it does cause a problem you will need a switch to select the source. If both plotters are turned on at once you likely will get corrupt coordinate messages sent to the VHF, it should not break anything, just the radio won't get good coordinates. Good luck
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    2 GPS units to 1 VHF unit.

    Because I've only just logged on !
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    Change of plans

    Trying to avoid weekends traffic, the best weather made me change my mind and we planned a trip. Having heard about the mackerel I fancied a go at the bass, if that doesn’t work we will look for a Tope, and if that doesn’t we might go as far as the Shambles. After a couple of hours we were on the Shambles!!! We found probably 6-8 Mackerel but they were cracking Jumbos and Jacob hadn’t been to the Shambles so we arrived. Great conditions, nice drifts, lots of other boats so all looking good. We struggled to get 5 Turbot and a Brill, 3 keepers, 2 red Gurnard, a few good size launce and of course some LSD. Interesting to see the local boats actions at different states of the tide. One trawler came round the edge of the bank mid day,I think he heard what Kev was saying about him because he left!!!! breeze picked up around 4 so we had a bit of a lumpy run home. Tried for some Mackerel off a really unpleasant Durleston but no joy. Home for the 6.30 bridge good wash down by everyone and a 🍺 to finnish.
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    Best day of the week !!!

    We had a load just off Ballard down, just outside swanage bay. 50 37.657 1 55.602 R