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  1. More belated best wishes was down the Shambles
  2. Has the Shambles lost some of its glory? We headed down to the Shambles from Cobbs around 7.15 am. on one of our annual pilgrimages. Departure was a little later than anticipated due to a few hiccups and an iced up boat and slippy pontoons. As high water on the Shambles was 8 am. We had a little bit of tide against us and conditions were relatively calm. Our average speed was around 18 knots. Spoke to Doombar and Bobblin 3 several times during the day ( Buddy Boats). On our arrival at the East Shambles Buoy, we joined the flotilla of some 22 other boats. Our attempts t
  3. No, at Kimmeridge. Go past Old Harry then past Peveril continue past St Albans. Probably better to go with another Club Boat who knows the tides and likely effect of weather conditions as some of the Headlands can really rough up. I have had to turn back or leave early due to inaccurate forecasts. If you go there, it is about 12 miles from the Shambles Buoy. Go a short distance past St Albans and before Kimmeridge. If you go just past Kimmeridge you need to be aware of the Firing Range and the times when they operate. You can phone or contact them at Range Control on Ch
  4. It weighed 15 or 16 lbs. That was a few years ago when there were more big ones about. We will be taking an extra 25 litres for Hooky plus a manual transfer pump. Sorry Rag Doll cannot make this one, perhaps next time.
  5. Looks like a 16.5 lbs caught on Fisheagle on a borrowed rig?
  6. Darn, was hoping to catch up with Bobblin on the species hunt.
  7. Hi Martin, your figures are bang on. Fishing either side of slack, moving for the Plaice and drifting gave me about 110 miles last time. We should get some assistance from the tide both ways on Tuesday Fisheagle will have about 80 litres to spare unless there are unforseen problems or someone needs a tow. I would suggest that Rag Doll should be ok but could be pushing it if there are any problems, don't know other variables like how many on board, weight carried etc. Personally, I would like to know my boats fuel consumption before going all that way. I
  8. Hoping to head out on the 7.30 am. Bridge if the weather holds. Anybody fancy being a buddy boat going down to the Shambles?
  9. Wash and dry your reels after each trip. The picture below shows three reel parts from two different anglers. Corrosion on an Abu 650 Multiplier. A pitted handle from a Penn Surf Blaster fixed spool which it was impossible to take out as it had welded itself to the internal drive wheel. It had to be cut off to access the reel internals. Thirdly, badly corroded chrome on an old Penn Multiplier. All three were put unwashed into sheds before Covid restrictions. A little bit of Corrosion Block or similar ( cover the line/spool with masking tape) and regular servicing would
  10. Belated Happy Birthday Jacob. Hope you had a good one.
  11. Happy Birthday Tony. Hope you had a good one.
  12. Liked the report. Could be a photo of the month hidden in there.
  13. Shimano Calcutta 700. We do like a challenge.
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