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  1. Fisheagle cannot make the 28 th. for the revised Cod/ Whiting Comp. I have been waiting a while now for some laser eye treatment, hence the lack of fishing this year. It scheduled in Bournmouth on Sunday the 28 th. November. Hopefully, I will be able to read the charts on the plotter better. Unfortunately, the fish may look bigger but will still weigh the same.
  2. Have seen the quality of the work done so far. It is first class.
  3. Thanks Jerry, I would not have made it as Ann is positive for Covid on today's PCR Test Results. Although I am still negative. She really isn't well and it is her birthday on Sunday. Mike Hall could well be taking Fisheagle out with a couple of other Club Members. There have been several Cod to almost double figures caught in the Harbour this week.
  4. Ann has just tested positive on a lateral flow test, I seem to be clear. We have just done the more accurate PCR Test, should get the results tomorrow.
  5. Fisheagle hopes to be out, subject to weather.
  6. Plenty of Tope to around 35lbs with a PB to Mike. Several larger fish lost as we weren't really expecting or geared up for them. A few of the initial runs being several hundred yards and then snap offs or bite offs, initally we suspected a small shark till we got one to the boat. A good selection of Rays across two of the three marks fished with six over 14lbs the largest being a Blonde of17 lbs. The usual Congers, dogs etc. plus one solitary Whiting on out third mark near Tom on Illusion. A really calm day with plenty of Winter sunshine. So much for the Winter Species. Mike may put up a few pictures.
  7. Hope to see you down here soon. Need someone to show me where they are.
  8. Fisheagle hopes to be out this Friday subject to weather. On Ch 6 as always.
  9. Well done Dave. Nothing significant caught on Fisheagle other than each other's live baits. Allan.
  10. Change of plan for Fisheagle. Fishing with Mike Hall and Frank Morris on Sunday. Hoping to do some general fishing but will probably also try for a Bass. Jan Tryska has asked me to post that he will also will also be entering the Comp. on Holy Mackerel with a non member on Sunday.
  11. Sorry, cannot make this one as will be away.
  12. Bought some Glow Fuses from Maplins just before they closed down and fitted them to Fisheagle some years ago. The first one on the wiper circuit has just gone. Took seconds to replace. Providing there is power to them, they glow very brightly if they fuse and can be instantly identified. Highly recommended from LKS Connections on page 11 of their catalogue. Free delivery. For £5 .50 pence, you get a mixed pack of two of 3,4,5,7.5,10,15,20,30 amps. That's 16 fuses. Other options are available on their website. Allan.
  13. Unfortunately cannot make this one. Good luck to all fishing.
  14. Fisheagle will be out and about. As always on Ch 6 and 16. Allan.
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