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  1. Leicester Fisheagle

    Sunday - trip out

    That's nothing new.😁
  2. Leicester Fisheagle

    Sunday - trip out

    Can't make Sunday but will read your catch report with interest as hope to be out Monday.
  3. Leicester Fisheagle

    Flounder Comp 2nd Comp

    Spoke to Chris Holloway a few minutes ago, the COMPETITION IS ON. See you all Sunday Morning.
  4. Leicester Fisheagle

    Flounder Comp 2nd Comp

    As soon as I know something I will post.
  5. Leicester Fisheagle

    Flounder Comp 2nd Comp

    There is currently a weather window. Have spoken to Chris Holloway who is helping organise things. He wants to make a decision late Friday afternoon based on weather, bait availability and number of boats likely to fish.
  6. Leicester Fisheagle

    Flounder Comp 2nd Comp

    Fisheagle hopes to give it a go, subject to weather and bait availability. Can't do any worse than last time.
  7. Leicester Fisheagle

    Flounder Competition Rescheduled 29th December 2019

    Fisheagle hopes to fish both Comps. wìth myself and Mike Hall.
  8. Leicester Fisheagle


    Fisheagle will be heading out on the 9.30 lift. Possibly Conger wrestling near the 50's. Fisheagle now not heading out. Good luck to all fishing.
  9. Leicester Fisheagle

    Silly ones

    Been on the Christmas Sherry already?
  10. Leicester Fisheagle

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    Doombar out today, no Flounders.
  11. Leicester Fisheagle

    Weather window tomorrow

    Fisheagle will be out with Allan and Mike and also Frank and Yan on Happy Hooker. As always, on Ch. 6. Spoke to Bridge Control and lifts are back to September Maintenance Scedule times. Probably be around the 50's.
  12. Leicester Fisheagle

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    See Andy has cancelled his Flounder Shop Comp. Until 29 th. Dec. due to weather and bait issues. That nice warm Liberal Club with hot food etc. Which was to be the Weigh In venue was one of the attractions. Were I younger, I don't think the weather would have bothered me too much. Now it gets harder and less enjoyable so Fisheagle will be withdrawing unless Mike wants to take her out and find crew.
  13. Leicester Fisheagle

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    Fisheagle with Allan and Mike Hall entering both Comps.
  14. Leicester Fisheagle

    Best birthday wishes Oli

    Happy Birthday Oli, have a good one.
  15. Leicester Fisheagle

    Photo of the Month November

    Mike Hall going off his trolley following an icy slide down A Pontoon before the cod comp.