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  1. Steve S

    Alderney 2020

    The tides on the weekend around the 2nd May look ok and also over the weekend of the 15th May (slightly smaller tides) so for the second year running the early May bank holiday is on a big tide. Fairly small tides is what we prefer in general to avoid drifting across the banks too fast for the turbot's liking and then resorting to dragging metalwork to slow us down. Personally I've noticed the very smallest tides have not resulted in too many fish biting and that goes to for the wrecking too, even more so. I'll probably plump for going on around the weekend of the 2nd May with 15th May as a reserve. Some of the banks around Guernsey have been fishing quite well for turbot in recent weeks. Last year I thought we did 'ok' for the flatties, I'm certainly looking forward to going again, but I don't want to think about it too much before Christmas.
  2. Steve S

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Haha, Alun has finally caught up with the 21st Century Rob, he has a smartphone!!! , one of the last holdouts succumbed, just on a bit of a learning curve... it's posted on photo of the month. I'm just so pleased there was actually some cod caught on the day, good to see plenty of entrants.
  3. Steve S

    Photo of the Month November

    11lb, yay, we got one
  4. Steve S

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Plenty of fish on Tigerfish today, mostly of the long slippery variety, also rays, bass, pout, whiting and.... 1 cod 11lb exactly to Steve Photo to follow once Alun has figured out how to get it off his phone [emoji3].
  5. Steve S

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    I wouldn't bet on it Stuie! We will however be giving it a go. Just been down to Barton, it's flat flat flat out there [emoji3] Now if the comp was biggest cod or if not biggest whiting, we would have a winner.
  6. Steve S

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    So poor cod count then
  7. Steve S

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    What's the chances of a cod, well.... not wishing to put too much of a damper on it. I've heard of a 6 pounder this side of the IoW and a 16 pounder in the Nab area, zippo from the Solent. There are lots of congers around (I went out on my own yesterday and it was almost hectic) , there are whiting to be found on some spots but by no means completely widespread yet. Anyone else got any intel?
  8. Steve S

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Madness - Dean - Jim - Martin Reel Magic- Dave- Mick Serenity - Tony - Ian Tigerfish - Steve, Alun
  9. Steve S

    Photo of the Month November

    How times change still 1 - 0 but this week against Man U!
  10. Steve S

    You always wanted a Botnia Targa!! :)

    Re: we have a deal? Fraid not Paul, I have a Targa 31 already. I was giving some objective views as a Targa owner based on what I saw on the photos and text. I love my Targa, they are expensive but work really well in our waters, they are well designed and made from quality materials so stand the test of time.
  11. Steve S

    You always wanted a Botnia Targa!! :)

    This is one well used Targa over 6000 hours on the engines. The inside looks pretty tired, to be expected with that much use. It's also not setup for fishing at all. The MFD is quite old and well outside the normal line of view for the helm, the usual place for the MFD is where the engine control and instruments have been placed.
  12. Steve S

    Heavier spinning rod wanted

    Many thanks for all the input, I was looking for a lure rod for the boat to handle better some of the heaver lures I've been chucking around. I've gone for a Savage Gear XLNT3 Lure Rod, can cast up to 100g.
  13. Steve S

    Heavier spinning rod wanted

    Thanks Jerry, I took a look at the Majorcraft range, there didn't appear to be anything suitable for handling lures in the 40g to 90g range, except for 1 slow jigging rod. Quite pricey too at £150 and upwards.
  14. Steve S

    Heavier spinning rod wanted

    I am in the market for a spinning rod that will handle casting lures in the approx 40 to 90g range. Any recommendations?
  15. Steve S

    Mission Accomplished

    Well done Jerry and Kev. I managed to get Tigerfish out for a few hours in the late afternoon on the flood, there was continuous rain and as the evening gloom set in, fog. Being on my own so not needing to worry about everyone catching I had a go for bass with a whole bunch of different lures, catching as many bass as possible wasn't the objective, just trying to compares lures and fishing methods, ie a learning trip, catch a bass on one, switch lure. Best bass went around 6lb with some others of good size and a wrasse or two as well. The lure experiments are a work in progress, so no conclusions, needs many trips for that.