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  1. Stuie on Tigerfish with a very blue black bream. One of a great many caught on Friday.
  2. I'll be wetting a line on Friday then, may see you out there. 😁
  3. I've booked in my diary and holiday Friday 2nd to Monday 5th July. Fingers very much crossed. After the year we have it will be great to have a fair few boats going over and actually meet some of you again.
  4. Well July 3/4 sounds good, if we get the all clear for then. I can do a midweek one if needs be.
  5. Fingers crossed Alun and I will be fishing. Plenty of bream around at the moment [emoji3] There is shall we say a high degree of uncertainty in the forecasts...
  6. Steve S

    3D knot app

    There are 2 different knots both called FG. I use the single mono version ending in 7 or 8 half hitches like Charlie. It's really strong and thin. I'm pretty quick tying it now but if I was wrecking for instance and need to re- rig fast I'd use a double grinner/uni. One thing about braid to leader knots they are subject to wear on the braid and it's not always obvious, particularly when using lures. It pays to cut them off and strip back a metre or two of braid and re-tie fairly regularly. It can seem like a waste of time until that is the braid gives way under surprisingly little pr
  7. Yippee, it looks like Guernsey and I assume Alderney are planning to open up to the UK in July. This appears to be based on widespread vaccinations in both. If that happens I will be looking go in July on a suitable tide, not checked those as yet.
  8. I'd probably go 12kg Bruce or Delta with 15m of 8mm chain. And if in doubt 15kg.
  9. Jerry I'll tell you which day I'm planning on going once I know the weather forecast with some certainty
  10. I see this person has a 'P' plate... Clearly not enough lessons/test not hard enough. I guess they don't include basic common sense!
  11. Steve S


    Like others, I put a 5 litres or so of petrol in once before realising, I filled it up with diesel then just ran the car, I could feel the difference but it ran ok, did another diesel top up later. Car ran fine afterwards. Half a tank is a bit much. If I was you I would buy a siphon and some plastic tanks to drain the lot in. What you can't get out won't be a problem. You then have some cans of diesel/ petrol mix.
  12. Nice ones Lofty. Your leg seem to be having a bit of a love in with the Undulate Steve, you want to be careful about that, there's laws about that you know!
  13. Yep the Overfalls have lots of blonds and some big ones. Pick a small tide or you will never get them in! I lost a huge one there a few years back, it kept turning on the surface, maximum drag plus a thumb would only hold it in position. I was on my own, stalemate, waiting for the tide to slacken off. eventually the twisting of the line parted it.
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