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  1. Steve S

    Camswan sidescan sonar images

    Those images you googled are very impressive, note however the sonar operating frequency 1.1 to 1.2mHz. I don't know of any normally available sonar equipment that work at that frequency, please correct me if you do. The higher the frequency the higher the image resolution and generally the less depth they will work to. Also tarpon are big fish, they are going to show up well even on a 50khz outfit as a large inverted U.
  2. Steve S

    Camswan sidescan sonar images

    Well that's a good use of side scan, well done
  3. Steve S

    Cobbs fuel

    I don't get it, Lymington Yacht Haven let you pay on account, it does cost a couple of pence more per litre that way.
  4. Steve S

    Has anyone seen any mackerel yet?

    The Mack's are still thin on the ground, I tried repeatedly on Monday in various places and didn't get one. The May rot is somewhat patchy, nowhere I saw was clear, some places quite dense. Lures are still working but not as well as in clearer water. It will be interesting to get a report from someone who has been fishing somewhat offshore. There are a few bass around now. A trawler has been working off Southborne for plaice. A charter tried for them on Monday had 10, all small.
  5. Steve S

    Two Long Days

    Well done Jerry, sounds great. With so few females around (I didn't have any on the Ledge) and full of spawn it suggests they haven't started or at least not completed spawning (some spawn more than once) so I see no problem taking males.
  6. Steve S

    Who's out on the weekend?

    What is it with your steering rams Charlie, you so often seem to get trouble with them, maybe another problem in the system causing it, like particles from the pump and/or dirty ATF. I replaced mine more than 6 years ago and never touched them since. See you on the water guys, I'll be trying for bream initially, don't want to put too much of a damper on things but Alun has just told me the water is pretty dirty with the May rot.
  7. Steve S

    Diesel Bug - long time on shore

    Thanks for all your suggestions guys. Hopefully relaunching the Friday.
  8. Steve S

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    My mate Boz bought one of these for not very much, it had a De Villiers 250cc engine. He bought it in Winton, drove it down the hill at the end of Moordown followed the road round to the left, proceeded to roll it right across the road onto the grass! got out, left it and walked home. He drove it for all of a mile then wrote it off on the first bend he came to. A couple of days later at night he retrieved the engine, god knows why. It had an electric start which didn't work but there was kick start you could use if you opened the bonnet clambered on top and shove your leg in the innards. That was how he got it started to drive home, quite how someone disabled was supposed to do that wasn't clear... A death trap of the first order.
  9. Steve S

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    I had a Ford Cortina mk IV as a company car which featured an automatic choke, wow. It was useless, a starting preventer, if the engine was half warm like after visiting a customer it was 50/50 if it was going to start. I had a set of tools and sprays all ready to get it going again! Gave such a good impression [emoji2957]. It wasn't that great from cold either! Repeated visits to the garage got nowhere, and being a company car I was stuck with it. Finally it did it's 60,000 and got shot of it. And then there was...
  10. Steve S

    Diesel Bug - long time on shore

    I've never had diesel bug on Tigerfish and the filters have always been pretty clean when changing them during the annual service, however, the boat went onto the hard in early Feb and due to the lock down it's still there, that over 3 months and counting and it pretty warm at present. So I'm starting to get concerned about the possibility of diesel bug brewing away, any recommendations?
  11. Steve S

    Dorset fishing industry article

    Likewise Charlie, well they are lucky they are out working, if not enough money is being made then furlough everyone. I have furloughed all my staff, only the 2 directors are working on a very minimal salary, we have applied for a bank loan. I'm not asking for sympathy, that's the way it is I'm just getting on with it as best I can. I'm pretty sure that many restaurants will not survive this and if that means there are less commercials around I for one will be glad, it's overfishing that pushed up the price of fish in the first place and if this reduces the pressure on the fish, good.
  12. Steve S

    New miracle cure for Covid-19!

    The leader of the most powerful nation on earth speaks, so we should listen, shouldn't we...
  13. Steve S

    Wire Cable Advice Please

    Well possibly Terry but it would also have to take account bringing on board the business of the anchor, you might swap one problem for another. Another way to reduce the problem is a much large diameter roller, this could be made from bolting together rough cut kitchen cutting board blocks then turning ideally in lath or at a pinch on a pillar drill. The problem is there must be enough clearance to accommodate the increased radius of the roller. On the whole I think we await the results of the S/S cable, clearly it works on some boats and as solutions go it is pretty simple to implement.
  14. Steve S

    Wire Cable Advice Please

    Well I have about 4ft of thin floating rope attached to the end of the anchor shank with a loop on the end. When tripped (I usually know when it's popped the trip) with the anchor still in the sea (saves it banging again the hull) I use a boat hook to hook the loop and raise the rope up to the boat, then with the thin rope in hand I pass it over the bow roller. Using the windlass to recover the chain and me pulling on the rope I can ensure the shank comes over the roller. With the anchor now resting on the boat a new trip can be tied. Doing this with a 15kg is no problem as the windlass takes most of the weight. When I first started using this method I thought the thin rope might tangle with everything but it never has. When it's rough it adds to the fun hooking the rope [emoji3].
  15. Steve S

    Wire Cable Advice Please

    Some sort of cheap metal clips might work Jerry like a low quality s/s one would need to check the breaking spec and test it out [emoji3]. Would be a bit of a faff to fit but then would not often trip. That 10mm stainless wire you have must be pretty flexible, I have some about 10mm off Mike Fox's old mast rigging I use as a mouse, there is no way that it will bend round that eye. We just need to wait god knows how many weeks before you can try it out.