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  1. Steve S

    New anchor winch

    That's the US model, the UK one looks rather different 😪
  2. Hope to do a short trip Saturday too. If last weeks trip is anything to go by I'm setting my expectations very low.
  3. Steve S

    Boat Insurance

    Saga for me, no increase this year
  4. Red Osprey appears to be in dock there so maybe some sort of refit
  5. I went fishing on Sunday with Diane for a change! The forecasts for Sunday were all over the place, the Met office giving it Moderate to Rough!! F3 to F5, some others wind getting up midday before settling again, others little wind all day, which it what it turned out to be. I checked the live reading saying 6 knots and thought I'd give it go on the basis we could always turn back. Hardly any boats to be seen of any type, except Red Osprey (Red Funnel Southampton to Cowes Ferry) heading down to the Needles around 16:30 and then out out into the open sea, it's now appar
  6. So sad to hear that, RIP Dave.
  7. This so called shading are the results of the multi beam scanning that's been done over the last few years in this area, some of which Doris showed. It's handy to have it integrated on the plotter but in the areas that have not been multibeam scanned there is nothing new to see. Casquets for example.
  8. Steve S

    Boat Talk

    I've heard similar advice Jerry, I think it's a load of old tosh, better to antifoul from the off, then the paint should grip on the leg (abraded) better.
  9. Asking for trouble with a name like that! Dan Bran pontoon.
  10. Think might be called the thumb knot.
  11. I think that means they are considering banning/restricting them along with a whole load of other stuff. banning/restricting will be a whole lot easier politically if there are none UK owned.
  12. The catch report viewer does not yet allow 2021 as a date.
  13. I'm planning to be out Sunday, probably aiming for whiting.
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