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    Birthday greetings John

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    Interesting topics from AT.

    The Angling Trust has launched a new website - Fishing Buzz - to keep anglers and their families entertained during the Covid-19 lockdown and help relieve some of the stress and worries we’re all experiencing right now. It’s packed with news, views, tips, videos, advice and more ... and we’ve even got a section especially for kids! We’ll also be sharing content from some of the top names in the sport so if you are a manufacturer, fishery or other angling organisation and want to help us keep the fishing habit through this period please get in touch at suggestions@fishingbuzz.co.uk and we will be happy to work with you. We’ll be adding new content daily – and if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see just email us at suggestions@fishingbuzz.co.uk or send us a message on Facebook. And don’t forget to let all your fishing friends know about Fishing Buzz! VISIT FISHING BUZZ - OUR NEW WEBSITE FOR ANGLERS! On Fishing Buzz right now... CARP: Back to basics with Nash Tackle Ever wondered how a boilie is made? Dave Lane catches the Burghfield Common Sit back and enjoy The Secret Lake COARSE: Go Fishing with John Wilson Every UK freshwater fish filmed underwater Bygone: Chub fishing with Jack Hargreaves Great canal sport with Dominic Garnett GAME: Howard Croston's dry fly masterclass How to tie the perfect Grayling Witch fly Wild brownies on a Lake District tarn River Monsters: Arapaima on a fly MATCH: Waggler tactics on the River Wye Winning Ways: Inside Jamie Hughes' rig box Bygone: Ray Mumford making his own tackle James Robbins fishes the Grand Union SEA: How to tie mono to braid line David Mitchell podcast on Tommy's Outdoors Tackle Talk: Redgills and sidewinders Revisiting the Sea Angling Review ezine Plus: Kids' Club, Health & Wellbeing, Lure, Specimen and more... Take a virtual spring walk in the woods Catch up with our Campaigns News Lure fishing in the Swedish wilderness Covid-19: Latest announcements VISIT FISHING BUZZ - OUR NEW WEBSITE FOR ANGLERS!
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    Poole Town during lockdown

    That's Madness in waiting......
  4. Welcome to your Sea Newsletter Covid-19 – Stay Home, Stay Safe The Angling Trust is calling on all anglers to refrain from fishing during the current restrictions and only leave home for the reasons given by the government. Our message to anglers is to stay home, stay safe and help protect the NHS and save lives. For more information on what we are doing and regular updates and support throughout the Covid-19 lockdown we have created a dedicated COVID 19 information hub New campaigns website From fighting for your fishing in Westminster to working with anglers on the ground, the Angling Trust campaigns team is working hard to safeguard the future of angling in the UK. Through our new dedicated website you can keep up-to-date with the latest from the campaign trail and how you can get involved with creating a better tomorrow for angling by supporting our work. Getting kids fishing Congratulations to the Kings Arms Sea Angling Club for celebrating 10 years of getting kids sea fishing through its junior section. Thanks to everyone involved for supporting the juniors and making this possible. Pictured: Junior Champion Jack Thompson, runner up Louie Thompson. Other trophy winners: George Organ, Jackson Organ. Dylan Organ, Ethan Jeffreys and Stanley Fox. Recycle your fishing line Are you recycling your fishing line and spools? There are now hundreds of recycling bins located across the country where anglers can take their unwanted line. And if there's not one convenient to you, there's the option to post it. All the information about how to get involved can be found on the Anglers' National Line Recycling Scheme website. More info New report maps sea angling in England A new report has been published by the Marine Management Organisation mapping sea angling activity throughout England. The high-resolution maps will be used to help inform and provide evidence in the marine planning process. Up until now very little reliable data has been available to support sea angling in the planning process of deciding what activities happen, and where, in English waters. Twelve layers of different data have been produced showing the distribution of recreational sea angling from the shore around the English coast. Sea anglers ARE valuable! A new report on the marine economy of the United Kingdom shows that the marine coastal leisure and recreation sector, including sea angling, is the second largest sector in the marine economy and accounts for the largest number of jobs. Leisure and recreation had previously been undervalued. The new report provides even more evidence to policy makers that fishing isn’t just fun, it’s important too! Read the full report Still time to read our review Did you read the review of our work for sea anglers in 2019? If not make sure you check it out here. There’s something for everyone with the best of the news and stories from 2019. Specimen Award Scheme: Results for February There has been a variety of fish caught over the past month, with Whiting and Spur Dog still being caught in numbers. Seniors: 80 entries from 13 clubs Winner: Stephen Aldrich from Roving Rods SAC who caught a Whiting of 4lb 6oz, from the shore at Plymouth giving him a percentage of 292% for Area C Juniors: 3 entries from 3 clubs Winner: Joshua Johnson from Rodbenders SAC who caught a Whiting of 1lb 15oz from the shore at Plymouth, which gives a percentage of 194% for Area C As the Angling Trust has stopped all competitions at the moment, no entries for the scheme will be allowed until the present restrictions are over. Matthew and Luke top the chart February saw Mathew Phillips lead the seniors with 61 species while Luke Bowerman tops the juniors with a five-point lead. February Species Hunt winner was Jason Warne with an 8lb Small Eyed Ray caught at Ventnor, on the Isle of Wight (pictured). The Species Hunt 2019/20 round came to a close on 31st March 2020 as normal to allow anyone who has any catches they haven’t yet submitted to get those in before the final results are announced. As per the Angling Trust statement regarding the current Government advice we ask that you stay home and stay safe to protect others and the NHS. The 2020/21 round opened on 1st April for entries if you would like to register as normal. No packs will be sent out until we have been advised that it is permissible to go fishing again. We don’t accept catches without the Species Hunt Card and thus catches won’t be counted until you receive your packs. To enter from 1st April, please email specieshunt@anglingtrust.net with the following: Full Name Date of birth or Age Postal address Please state if you are a new member and require a Tronixpro tape measure. Thank you for your support this year and we hope to see everyone back fishing soon! Join the Facebook group Follow us on Instagram Covid-19 causes postponement of competitions Because of the spread of Covid-19, some World and Home International Championship events have had to be postponed to later dates. The Championships changed are: SALC Home Shore Championships for Men, Ladies, Youth & Juniors have been postponed from July 2020 in Weymouth to July 2021. SALC Home Boat Championship has been postponed from June 2020 in Wales to June 2021. FIPS-M World Pairs Shore Championship postponed from March 2020 in Portugal to 7th - 14th November 2020. FIPS-M Long Casting of Sea Weights postponed from Sept/Oct 2020 in Germany to 2021. New date to be advised. FIPS-M World Boat Championship postponed from May 2020 in Belgium. New date to be advised. Fish of the month: Bass April sees anglers around much of the country begin to think about targeting bass more regularly as they move back inshore after spawning. Bass stocks are recovering after reaching critically low levels due to commercial overfishing in 2016. Members of the public fishing recreationally are allowed to keep up to two bass per day over 42cm from April until the end of the year. Bass has become popular due to its firm white flesh and delicate flavour. They can be caught using virtually any method, if you can find them! Check out more on our Fishbook series HERE Stay Home and enjoy the fun! We know you would all prefer to be out fishing rather than following the Stay Home, Stay Safe advice - but the fishing fun need not stop. We’ve created a new website called Fishing Buzz to keep you entertained during the lockdown and help relieve some of the stress and worries we’re all experiencing right now. It’s packed with news, views, tips, videos, advice and more! We’ll be adding new content daily – and if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see just email us at suggestions@fishingbuzz.co.uk The Angling Trust is the united national representative body for all angling in England and Wales. It is united in a collaborative relationship with Fish Legal, a separate membership association that uses the law to protect fish stocks and the rights of its members throughout the UK. Joint membership packages with Fish Legal are available for individuals, clubs, fisheries, riparian owners and other categories. Please find out more. WWW.ANGLINGTRUST.NET
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    Artifical reef off Training bank

    No doubt it will be well marked Martin.
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    Latest Angling Trust News

    Coronavirus update Our support hub and helpline are now available Tuesday, 24th March 2020 The Angling Trust has now created a dedicated support helpline for angling organisations. You can access details of the helpline, along with information about financial support that could be available to angling organisations and businesses promised by the Government as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated impact, on our dedicated support pages. Clubs, fisheries and other angling organisations can access this information here. We must all do what is required of us by the Government and work together to fight this pandemic. Therefore until further notice we should all refrain from fishing. This is about saving lives and supporting the NHS. In regards to the current restrictions announced by the Government on Monday 23 March 2020 it is clear that the only permitted activities that have been specified are walking, running and cycling for the purpose of local daily exercise. Today we have written to the Sports Minister highlighting the benefits to both physical health and mental wellbeing that angling provides and that we are ready and prepared to offer whatever support the government or Sport England require now or in the future to get people back fishing as soon as is safely possible. We will post updates for all anglers on our dedicated support pages Many thanks, stay safe and look after each other, Jamie Cook Chief Executive Angling Trust
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51657573
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    Pouring soft lures for wrecking

    wow, you'll be opening a shop next. Well done.
  11. Enjoy your day both of you.
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    Eel smuggling

    Poor sentence for this endangered species https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-51770954
  13. Welcome to your Sea Newsletter Fisheries Bill update: debated in the House of Lords The Fisheries Bill has been debated in the House of Lords this month as it makes its way through parliament before becoming law. Following briefings by the Angling Trust a number of Lords have spoken up in support of recreational fishing, such as Lord Cameron of Dillington who said: “The socioeconomic benefit of recreational angling to coastal communities is huge. Even in 2012, the latest year for which I could get hold of statistics, the sea angler spend was £2.1 billion locally, supporting more than 20,000 local jobs.” If you haven’t read it already, you can read David Mitchell’s article on the importance of the new Bill in our 2019 sea angling magazine on page 4-5 HERE. Angling groups call for catch & release tuna tagging project The Angling Trust and campaign group Bluefin Tuna UK have written to Defra calling on the government to sanction a new catch & release tagging project for bluefin tuna in UK waters in 2020. The project would allow recreational anglers to contribute much needed ‘citizen science’ by tagging and releasing bluefin tuna in order to provide crucial data needed to manage the stock. Read more HERE. Getting families into fishing Check out our new film about the hugely successful family fishing days at Shoreham Port in West Sussex. If you haven’t already, make sure you read our article about these, and other events aimed at getting more kids and families into fishing, in our 2019 Sea Angling Review magazine. Recycle your fishing line Are you recycling your fishing line and spools? There are now hundreds of recycling bins located across the country where anglers can take their unwanted line. And if there's not one convenient to you, there's the option to post it. All the information about how to get involved can be found on the Anglers' National Line Recycling Scheme website. More info Devon and Severn IFCA proposes permits and bag limits for hand gathering The Angling Trust is working on a response to the D&S IFCA proposals to permit commercial hand gathering activities within the district. Alongside the proposals for permits are proposals for restrictive bag limits on recreational gathering. The proposals have generated a lot of controversy within the sea angling community. For more details visit the IFCA’s website. Keep your eyes out next month for details of the Angling Trust’s response. Trust responds to Southern IFCA proposals The Angling Trust, in partnership with the National Mullet Club and a number of other partners, has submitted a response to the Southern IFCA’s revised net fishing bylaw proposals criticising the proposals in a number of different areas. You can find our response HERE. Wessex Marine Region – notice of AGM The AGM of the Angling Trust Wessex Marine Region will take place at: 7pm on Friday, 20th March at The Elm Tree, Hightown Road, Poulner, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3DY. Sea angling will be facing an increasing number of challenges over the coming years and it is important that we have a strong voice regionally. There is currently a pressing need to reinforce the Angling Trust Wessex Marine Committee to ensure that we are well represented at all levels locally and able to better represent local clubs and anglers wherever the need arises. The AGM is open to all members of clubs affiliated to the Angling Trust and all individual members of the Angling Trust. Please try to come along and give your support. Specimen Award Scheme There were 116 entries from 17 clubs in January with whiting again being the dominate fish being caught. However, the winner of the Seniors this month is Ms Ellen Stockley of Brixham SAC, who caught a thornback ray of 18lb 0oz 1dm from the shore at Salcombe, giving her a percentage of 180% for Area C. Sixteen junior entries from five clubs were also received with the winner being Joshua Johnson, from Rodbenders SAC, who caught a whiting of 1lb 12oz from the shore at Mountbatten, Plymouth, giving him a percentage of 175% for Area C. Matthew and Luke still lead Matthew Phillips headed up the leader board in January with an impressive 61 species while Luke Bowerman is still the young man to beat with 45 species in the juniors. The best specimen in January was this cracking 51cm ballan wrasse caught by Simon Gavey from Jersey. Follow us on Instagram Join the Facebook group Sea fishing events for beginners Will your club be running any sea fishing events for newcomers in 2020? Let us know the details and who to contact – email admin@anglingtrust.net Fishbook - show us your catches! Our series of web pages provides info about the most popular angling species. We need pictures of you with your best fish to show others what they can catch – please email to admin@anglingtrust.net International Sea Angling teams selected Following the England Selection Committee meeting held in Lymington, the Marine National Teams and Competition Group of the Angling Trust are delighted to announce the International teams for 2020. See selections here Ladies ... your chance to fish for England The Angling Trust is seeking any talented lady shore anglers who would like to take part in the FIPS-M 28th World Ladies Shore Championships in Mimizan, France from 19th-26th September and the SALC Ladies Home Shore Nation Championship in England. If you would like to apply, or know someone who might be interested 16 years and above, please email sandra.johnson@anglingtrust.net for further details or an England application form. Please note, anyone successful in being selected must have individual membership of the Angling Trust. You can join here - and you can claim a fabulous free gift, too! 'How to' guide to coarse, sea and game fishing - order yours now The Get Fishing book is perfect for beginners and those who have been fishing a couple of times and want to take it further. The book outlines what you need to know to experience the joy of getting out there and enjoying a day or a few hours fishing – whether it’s catching mackerel, pike, trout or carp! Written by Allan Sefton and endorsed by the Angling Trust and our Get Fishing campaign, you can order your copy online for just £9.99 from Merlin Unwin Books – and Angling Trust members will receive 20% discount. Alternatively, clubs and coaches looking for multiple copies should get in touch with the Get Fishing team via their website here. Health survey - please help. Win a £200 Amazon Gift Card too! We need you to do our quick survey so we can find out how many people who go fishing are affected by their health or disability. It doesn't matter what your level of health or ability is and even if you took part last time we need you to do the survey again. It only takes about four minutes and the answers will help create better angling opportunities for you and other people. At the end you can choose to enter our prize draw for the chance to win a £200 Amazon Gift Card - it's completely free to enter! Volunteering: Watch the video and download your copy! The Angling Trust has produced a Volunteering Best Practice Guide in partnership with the Environment Agency and funded by fishing licence income. The guide is essential for clubs and fisheries who work with volunteers - download your copy now! ...
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  15. Looks possible to get out -so far - on Friday. Hoping to drift the piers etc for plaice with Ken - hopefully. Anyone else tempted?