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  1. Matt

    Recommend me a PLB

    If you do ever need it make sure it's on you not in its packaging in the cuddy...
  2. Well I wasn't expecting to see a catch report today!! Well done on the fish and getting out when you could😀😀
  3. Matt

    Baby Ray ID please

    Inconclusive although I reckon it will be one off the larger species as I'd think if it's one of the smaller rays it woul exhibit more of its adult traits for its size
  4. Matt


    Lovely looking boat
  5. Matt

    Hi everyone

    I thought it was biscuits?? Sorry complicated club rules
  6. Matt

    Evening sole trip.

    It's mums birthday in a month and she loves jigsaws any chance of a pointer to were I could get a photo made into one?
  7. Matt


    Happy new year all
  8. Matt

    Birthday greetings Sam

    Hope you had a great one sam
  9. Matt

    Light setup recommendations

    I'd say on the trailer parked on dry land😉
  10. Matt

    Light setup recommendations

    Bad place to have the steering wheel come off!
  11. Matt

    Lazy start

    Well done for getting out and.looking after the Mrs breams
  12. Matt

    Light setup recommendations

    I didn't think you were allowed to drift near the chain ferry?
  13. Matt

    Catch Reports

    Yes but just letting us know how the day went is great. Wheathr it's the kettle broke Or you went a bit farther it's interesting to read(especially for me)
  14. Matt

    Alderney 2019

    Still available as crew
  15. Matt

    Alderney 2019

    Again i really want to get over. If any crew spots are available let me know.