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  1. Wedger

    Good old Wood

    Got a pile here for you Jim 😃.
  2. Many thank all. Had a great day with family - just how it should be!
  3. You've just been robbed and I stole it from the safety of my own domicile. 😆
  4. Always used Greenham and Regis. Not pushy and sound advice.
  5. https://www.boatshop24.co.uk/fishing-boats/orkney-day-angler-21-day-angler-21/378995 Having posted this I can't find an image so not sure it would suit.
  6. I have seen one tied alongside in Lymington. Some time ago but worth a walk around the pontoons when you are there. I will ask a couple of skippers.
  7. Good to hear you got sorted on that one! You don't need a shocker to begin with. Not sure if it is up your street but I have an old sweetheart for sale soon. An absolute bullet proof missile - but for a discussion off this thread. Good look.
  8. Thank you guys for your kind wishes! Had a great day in the garden.🤣
  9. Always used Aluminium on Otter. She was on a tidal mooring almost on 'Two Rivers Meet' at the bottom of the Stour, Christchurch. Most seasons they were very knackered - reassuringly! No leg problems or most other parts but the beginnings of an issue with Volvo Ali props which surprised me. Sorted soon enough but had not expected that as they are supposed to be 'top banana' and not 'rot banana'
  10. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1105766376425326&set=pcb.1879173532215827&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  11. Wow Nidge!! Sorry I missed this Hope you had a massive hangover! 🤣 Be well my friend!
  12. No not yet - might go next weekend.
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