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  1. I can't find another which ticks any more boxes I might need than the V 50 Pro. Providing it is totally waterproof and has enough battery and memory I think we are in. Wedge
  2. What do you guys consider to be the best fixed action camera for a boat (remote activated)? Sort of looking at fixing one to the radar arch overlooking the deck and immediately alongside to capture fish being landed and smiley faces with the catch on board. Cheers Wedge 😎
  3. I spoke to Cobbs last week re options and facilities. Y'all may know but Cobbs no longer offer public slippage. 😐
  4. Now ya getting serious!! that looks brill bud. Can't wait to see what you can do with her.
  5. Wedger

    Radar safety

    Just asking a pertinertinent question as radar has been likened to standing by a running microwave with no door on...... 🤪
  6. Wedger

    Radar safety

    Who has radar and how high is it above the deck??
  7. Just a buff no anchor. not always fishable - weed can be a problem with little tide to move it sometimes when I was there. Suggest your bait needs to be static for the straps.
  8. Christchurch Ledge at night - neap tide. Under the cliff just inside Old Harry - Studland side. Get them away from the cliff ASAP! Trev
  9. Twas one of my mates and his son diving. had to dive out the way......... son torn up on the rocks with ripped wet suit and bruised leg. Very lucky inches from serious disaster. They were well marked and right on the training bank. Q FB Anyone who dives Studland training bank be careful, myself and my son were nearly hit by an extremely careless boat owner yesterday evening, ignoring my marker float, totally ignored the red marker posts warning of the shallow reef, we both had to jump out of the way as his boat ground across the top of the rocks. It wasn’t as if it was a cheap couple of grand boat, I’m talking £70-100k yacht. I’ve dived that mark regularly every summer for the last 10 years and have had a few close calls but that was beyond stupidity. it was absolutely horrific, my boy had to jump out the way otherwise he would have been right under the hull, managed to get away with just a ripped wetsuit and grazes on his leg.
  10. Yes it is a proper one Charlie. See you later. T
  11. Bruce 10kg top order!! At the Club meeting tonight. Offers Trev. Wedger
  12. Wedger

    Good old Wood

    Got a pile here for you Jim 😃.
  13. Many thank all. Had a great day with family - just how it should be!
  14. You've just been robbed and I stole it from the safety of my own domicile. 😆
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