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  1. Wedger

    Chartplotter problems

    Always used Greenham and Regis. Not pushy and sound advice.
  2. Wedger

    Orkney 21 day angler

    https://www.boatshop24.co.uk/fishing-boats/orkney-day-angler-21-day-angler-21/378995 Having posted this I can't find an image so not sure it would suit.
  3. Wedger

    Orkney 21 day angler

    I have seen one tied alongside in Lymington. Some time ago but worth a walk around the pontoons when you are there. I will ask a couple of skippers.
  4. Wedger

    My first ever boat purchase.

    Good to hear you got sorted on that one! You don't need a shocker to begin with. Not sure if it is up your street but I have an old sweetheart for sale soon. An absolute bullet proof missile - but for a discussion off this thread. Good look.
  5. Wedger

    Happy Birthday Wedger

    Thank you guys for your kind wishes! Had a great day in the garden.🤣
  6. Wedger

    switch to aluminium anodes

    Always used Aluminium on Otter. She was on a tidal mooring almost on 'Two Rivers Meet' at the bottom of the Stour, Christchurch. Most seasons they were very knackered - reassuringly! No leg problems or most other parts but the beginnings of an issue with Volvo Ali props which surprised me. Sorted soon enough but had not expected that as they are supposed to be 'top banana' and not 'rot banana'
  7. Wedger

    Monster bass from shore Bristol Channel 22lb

  8. Wedger

    Happy Big (60th) Nigel. 🎂🍾

    Wow Nidge!! Sorry I missed this Hope you had a massive hangover! 🤣 Be well my friend!
  9. Wedger

    Caravan insurance

    So boys and girls, 'Herself' has had a rush of blood and bought a newish caravan. Question is, can any of you lovely peeps recommend a good insurance company for a touring caravan??
  10. Wedger

    Caravan insurance

    No not yet - might go next weekend.
  11. Wedger

    Caravan insurance

    Eeeer Pub?
  12. Wedger

    Caravan insurance

    Just into Wareham Forest - a freebee with the van
  13. Wedger

    Caravan insurance

    Hi Jim, yes seen this one. A very good illustration of what happens when any trailer is poorly loaded - correct nose weight is crucial.
  14. From the album: Sharking

    Cracking baby porbeagle for mate Nick 50 lb
  15. Wedger

    Caravan insurance

    All sorted thank you! First weekend away too 😀
  16. Wedger

    Phaeton for quick sale...

    Sheila is very busy at the moment but I will have a word.
  17. Wedger

    Happy Birthday Wedger & Shropfisher

    Thank you all very much for the Birthday Wishes. Most Kind.🍻 Much ale was consumed by way of honouring your good wishes folks!
  18. Wedger

    Gear trolley

    Eeerrrrmm. Free blue badge with that on Terrance??
  19. Wedger

    A very merry Christmas

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas 😀
  20. Wedger

    Braid or Mono?

    Well I tried some Berkley Nanofil for casting but sure it would suit other styles particularly deep water jigging and down tiding. Blurb on fleebay etc. Berkley Uni-Filament Nanofil
  21. Wedger

    Uptide rods.

    If you contact Derek (codpiece) on here, he has some for sale.
  22. Wedger

    Red mullet September

    Sadly, rod caught rarely seen above a pound or so, record I think just short of 4 lbs (channel Islands 1990's). Reported, 2 caught in a commercial net off Freshwater, IoW some years ago 5-6 lbs - both in the same net!!!!
  23. Wedger

    Bass Competition

    Bit late now but an open discussion when the ban on retention came in, on adding a rule using circle or barbless hooks only might have been useful.
  24. Wedger

    Fixed Spool Reel

    Almost forgot, Snowbee Raptor, also a star and very strong but no bait runner.
  25. Wedger

    Fixed Spool Reel

    Penn Slammer Liveliner come in several sizes and are really tough. Proper sea reel too 😀