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  1. Wedger

    Phaeton for quick sale...

    Sheila is very busy at the moment but I will have a word.
  2. Wedger

    Happy Birthday Wedger & Shropfisher

    Thank you all very much for the Birthday Wishes. Most Kind.🍻 Much ale was consumed by way of honouring your good wishes folks!
  3. Wedger

    Gear trolley

    Eeerrrrmm. Free blue badge with that on Terrance??
  4. Wedger

    A very merry Christmas

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas πŸ˜€
  5. Wedger

    Braid or Mono?

    Well I tried some Berkley Nanofil for casting but sure it would suit other styles particularly deep water jigging and down tiding. Blurb on fleebay etc. Berkley Uni-Filament Nanofil
  6. Wedger

    Uptide rods.

    If you contact Derek (codpiece) on here, he has some for sale.
  7. Wedger

    Red mullet September

    Sadly, rod caught rarely seen above a pound or so, record I think just short of 4 lbs (channel Islands 1990's). Reported, 2 caught in a commercial net off Freshwater, IoW some years ago 5-6 lbs - both in the same net!!!!
  8. Wedger

    Bass Competition

    Bit late now but an open discussion when the ban on retention came in, on adding a rule using circle or barbless hooks only might have been useful.
  9. Wedger

    Fixed Spool Reel

    Almost forgot, Snowbee Raptor, also a star and very strong but no bait runner.
  10. Wedger

    Fixed Spool Reel

    Penn Slammer Liveliner come in several sizes and are really tough. Proper sea reel too πŸ˜€
  11. Simeon with his first Blue
  12. Wedger


    Blues to begin - more to follow
  13. Wedger


    From the album: Sharking

    80 lb blue shark to chum, Jon on the fly!! Spot on you!!
  14. Wedger


    I think we had 8 Blues, 1 Porbeagle, no mackerel!!! 50 squilion gurnards (3 variations) 4 whiting - one sizable - and a prize for me, first blue 75 then PB 100, first haddock 1.5 then PB 2.5. It's early yet, so for 4 blokes with totally even takes on their own gear!!!!!! THIS WAS PURPLE!!!!!! I am bouncing off the walls........................ anyone know a good 'shrink' πŸ˜€
  15. Wedger


    Off Ireland but from this sideπŸ˜€
  16. Wedger


    A brilliant day with friends - unforgettable................. more to follow πŸ˜€
  17. From the album: Sharking

    Cracking baby porbeagle for mate Nick 50 lb
  18. From the album: Sharking

    Porbeagle at the boat
  19. From the album: Sharking

    Very feisty girl 100lbs
  20. From the album: Sharking

    100 lbder to the boat
  21. From the album: Sharking

    75 boated - swallowed stomach first gulp on release
  22. From the album: Sharking

    75 lbder fight
  23. Wedger

    Black Bream project

    Trouble is they get caught in nets and pots almost as a by-catch but sold as a welcome addition I suspect.
  24. Wedger

    Happy birthday Trevor

    Thank you Chums!