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  1. Kingfisher 126

    Fish of the Month - 2019

    A Blonde Ray around 15lb and the Small Eyed Ray of 17lb 10oz.
  2. Kingfisher 126

    Birthday greetings

    Have a good day Dave, a perfect excuse for a beer or ten. 🍺🍺🍺🎂👍
  3. Kingfisher 126

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    Well done both, that’s what you call a Christmas present, enjoy. 👍👍🍾
  4. Kingfisher 126

    Evening sole trip.

    Looking good Brian only 997 pieces to go!!! 😂😂
  5. Kingfisher 126

    Fish of the Month - 2019

    Blimey I didn’t expect all this for a ray, looking like Trump may need to step in and sort it out!!! I had slight doubt about the lack of lines on the body and as mentioned they don’t always have them on older fish I was told. Ive caught a few blondes today and they are completely different once you compare them. I was only concerned it was right as it took the club record, sorry Colin. Thanks for the interest guys and thanks Stuie for your efforts to date, top man. 👍
  6. Kingfisher 126

    Fish of the Month - 2019

    £25 Voucher awarded for Fish of the Month, members can only win a voucher once a year then awarded on count back in the month.   January First Place  Alun Jones Bass 15lb 14oz 167% Specimen £25 Voucher Second Place Bobi Francis Flounder 2lb 15oz 117% Specimen Third Place Dave Evans Flounder 2lb 11oz 107% Specimen  February First Place Yan Tryska Bull Huss 11lb 12oz 98% Specimen £25 Voucher Second Place Colin Francis Ray - Blonde 22lb 5oz 97% Specimen Third Place Mal Thomas Ray - Thornback 11lb 2oz 86% Specimen March First Place Charlie Chapman Spurdog 20lb 8oz 128% Specimen £25 Voucher Second Place Mick Pike Spurdog 19lb 4oz 120% Specimen  Third Place Mick Pike Spurdog 18lb 0oz 113% Specimen  April First Place Alun Jones Ballan Wrasse 4lb 6oz 88% Specimen Second Place Dave Lynes Black Bream 2lb 15oz 84% Specimen £25 Voucher Third Place Andy Hook Black Bream 2lb 8oz 71% Specimen May First Place Steve Loftus Sting Ray 40lb 0oz 133% Specimen £25 Voucher Second Place Terry Bartell Brill 6lb 9oz 131% Specimen Third Place Mike Hall Black Bream 3lb 8oz 100% Specimen Allan Green Black Bream 3lb 8oz 100% Specimen June First Place Mick Pike Undulate Ray 15lb 6oz 96% Specimen £25 Voucher Second Place Alun Jones Bass  8lb 2oz 86% Specimen  Third Place Jerry Shutter Grey Gurnard 15oz 54% Specimen  July First Place Mal Thomas  Blonde Ray 26lb 0oz 113% Specimen £25 Voucher Second Place Mike Hall Gilthead Bream 2lb 4oz 112% Specimen  Third Place  Allan Green Thornback Ray 12lb 8oz 96% Specimen August First Place Mike Fox Thick Lipped Mullet 4lb 11oz. 110% Specimen £25 Voucher Second Place Alun Jones Bass. 8lb 12oz. 92% Specimen   Third Place  Steve Morris Gilt head Bream 1lb 13oz  91%Specimen September First Place Mike Hall Black Bream 3lb 12oz. 107% Specimen £25 Voucher Second Place Trevor Thomas Thornback Ray 13lb 2oz. 101% Specimen  Third Place  Charlotte Francis Thornback Ray 10lb 13oz  83%Specimen October First Place Mal Thomas  Bass 12lb 0oz 126% Specimen Second Place Yan Tryska Bull Huss 13lb 8oz 112.5% Specimen Third Place  Allan Green Brill 4lb 8oz 90% Specimen £25 Voucher November First Place Pete Smith  Bass 12lb 8oz 141% Specimen £25 Voucher Second Place Yan Tryska Conger Eel 55lb 0oz 137.5% Specimen Third Place  Yan Tryska Blonde Ray 26lb 0oz 113% Specimen December First Place Chris Witheford Small Eyed Ray 17lb 10oz 160% Specimen £25 Voucher Second Place Mike Fox Undulate Ray 15lb 9oz 97% Specimen Third Place  Colin Whitehead Bass 9lb 1oz 95% Specimen 
  7. Kingfisher 126


    Ditto to one and all. 🍾🍾 Popping out tomorrow to start the year off as the weather Is looking good then back to work Thursday. 😩😩
  8. Kingfisher 126

    Photo of the month December

    Small Eyed Ray - 17lb 10oz.
  9. Kingfisher 126

    Photo of the month December

    Dave Evans winning flounder, and Dave of course. Photo taken by Andy PSA.
  10. Kingfisher 126

    Flounder Competition Rescheduled 29th December 2019

    Results from today’s Comps. 6 club boats entered both Comps with one extra boat entering PSA comp. 15 Angler’s in total. 🏆. 1st Both Comps. Dave Evans - 2lb, 3 1/4oz. Winning Bob Horne Shield, Club Hamper, and £55 in cash and vouchers from Poole Sea Angling. 2nd Both Comps. Jan Tryska - 1lb, 12oz. Winning £45 in cash and vouchers from PSA 3rd Both Comps. Frank Morris - 1lb, 9 5/8oz. Winning £35 in cash and vouchers from PSA. 4th Both Comps. Kev Couzens - 1lb. Winning £30 in cash and vouchers from PSA. 5th Prize raffled off and won by Colin. (Farmer Colin) All winning fish came from two boats. All fish weighed and returned safely for next year!! 👍 Well done Dave a great result as the flounders have been very scarce indeed. Thanks to Andy for running a comp alongside the club comp and the presentation venue, with food etc. Also team Fisherman’s Cafe for the food, all went down very well after quite a nippy day at times.
  11. Kingfisher 126

    Weather window tomorrow

    Kingfisher will be out making the most of owed days holiday!! 👍
  12. Kingfisher 126

    Save our Seabass initiative

    Done, very easy.
  13. Kingfisher 126

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    1. Serenity - Tony - Jim 2. Marichelle - Mick & James ( non member) 3. Fisheagle with Allan and Mike Hall entering both Comps. 4. Kingfisher - Chris, Dogfish & Niggle. (Both comps)
  14. Kingfisher 126

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Well done Steve on finding a decent cod. A great turn out for the comps and a few cod to the scales. On Kingfisher we didn’t find them but had a fun day with a few different species including Dave hooking a porbie twice, second time we got it alongside the boat. A great achievement considering the tackle being used and the tide. tried to get a loop around its tail as it had a trace wrapped around it an cutting into it. Sadly didn’t manage to get it off. Dave has more video that he is going to edit but a short piece to see below. Cheers Andy for a well run Comp to run alongside club comp and putting on food and venue for meeting up exchanging the days stories. 👍 IMG_3894.MP4
  15. Kingfisher 126

    Photo of the Month November

    Main concern should be Bucks Fizz tickets were the most expensive!! 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👧😩