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  1. Kingfisher 126

    POM March

    Story of your life Jerry letting the big un’s get away!! 😂😂 Cabin fever setting in.
  2. Kingfisher 126

    Who’s having a bad day?

    Explain that to your boss!!!
  3. Kingfisher 126


    Cobbs club is closed, been in contact with Dave and Julia today and they are clearing things out that could be targeted to get stolen. Could be hard times for a lot of people for a while. Stay safe and need to look out for each other for sure.
  4. Kingfisher 126

    A lot of truth in this!

  5. Kingfisher 126

    Cobbs parking.....or lack of!

    That would be interesting Rob as i’m pretty sure the new Manager was there before he moved to Cobbs!!
  6. Kingfisher 126

    Eel smuggling

    You don’t deserve a pay cut Martin. Punishment fitting the crime, total imbalance!!!! Even if he served the sentence it isn’t enough.
  7. Kingfisher 126

    Hello PBSBAC

    Sounds like you’ll fit in no problem Andy, enjoy your fishing and see you in Alderney if not before.
  8. Kingfisher 126

    Fish of the Month - 2020

    February Fish of the Month 1st Place Alun Jones Bass 16lb 5oz 172% Specimen £25 Voucher 2nd Place Jan Tryska Bull Huss 12lb 0oz 100% Specimen 3rd Place Jan Tryska Thornback Ray 13lb 0oz 100% Specimen 3 fish recorded on the forum.
  9. I was sent this today, no idea if it’s correct but that looks like one very serious Bass.
  10. Kingfisher 126

    Birthday greetings Hooky

    Greg they will work better if you take them out of their packets. 😂😂 Happy Birthday Hooky. 🎂🍺
  11. Kingfisher 126

    Club Competition Dates 2020

    I have received confirmation that the Dogfish Dave Comp and the Barracuda Comp WILL NOT be running this year, and as it stands it is looking likely that they will disappear completely . A real shame but lack of entrants make it very expensive for the sponsors. The events have been fun over the years for members entering so a real disappointment.
  12. Kingfisher 126

    Club Competition Winners 2019

    Hi Guys Can last year trophy holders please ensure they are returned at the March Meeting or can be returned to Poole Sea Angling. Many thanks.
  13. Kingfisher 126

    Alderney 2020

    Tigerfish - Steve - Terry, Alun Tarlach - Neil ? Reel Magic - Dave? Madness - Dean, Martin, room for one other crew member Alfresco _ Charlie + Ian Loobie IV - Jerry + 2 Kingfisher - Chris & Mal. Terry would it be possible to try and secure accommodation for two of us with your contacts please?
  14. Kingfisher 126

    Club Competition Dates 2020

    Club Competition Dates 2020 April 4th April Kayak Plaice Chase April 10-13th Easter / Spring Species Hunt (4 Days) May 2-3rd Bream Competition (Alderney Trip dates booked for this weekend) May 16th Swanage Open Kayak Competition June 6-7th Flatfish Competition July 17-19th 48 Hour Competition (Cherbourg Trip) August 15-16th Ray Competition August 29th Junior Comp Final Day and Presentation. September 19-20th Bass Competition October 3-4th Specimen Comp, NEW COMP (TBC, Trophy Sponsored, Catch & Release) November 21-22nd Cod Competition December 13th Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition Junior Comp new format. A season long Junior Species table will run to allow all juniors to register any species caught during the season. No age difference for species comp. August 29th, a Specimen Comp will run, two junior age groups, winners presented at BBQ - Presentation at Cobbs on the day. Also this will be the last day of the Species comp and will allow any junior to join in or add to their running totals. Presentation at Cobbs on the 29th August so the Juniors are presented with their trophies instead of their parents picking them up at the Dinner and Dance. Club Comp Formats Where possible some club competitions will cover both Saturdays and Sundays with anglers only recording fish on a nominated day before fishing starts. Easter / Spring Species Comp any nominated day over Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Some competitions will run alongside other organised competitions to allow members to fish both competitions. Poole Sea Angling dates. Bream Comp Sunday 3rd May. Cod Comp Sunday 22nd Nov. Flounder Comp Sunday 13th Dec. Other Comp Dates TBC Dogfish Dave / MDL Summer Species Comp Barracuda Comp All club members are entitled and encouraged to join in all club competitions, there are no fees to join in any club comps. Club competition rules apply, also if a comp is to be fished a designated day needs to be registered before fishing. Ideally on the forum but can register with a committee member. Join in and lift one of the club trophies.
  15. Kingfisher 126

    Club Competition Winners 2019

    Competition Winners 2019 Fish of the Month January Alun Jones Bass 15lb 14oz 167% February Yan Tryska Bull Huss 11lb 12oz 98% March Charlie Chapman Spurdog 20lb 8oz 128% April Alun Jones Ballan Wrasse 4lb 6oz 88% May Steve Loftus Sting Ray 40lb 0oz 133% June Mike Pike Undulate Ray 15lb 6oz 96% July Mal Thomas Blonde Ray 26lb 0oz 113% August Mike Fox Thick Lipped Mullet 4lb 11oz 110% September Mike Hall Black Bream 3lb 12oz 107% October Mal Thomas Bass 12lb 0oz 126% November Pete Smith Bass 13lb 6oz 141% December Chris Witheford Small Eyed Ray 17lb 10oz 160% Trophy Winners Bob Horne Memorial Dave Evans Flounder 2lb 3 1/4oz Steve Chester Memorial Steve Scott Cod 11lb 0oz Frank Fudge Memorial Yan Tryska Conger 55lb 0oz Simon Hall Memorial Alun Jones Bass 15lb 14oz Junior Shield Leo Burrow Scad 1lb 3oz Specimen Hunters Shield Yan Tryska Avg; Countback 137% Peter Peck – Chairman’s Award TBA at Presentation Ladies Shield TBA at Presentation Competition Winners Bream Comp Jan Tryska Black Bream 2lb 10oz Spring Species Hunt Allan Green / Jan Tryska 17 Species 48Hr Comp Mike Hall Gilthead Bream 2lb 4oz B.A.S.S. Comp – Catch / Release Steve Scott Bass 6lb 5oz Flatfish Comp Frank Morris Plaice 2lb 8oz Ray Comp Trevor Thomas Thornback Ray 13lb 2oz Cod Comp Steve Scott Cod 11lb 0oz Junior Comp Under 11 Winner Blake Witheford Over 11 Winner Jacob Givens Best Specimen Leo Burrows Scad 1lb 3oz 79% Annual Species Hunt First Fisheagle Allan Green 44 Second Kingfisher Chris Witheford 40 Third Loobie IV Jerry Shutter 38 Individual Species Hunt First Allan Green 42 Second Mal Thomas 34 Third Dave Evans 32 New Club Records Jerry Shutter Grey Gurnard 15oz 54% Specimen Steve Loftus Sting Ray 40lb 0oz 133% Specimen Chris Witheford Small Eyed Ray 17lb 10oz 160% Specimen Specimen Hunters – 15 Anglers with 21 Fish 100% Specimen or over Jan Tryska 3 Countback 137% Mal Thomas 3 Countback 126% Mick Pike 2 Mike Hall 2 Steve Loftus 1 Alun Jones 1 Bobi Francis 1 Mike Fox 1 Dave Evans 1 Charlie Chapman 1 Terry Bartell 1 Trevor Thomas 1 Allan Green 1 Pete Smith 1 Chris Witheford 1 If there is anything anyone can see that is incorrect please PM me to check. If previous winners can start returning their trophies either at the next club meetings or return to a committee member to allow them to be prepared for the Presentation Dinner and Dance. 25th April 2020 at Parkstone Golf Club. Book your places on separate thread, all members and their guests will be welcome to join in the celebrations.