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  1. Brian

    Warrior 165 Wanted

    My friend is looking at a Mk1 at Gosport on Saturday.
  2. Brian

    Warrior 165 Wanted

    Terry How soon?
  3. A friend is looking for a Warrior 165 Mk2, if anyone hears of one for sale please let me know. As soon as he gets one he'll be joining the club.
  4. Brian

    Radar safety

    I'm underneath mine, not in the beam.
  5. Brian

    Radar safety

    Without measuring it, I'd say 7ft
  6. If it felt threatened or in distress surely all it's spikes would be up.
  7. The seagulls were going mad on the sandeels. Managed a few mackerel and bass in amongst them.
  8. I assume you mean 25mm holes not 25m. Also 75m is a hell of a deep hole.🤣😄
  9. There should be an offence similar to Dangerous Driving.
  10. He hasn't got access to The Members Only Section.
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