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  1. Brian

    TV Table

    Width = 800mm Depth = 460mm Height = 630mm Yours for a donation to HOW
  2. Brian

    Hi everyone

    According to Diane, the exercise is good for me 😎
  3. Brian

    Hi everyone

    Hi Max I walk past your boat every time I go to mine, I'm down the end of F pontoon, well should be I haven't moved it back yet since the dredging, I'm on F33 at the moment.
  4. Brian

    Evening sole trip.

    Yes that's it.
  5. Brian

    Evening sole trip.

    I'll ask and let you know Jim.
  6. Brian

    Evening sole trip.

    My daughter had a Jigsaw made of that photo as a Christmas present. I just wish there has been a few clouds to make the sky easier!!!!
  7. Brian

    F Pontoon

    It looks ad though F Pontoon will soon be back to normal. They're reinstalling all the fingers.
  8. Brian

    Flotalia of lights

    Good planning. They won't get many boats from Cobbs Quay, the Twin Sails will be in the down position from 0700 on Friday 6th until 0600 on Wednesday 11th.
  9. Brian

    Photo of the Month November

    I should have posted this last Sunday (3rd). Calm before the storm.
  10. Brian

    From Dorset Harbour Security Watch

    Not yet, but he said he probably will join.
  11. I received this from Brad who runs DHSW. Date for your diary. 16th of December. Blue bird social club. I have been sponsored the hire of the social club in the hope off getting as many people from the boating community to attend as possible. The idea behind this is to start to break down barriers, the evening will be a fun relaxed environment where I intend to have as many people there as possible from all walks of the boat world from Dorset. It would be a pleasure to have you guys there. More info will be sent ASAP. Thanks. Have a great weekend. Assistance with inviting people would be great. We have to name a few the Christchurch and Poole mvs, hengistbury head nci, Boaty Bits, Dorset Marine training have been invited so far. It's a totally mad idea but I think it will be fun and also useful to many. I'll be honest this has been spurred from your request on a brief talk, of which I am organising. Thanks again.
  12. Brian

    New prop anyone?

  13. Brian


    I used to have a boat on a Jetty above the bridge at Wareham, it had a raw water cooled on-board, I kept that afloat every winter and never had problems.
  14. Brian

    Ais issue

    I would always go for separate antennas, every connection reduces the signal strength.