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  1. Brian


    How far did you drive it? I was lucky, I drove less than a mile before I realised.
  2. Brian


    Cost £187 plus the cost of getting it to Nuffield.
  3. Brian


    I put £99 pounds worth of Unleaded in my Discovery. Had it picked up and taken to Nigel at Nuffield.
  4. Happy birthday Jim, have an extra cake.
  5. Ragdoll - Nigel + TBA - Sunday 9th
  6. Happy birthday Derek.
  7. I assume Mal hasn't lost another one 😎
  8. Listen up! Our deputy Station Manager Ed came across this major danger to navigation this afternoon. It’s one fluke of an anchor buried in the sand and ready to rip the bottom off your vessel! It’s on a line between the western end of the trees in the car park on Mudeford Quay and the post on the end of Clarendon Rocks. The precise What3words address: dare.ashes.hours #hengistburyheadnci #nationalcoastwatchinstitution #safetyatsea #volunteers #navigationaldanger #dangeratsea #mudefordquay #takecareoutthere #christchurchharbour #sailing #dorsetsailing #harbourentrance
  9. Brian

    Who's the boss

    Oprah owns the production company, Harpo, who did the editing.
  10. Brian

    Who's the boss

  11. Brian

    Who's the boss

    The media appear to believe everything she said without question. I wish the media would move on, I'm fed up with hearing about them.
  12. Brian

    Who's the boss

    She doesn't get on with her own family, now not popular with his. I see a pattern with a common factor. For couple who want to hide from public life they've got a funny way of going about it. She was a relatively unknown actress, she's now had loads of publicity. Job done !!!
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