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  1. Brian


    You need some senile old judge who is out of touch with reality to declare you an ethnic minority.
  2. Brian


    I agree entirely, the trouble is, a few years ago some old judge decided they were an ethnic minority. Therefore they get away with things the rest of us wouldn't.
  3. Brian


    When they were in Poole Park, the Council provided toilets, but they didn’t use them.
  4. Brian

    Oh bugger

    all ok?
  5. Brian

    Happy Birthday Stuie

    Happy birthday Stuie.
  6. Brian

    Flounder rig?

    Is this suitable? What bait?
  7. Brian

    Free Towing Mirrors

    I have 2 sets of towing mirrors which I don't need. Set 1 Set 2
  8. Brian

    Free - Childs Life Jacket

    Martin. Ok, it's yours.
  9. Brian

    Free - Childs Life Jacket

    Ok Steve.
  10. Brian


    He took the bait
  11. Brian

    Free - Childs Life Jacket

    Hi Steve It's yours. Just need to arrange how.
  12. Brian

    Free - Childs Life Jacket

    Life Jacket 100 Model N007 34-42 cm Chest 10-15 kg weight 30N
  13. Brian

    Lobster Pot

    Hi Steve If you fancy joining the best boat fishing club around, let me know and I'll send you the info. Brian Treasurer and Membership Secretary brunyard@hotmail.com