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  1. Brian

    Evening sole trip.

    Had a nice evening, left Cobbs at about 18:30, saw Stingray heading in as we were heading out. Didn’t go as far east as Allan, as didn’t on being out too long, so drifted off Canford Cliffs. Had a chat with Allan on the radio, then a call from Jim on Tiddler who then came alongside for a quick chat, didn’t think to take a photo of the rare sight!! Sorry Jim. One Granddaughter (Tamzin) had Smoothhound, Ballan Wrasse and Dogfish. Other granddaughter (Kate) had something good on but lost it. Son-in-law and me didn’t even get a nibble. I must change my tactics, Tamzin put in the least effort of anyone, I baited for her, she just sat and held the rod, didn’t move off the seat all evening. Back on the berth by 22:30.
  2. Brian

    Evening sole trip.

    MegaByte with me, son-in-law and 2 granddaughters
  3. Brian

    What 3 words

    Wife had an appointment. The Lord Nelson would have been good.
  4. Brian

    What 3 words

    Hi Neil Spot on. I'm just drinking coffee.
  5. Brian

    What 3 words

    Drinking coffee at ///Quit. Parade.City
  6. Brian

    Transport in Poole takes another blow

    Sounds about right. 😎
  7. Brian

    48 hr Comp

  8. Brian

    Birthday greetings Mick & Kim

    Happy birthday to you both.
  9. Brian

    Engine Talk

    I run Suzuki DF70 and never had any issues, I've use Yellow Penguin and Saltwater Solutions, good service from both. Now it's out of warranty service it myself, using a Suzuki service kit.
  10. Brian

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    I zoomed in so they look closer together than they actually were.
  11. Brian

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    I assume that's Colin Whitehead (Colin-58), Boat name Buoy Colin
  12. Brian

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    MegaByte, leaving F pontoon 6pm ish. Crew sorted.
  13. Brian

    Back up Outboard Engine

    A mate used to have a Merry Fisher 580, he had a 5hp Longshaft as an aux. It wouldn't break any records, but it did get him back safely when the main engine failed.
  14. Brian

    Phaeton for quick sale...

    Wedger's wife used to make them.