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  1. Brian

    Outboard Anode

    That looks better!!😀
  2. Brian

    No more ETEC's

    BRP are to discontinue production of the ETEC. https://www.wired2fish.com/news/brp-discontinues-evinrude-mercury-to-support-boat-packages/?fbclid=IwAR2G92yADvqsEZ328uv_1RS_CZjeutGS6VhrVX5HbtB9dnN8ltisltV-tAk
  3. Brian

    Outboard Anode

    I could, but don't need to on my own berth.
  4. Brian

    Outboard Anode

    I'm not on shore power, there's no electric available on the far end of F pontoon where I am. I was moved temporarily while they were dredging. I was thinking about changing berths, but I've now decided I'd rather walk further than have this problem.
  5. Brian

    Outboard Anode

    The anode on my outboard mounting bracket doesn't usually show much corrosion when MegaByte is on F166, where none of the boats are connected to the electricity. Spent 3 months on F33 where several boats near me were connected and this is the result.
  6. Brian

    More kts please

    I thought Darglow were Sandford Lane, Wareham.
  7. Brian

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy birthday Frank
  8. Brian

    To rotate or not to rotate

    If you're worried, you could jack it up and use axle stands. Although as Dave said I've never noticed a problem.
  9. Brian

    Sailors Resuced

    As they shouldn't have been out, they should be fined enough to cover the RNLI's costs. Then publicise it to deter others.
  10. Brian

    Poole Town during lockdown

  11. Brian

    Passing the time

    Luckily I got MegaByte home before lockdown. I've been busy with the pressure washer, cleaned the inside using Flash with bleach to get rid of the little black mould that had formed over the winter. Then I cleaned it top to bottom and inside with Cif, next step was T'Cut followed by a good wax polish. It now looks as it did when I collected it from the factory. Today I serviced the engine, just the antifoul left to do, then I'll have to find some other way of passing the time. Although Diane might have sorted that, she's ordered some paint from Homebase !!!
  12. Brian

    Key workers

  13. Brian

    Sums it up nicely.

    Ooops. I must check in future.