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  1. Rest in peace Dave I am honoured to have been able to call you a friend and fished with you on many occasions with Alan Loved the pictures you took of nature, you were a gentle giant. My condolences to Jackie and his family
  2. It has been for some time under Healthy and Safety legislation that ALL crew in commercial vessels, especially fishing boats, MUST have AND wear a lifejacket whilst on deck. Due to the pandemic and possible restrictions for foreign travel this summer, it is predicted that the amount of leisure traffic will increase signifyingly increase and potentially increase incidents with loss of life or injury. Please make sure all your lifejackets are checked and in good condition. Should the incident numbers increase do not be surprised if legislation is passed to make every
  3. If you want to read about this here is the MMO official letter I think you will find it is aimed at commercial fishing Dave From: SM-MMO-MMO Conservation <conservation@marinemanagement.org.uk> Sent: 01 February 2021 12:13 Subject: MMO consultation on draft measures for fishing in four offshore MPAs Dear stakeholder, We are launching a formal consultation on draft byelaws to manage fishing in the following four offshore marine protected areas: Dogger Bank Special Area of Conservation; Inne
  4. Coddy

    Is it me?

    Hi Terry Not sure what boat you now have but have a word with Alan aka Fisheagle as he fitted a windlass to his boat and my son made up the s/steel channel/roller he can tell you who he used. Dave
  5. Starting your boat after lockdown Many of us are planning to use our boats this Spring, but we are prevented from getting to them even to shut them down properly in some cases. You may be worried that the prolonged idleness has harmed the engine, or you could cause harm by starting it without any further checks. Here is what to do to minimise any engine damage when starting for the first time after lockdown. I won’t go into detail on the usual daily pre-start checks, obviously you would do these anyway: Check engine oil level Check gear oil level
  6. The attached link will show you what the RNLI have been doing in November around the UK https://rnli.org/magazine/magazine-featured-list/2020/november/october-rescue-round-up?utm_source=rnlilife&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=keepintouch_2020&amp;utm_content=keepintouchf13_watchrescuespoweredbyyou_bannerimage&amp;actId=ebwp0YMB8s0RxX0lUGBsN9UcvuQDVN7agmFTt2FsrXv66UrZz38r6y_94owuXOrk&amp;actCampaignType=CAMPAIGN_MAIL&amp;actSource=500434
  7. Death Trap, please do not paint all IFCA's with the same brush as Cornwall. I am the secretary of the Poole & District Sea Anglers Association which represents the majority of angling clubs in Poole, Bournemouth & Christchurch both shore and boat anglers. We have very good contacts within Southern IFCA and whilst I would agree that in the past they have not been helpful towards recreational anglers this has recently changed, so much so that we now have very experienced anglers sitting on various committees both in RSA's and charter boat skippers who are making a difference. P
  8. My sympathy's go out to the families of those who are missing, however commercial fishermen can have a FREE lifejacket if they apply. The lifejackets are made for fishermen who are working all the time so they are made to be as comfortable and with easy movement/access when wearing them. If nothing else they will bring a body to the surface which allows families to have closure, otherwise the 7 year rule will normally kick in which could bring financial hardship to those at home.
  9. Just to warn everyone, the marine police have been asking mariners out on their boats, where they have come from, home location and where they launched. It seems that travelling a distance to get to your boat or towing it a distance is not allowed under the current restrictions and you might be fined! The question is how far is unreasonable distance?????? Seems there was an incident in the harbour today, 5/11/20 regarding a anglers boat which broke down having launched from baiter I don't know all the details but the marine police were involved.
  10. For those who like to see charts and make plans for their next trip you use a free chart viewer here It seems to be fairly up to date showing the marine conservation areas plus a few fishing marks when you zoom in far enough click here https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#boating@9&amp;key=gnetHn}uJ Hope it helps some people
  11. Happy Birthday Allan I am sure Ann treated you to something nice 🤣🤣
  12. I have a Danforth 5kg anchor if anyone is interested - £10 SOLD Dave
  13. If anyone want the details about the road closure around Poole key here is the link https://www.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/Council-and-Democratic/Consultation-And-Research/Consultations/Poole-Quay-Experimental-Traffic-Regulation-Order.aspx It also has details on how you can send in your comments Dave
  14. I think the biggest problem is to get the anchor to hang in the right position as it is being lifted. When Allan had an extended roller fitted on his Merry Fisher, he tried a number of different ideas to see if we could get it in the correct position to stow on the roller. In the end I found it easier to winch it up until the anchor was clear of the water and then manual pull the last bit in by hand, this way I could keep the anchor clear of the hull to prevent damage if it start to swing about in the swell and if needs be lift the anchor shaft onto the roller. It has bee
  15. Things can go wrong so quickly There was an incident today with the chain ferry Below link is an incident that happened some time ago at the chain ferry https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=1ISk_dnpZNY
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