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  1. Coddy

    Sunday - trip out

    You still wont be able to go fishing as a "Job list" appears and keeps growing 😱
  2. Coddy

    Flounder Comp 2nd Comp

    For those who like to fish in the harbour for flounder here is a comp for the New Year
  3. Coddy

    10mm Rope

    Now gone
  4. Coddy

    10mm Rope

    Hi all Having another shed clear out and I have about approx. 200m of 10mm rope. Would be ok for a small craft as anchor rope or will make loads of mooring lines. Unfortunately this rope does not plat well so will need whipping to make secure fixings, I am happy to do this for anyone if they wish. I have the proper whipping twine. Price is a donation to the HOW fund
  5. Coddy

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    Not after Jim has had a curry and a few beers
  6. Coddy

    Day off

    Jim You would soon get a "To do List" if you started to enjoy retirement I know I got one and it keeps growing!!!!!!
  7. Coddy

    Kayak Comp Sunday

    There hopes to be a kayak flounder comp from Hamworthy pier on Sunday 1st If anyone is out please be aware of the kayakers fishing Dave
  8. Poole Harbour Watch FREE Security Afloat Event - Friday 8th November 2019 The event for is in the afternoon 1600 -1800hrs and evening 1830 – 2030hrs Register for Tickets here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/security-afloat-tickets-76785259779 See attachments for details; PHC Security Afloat Flyer 2019.pdf Security Afloat 2019 letter.pdf
  9. Coddy

    Where to keep my boat?

    As a compromise have you considered Lymington or Bucklers Hard ? I know Rockley are looking to enlarge their caravan site plus other work around the boat yard which might have an impact for access when it goes ahead.
  10. Attached is the poster for the Open Boat Flounder Comp organised by Poole dolphins raising funds for the RNLI Poole Lifeboat station Cash prizes Sunday 12th January £10 entry fee per person minimum 2 people per boat Sign in Salterns Marina carpark 7.30-8.0am RNLI Fishing Comp Poster 2020 (1).pdf
  11. Coddy


    Take all your lifejackets off the boat and keep them at home in a dry environment. They tend to go off on their own during these damp evenings and mornings
  12. Coddy

    Small Boat Rescue Platform

    Greg, after 9yrs I would suspect it would be better to replace the platform. The cost of a replacement is considerably less than a lift raft but I accept that if you travelled well offshore a life raft will probably be better in life saving terms than the platform. Personally, I would suggest the platform is better suited to inshore recovery/lifesaving. Similarly after 10yrs it is recommended to buy a new lifejacket, all material deteriorates over time and will not have the same designed properties as when it was new. Your life could depend on that product would you trust anything as life supporting that's over 10yrs old?
  13. Coddy

    Your Lifejacket

    I think this says everything
  14. Following Greg's comment in a previous thread I came across this product which looks great for the small boat owner and getting a man overboard back into the boat. Seems it only wants servicing every 3 years https://www.seagoyachting.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/RP500-RP500-Plus-manual.pdf to see a video at the RNLI training centre go to this site and click on video https://www.piratescave.co.uk/seago-rescue-platform-rp500.html?id=153583781&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8P3HnYn35AIVTLDtCh298QuVEAQYBCABEgKawvD_BwE
  15. Coddy


    Hi Steve Yes Rob is correct any fish caught in UK and Irish waters The rules have remained the same since 2013 so fish away where you like Dave