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  1. Coddy

    Fancy a book to read?

    The RNLI have just published a new book called "Surviving the storms" Details about the book and how to order online are here https://rnli.org/support-us/become-a-volunteer/volunteer-zone/volunteer-news/surviving-the-storms-new-book-showcases-rnli-rescues I thought might like to have a read instead of using electronic means Dave
  2. Coddy

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Frank
  3. Coddy

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    If I manage to restore it, it was due to be a road going track car as there are so many bits missing, there is not even a windscreen! Needs new floor pan, footwell and I suspect sills as most MG's or come to that most BMC cars were rust buckets although not as bad a Vauxhall use to be, those old enough to recall the box shape viva must be so rare these days as they rusted away in less than 5 years! Just wish my welder was as enthusiastic as me. 🤠🤠🤠
  4. Coddy


    Hi Gaz, Welcome aboard I am Dave from the RNLI message on facebook page, drop me a PM (private message) when the lock down is relaxed if you fancy a meet up and chat Dave
  5. Coddy

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    Funny you should mention that Rob 🤔🤔🤔 Been looking but having an MGB GT waiting to be restored on the drive, might upset "she who must be obeyed" if something else turned up! 🤑🤑🤑
  6. Coddy

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    Well it will soon be Friday which is a Bank Holiday, only a 4 day week this week (what day is it now?) Weather looks good Friday & Saturday but pants Sunday ……………………………………………… what to do? Just been told to finish decorating the hall What a way to spend a bank holiday, I think I could come up with some better ideas what say you lot????? Back to the grind on Monday,
  7. Coddy

    Workshop clear out

    Hi Terry They are normally a 36v 10amp battery, if Jerry does not have the original charger you may need a special charger depending on what type of batteries are in the pack, get the wrong one and it could literally go up in smoke and flames!
  8. Coddy

    My first ever boat purchase.

    If you fit a second battery this info might be useful, its a bit old now but still works See attached file Installing a Second Battery on your Boat.pdf
  9. Coddy

    Birthday greetings Charlie & Coddy

    Hi guys Thanks for the good wishes Had steak, cake and wine, no beer today (hope that's ok Jim) Happy Birthday Charlie - only the best start the month off right 🍷
  10. Coddy

    To rotate or not to rotate

    I think this would apply if years had passed, my race car can and has sat all winter and now half a race season in not moving with no ill effects, it also uses road tyres. Just make sure pressures are kept up.
  11. Coddy

    Birthday greetings John

    Belated birthday congratulations John Glad you enjoyed your day 🍷🍷🍷🧀🧀🍷🍷 Dave
  12. Coddy

    My first ever boat purchase.

    Congratulations on your new purchase, looking at the pictures she looks a good friendly boat. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase I would suggest to the yard that they get the boat off the trailer to allow you to carry out various checks and repairs to the trailer. It looks like that one of the mudguards is broken, this might be that the boat is sitting too low and resting on the mudguards. Whilst Rob is right that the brakes and bearings may well need servicing also check the winch and strap, this is essential to work correctly to make life easy, also all the rollers turn and if it has a rear swing pivot that this is all free to move, don't for get you will need a light board if it doesn't come with one as well as 3" tie down ratchet strap to make the boat secure on the trailer, you don't want it to fall off on the way home. When going out for a test run check to see if the engine is warm before they try to start it, if so ask why as sometimes people like to warm up an engine when selling so it appears an easy starter, also you will see if the battery is any good in holding a charge. Do all the electronics, if it has any, all work? Have you got the handbooks? Is there a service history with the engine and when was it last serviced and what was done? Ask the similar questions you would do if buying a car regarding any mechanicals and electricals. Is there an anchor and how long is the warp (rope)? Is there any damage to to hull and especially the keel? Try not to let your heart rule your decision, most of us have done that at some time in our boating career. Do go out with a buddy boat if you buy her as a safety precaution & don't forget your life jacket and wear it! Good luck 😎 Dave
  13. Coddy

    Bit of wood wanted

    Hi Martin Many thanks, can I try the 90 x 37 please? I will see if and when my daughter can pick it up as I have come down with a bug, not sure if its covid 19 or something else but keeping in total quarantine for 7 days, due allowed out on Wednesday next week, but of course the rest of the family have an extra 7 days! If its ok can I text you if she can pick it up and when she is next passing as she is collecting our bread, milk etc for us. Thanks again and let me know what I owe you. Dave
  14. Coddy

    Wire Cable Advice Please

    Have a word with Alan Green as he had similar problem with his anchor but he made up a rope version of your cable. Dave
  15. Coddy

    Bit of wood wanted

    Hi all I am after a small section of wood to repair the door frame of the rear door of our garage after a gust of wind blew the door too far back and split the wooden frame Whilst I am no wood worker I feel I could cut out a section and splice a new bit in. I am in need of 100mm x 40mm about 1/2 mtr long, for those in old money 4"x 1.5" approx. 18" long Would anyone have such a bit they don't want? I am sure I could arrange collection as I am in Upton and currently in total lock down Thanks in advance