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  1. Hi all The RNLI Water Safety team will be at Cobbs yard on Saturday 12th June (this Saturday) If you want your life jacket checked and shown how to do it yourself pop along, it's all free. We are normally by the Marina office from about 9.30 to 3pm
  2. It has just been announced that Southern IFCA have agreed to a 200mtr netting ban around a number of piers in Dorset and Hampshire To see the official notice here is the link https://www.southern-ifca.gov.uk/news
  3. Thanks everyone for the good wishes Had the family round for a BBQ at lunchtime and had the Gazebo up to protect us from the rain πŸ€₯ Happy Birthday to Charlie from me
  4. Belated Birthday wishes Jim Good to read you had a great day πŸΊπŸΊπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
  5. Only 11yrs ago, how time flies by
  6. Can I suggest every skipper checks out this Notice to Mariners about the pipes to replenish Poole & Bournemouth beaches https://www.phc.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/2021-10-Poole-Bay-Beach-Management-Scheme-Update.pdf Also about the East Loo channel buoys being moved https://www.phc.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/2021-11-East-Looe-Channel.pdf Might save an incident especially if out at night
  7. It is getting close to the Black Bream spawning season, please be aware you may get challenged by government officials on what you are doing when out fishing. The environmental groups want to impose a ban on fishing for Black Bream during the spawning season, April to July, so please keep any retained fish to a minimum If you catch a female full of eggs please return asap, the male of course guards the nest and tries to fight off predators who want to eat the eggs, so females are the best to keep after they have spawned. There is of course no ban or restrict
  8. Coddy

    What Mark?

    East side of the Isle of Wight N50 33 466 W00 54 382 Need to go on neaps however, its some way out approx 7 miles south of Nab tower
  9. Happy Birthday Tony I am sure you will have a glass or two of vino 🍷🍷🍷
  10. Coddy

    What Mark?

    For Spurs go south of nab in deep water
  11. Coddy

    What Mark?

    If you are looking for rays down your way need to look at the Overfalls
  12. Coddy

    Who's the boss

    Can I suggest that those who have not watched the interview ought to do so before relying on the press for so call facts. Yes, I have now watched the interview, which I would say was badly edited so that it made suggested headlines each time it went to the adverts, as I wanted to make my own opinion and not from the media. I am not suggesting that the Sussex's were right or wrong to do this but if what was said is half true it puts the people who are supposed to support and help the "family" in a very bad light. I would have thought that the palace would have learned fro
  13. Rest in peace Dave I am honoured to have been able to call you a friend and fished with you on many occasions with Alan Loved the pictures you took of nature, you were a gentle giant. My condolences to Jackie and his family
  14. It has been for some time under Healthy and Safety legislation that ALL crew in commercial vessels, especially fishing boats, MUST have AND wear a lifejacket whilst on deck. Due to the pandemic and possible restrictions for foreign travel this summer, it is predicted that the amount of leisure traffic will increase signifyingly increase and potentially increase incidents with loss of life or injury. Please make sure all your lifejackets are checked and in good condition. Should the incident numbers increase do not be surprised if legislation is passed to make every
  15. If you want to read about this here is the MMO official letter I think you will find it is aimed at commercial fishing Dave From: SM-MMO-MMO Conservation <conservation@marinemanagement.org.uk> Sent: 01 February 2021 12:13 Subject: MMO consultation on draft measures for fishing in four offshore MPAs Dear stakeholder, We are launching a formal consultation on draft byelaws to manage fishing in the following four offshore marine protected areas: Dogger Bank Special Area of Conservation; Inne
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