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  1. Coddy

    Danforth Anchor 5Kg

    I have a Danforth 5kg anchor if anyone is interested - £10 Dave
  2. Coddy

    Poole Quay road closuer

    If anyone want the details about the road closure around Poole key here is the link https://www.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/Council-and-Democratic/Consultation-And-Research/Consultations/Poole-Quay-Experimental-Traffic-Regulation-Order.aspx It also has details on how you can send in your comments Dave
  3. Coddy

    Hinged bow roller any recommendations??

    I think the biggest problem is to get the anchor to hang in the right position as it is being lifted. When Allan had an extended roller fitted on his Merry Fisher, he tried a number of different ideas to see if we could get it in the correct position to stow on the roller. In the end I found it easier to winch it up until the anchor was clear of the water and then manual pull the last bit in by hand, this way I could keep the anchor clear of the hull to prevent damage if it start to swing about in the swell and if needs be lift the anchor shaft onto the roller. It has been awhile since I have been out with Allan so he might have come up with a better method. Not exactly what you wanted to hear I suspect.
  4. Coddy

    Chain Ferry Accident

    Things can go wrong so quickly There was an incident today with the chain ferry Below link is an incident that happened some time ago at the chain ferry https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=1ISk_dnpZNY
  5. Coddy

    Amazon Smile Heros on the Water

    Sorry forget it Having a senior moment and found it ………….. finger trouble
  6. Coddy

    Amazon Smile Heros on the Water

    I was checking my Amazon Smile account and noticed I had chosen HOW but in the USA! I have since found the Amazon Smile UK website but HOW are not registered on their listing Is it me or have others found the UK HOW list on Amazon Smile? If so where? Dave
  7. Coddy

    How to catch smoothhound

    I got an email from Talk Sea Fishing about how to catch Smoothounds Thought it might help some new members new to boat fishing and others to get some new species Click the link to read it. https://www.talkseafishing.co.uk/smoothhound-fishing-how-to-catch-smoothhound/?utm_source=mailpoet&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=how-to-catch-smoothhound_11
  8. Coddy

    Photo of the century Winner Coddy

    Not if you stroke it on the nose
  9. Coddy

    Photo of the century Winner Coddy

    Thanks peeps
  10. A Briggs & Stratton 148cc 4-stroke petrol lawn mower in VGC Now no longer used as we have moved to a house with a very small lawn Easy starting, adjustable cutting height, large clippings collection bag Can be pushed or lift the lever and it drives the rear wheels Handles can be folded for storage or carriage 7 Cutting Heights (30-75mm) 50Ltr Grass Collector 410cm cutting width NOW SOLD
  11. Coddy

    Fancy a book to read?

    The RNLI have just published a new book called "Surviving the storms" Details about the book and how to order online are here https://rnli.org/support-us/become-a-volunteer/volunteer-zone/volunteer-news/surviving-the-storms-new-book-showcases-rnli-rescues I thought might like to have a read instead of using electronic means Dave
  12. Coddy

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Frank
  13. Coddy

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    If I manage to restore it, it was due to be a road going track car as there are so many bits missing, there is not even a windscreen! Needs new floor pan, footwell and I suspect sills as most MG's or come to that most BMC cars were rust buckets although not as bad a Vauxhall use to be, those old enough to recall the box shape viva must be so rare these days as they rusted away in less than 5 years! Just wish my welder was as enthusiastic as me. 🤠🤠🤠
  14. Coddy


    Hi Gaz, Welcome aboard I am Dave from the RNLI message on facebook page, drop me a PM (private message) when the lock down is relaxed if you fancy a meet up and chat Dave
  15. Coddy

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    Funny you should mention that Rob 🤔🤔🤔 Been looking but having an MGB GT waiting to be restored on the drive, might upset "she who must be obeyed" if something else turned up! 🤑🤑🤑