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  1. niggle

    POM winner December 2020

    Thank you,enjoying photography on my daily walks.Hopefully having one or several printed in the next Dorset wildlife members magazine of a little Egret
  2. niggle

    Continental Beachcasters

    Mike talk to Tom at Christchurch tackle he is wealth of knowledge I have a couple of long beach casters if you want to try out to see if they suit your style,unfortunately my reels are packed away anticipating a house move hopefully sometime in new year
  3. niggle

    Photo of the month December

    Since I’ve retired I’m enjoying some photography on my daily walks
  4. niggle

    Photo of the month December

    Frosty morning Dorset Stour
  5. niggle

    Happy Birthday Rob

    Have a good day Rob
  6. niggle

    IMAX flotation suit

    It’s yours then,it is large as stated
  7. Ladder 50cm folded 90cm extended £30
  8. niggle

    IMAX flotation suit

    Only used a couple of trips size large £60
  9. niggle

    Photo of the month Nov

    He’s legless while fishing [emoji23]
  10. niggle

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy birthday Terry [emoji1635]
  11. niggle

    Best birthday wishes Oli

    Happy birthday Oli
  12. I think more would support it Kev if they knew you always get the first 2 rounds of drinks in afterwards [emoji106]
  13. niggle

    A tale of friendship that defeats evil

    Something close to that [emoji23]