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  1. https://www.pooleharbourboatshow.co.uk/single-post/2020/03/13/Poole-Harbour-Boat-Show-2020-Cancelled
  2. niggle

    switch to aluminium anodes

    I used alloy while in Christchurch,tried them in Cobbs gone in 4 months so went to zinc
  3. niggle

    Birthday greetings Hooky

    Have a great birthday Hooky[emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  4. niggle

    Hi everyone

    Hi Boyscott,did you use to be an active member on WSF ? when it was very active as I remember the forum name or one very similar
  5. niggle

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday U old Digger [emoji1664]
  6. niggle


    Awesome boat [emoji106]
  7. niggle

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    Not nice, hope nothing major
  8. niggle

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Good luck to you all, unfortunately for me the weather forecast is good as I was hoping it would be postponed as I have to support my son Lee on a car rally Sunday. I hope you find some cod and look forward to the reports Tight lines Nigel .
  9. niggle

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy birthday Terry
  10. niggle

    Best birthday wishes Oli

    Belated birthday wishes Oli,hope you had a great day
  11. niggle

    Birthday greetings Alfie

    Hope you’ve had a great birthday
  12. niggle

    Birthday greetings Steve

    Happy birthday Steve on your milestone
  13. niggle

    Birthday greetings Andy

    All the best Andy [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  14. niggle

    Happy Big (60th) Nigel. 🎂🍾

    Thanks Neal, hope all is well with you in your new life