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  1. Paul J

    Lockdown project - livebait tank

    amazing Adam, thanks for sharing PJ
  2. Paul J

    Marineboy for sale

    Rob, its so sexy i have to wait for the watershed
  3. Paul J

    Marineboy for sale

    Just bought a 21ft Karnic so Marine Boy has to go This is a classic 17ft Boston Whaler Newport which has been converted for Fly Fishing, Front and rear casting decks, leaning posts and other nice features which make it a great fishing platform. Its powered by a 60hp Etec and there's a bow mounted motor-guide xi5 trolling motor as an option extra, break-back trailer included ( great for shallow launches) VHF , Hummingbird sidescan Moored in Christchurch- text me for a viewing Price £ 5,500 Cheers Paul -PJ 07742121494 pauljennings27@mail..com pS i hope this is ok and doesn't break any rules
  4. Paul J

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    Can we weigh in migrants next year? there's more chance of seeing them offshore than Cod PJ
  5. Paul J

    Birthday greetings PJ

    Thanks chaps, ill be out over the weekend if this calm weather stays put PJ
  6. Paul J

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    i Have a 75 etec that's been waiting for my next project and waiting, ill reluctantly let it go for 3K unless i find that suitable craft to put it on first PJ 07742121494
  7. Paul J

    Alderney 2018

    Good luck with the weather gents, perhaps plan b should be a flight somewhere warm with hire boats, like Cork Harbour ( not so warm but close) PJ
  8. Paul J

    Boar fish at Kimmeridge

    have you just started a stampede of species hunters !? PJ
  9. Paul J

    Bass Regs 2018 - C&R

    no what you are finding is that you've got to have this special lure or you wont catch and its £25:99 its not that theres less fish to catch its cause your gear isnt good enough PJ
  10. Paul J

    Bass Regs 2018 - C&R

    Can i hear any tackle shops moaning cause they cant hold any Bass comps? thus loosing business? nor can i PJ
  11. Paul J

    Can you belive This

    "I can't remember EVER being called diplomatic before ? :lol:" YOU MUST BE GETTING TOO OLD TO ARGUE
  12. Paul J

    JoJo heads west, again!

    Sounds great Rob, really pleased you've been rewarded for the time you've put in previously- fantastic result "With such a clam day, you could hear the bait balls" yes i know that sound, exciting stuff! PJ
  13. Paul J

    Rod Repair

    Charlie, if the tip curls its too hot!
  14. Paul J

    Can you eat Tope?

    Best Mackerel Ive ever eaten was aboard an old school charter boat, they were boiled in seawater with a splash of vinegar. When the tail meat starts to peel away from the tail fin yank them out they are done. Boiled Mackerel? sounds yuk but its not done this way, it has to be seawater PJ