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  1. True Blue? Saturday? If so, we followed you in to the harbour I believe. R
  2. Route out was poor vis!! R
  3. 10/12 miles depends how foggy it is and how straight you drive! R
  4. I think he is fishing quite a bit further out than we go. I thought about calling him again, maybe I should have, as we only had the one! R
  5. I have taken Adam for a trip to Cornwall. So far so good! R
  6. Adam 3lb 10oz Rob 4lb Bucket loads of fish, nothing big. Beautiful day to be out. R
  7. Rob

    Plane crash

    Video of the crash http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/6133ce495e2d8/241159085_1486487535060515_3480778312932330907_n.mp4
  8. Rob

    Kayak tope

    Big for a boy! Well done R
  9. Did you ask permission? [emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Not Pollack of any size though, need the wrecks for them
  11. Rob


    Hello, welcome! R
  12. Deep water in summer, everywhere in winter! You might try Swanage spoils grounds, otherwise will need to be a wreck, don't bother with the one in Swanage bay. Also, target something else, like rays and they will show up!! R
  13. Rob

    Boat on fire

    Edit "but in reality I guess it is not COST EFFECTIVE"
  14. Rob

    What a kipper!!

    Prob wouldn't go back if you tried.
  15. Rob

    Boat on fire

    Yup, looks like it has been.moved away from other boats, well.done whoever did that!!
  16. Rob

    Boat on fire

    Parkstone YC maybe? I am sure CharlieC will know
  17. Fleets bridge industrial estate Poole
  18. Most of you don't have wheels n your boats, but I do. I was down my trailer and the wheels every time, but the wheels are always a weak point. The current ones are looking sad and flaking rust, as they always do after a good few yrs of use. So I bought some more and thought I'd play the long game. Having had the boat for 16yrs! She is perfect for my needs, thought I'd treat her. So, bought new wheels before pandemic, only popped to office twice since being sent home. Not that I worked from all the time anyway. Near work is metalblast and I had spoke to them, in 2019! Today was the day I took my wheels in. The wheels are to be sand blasted, zinc sprayed, they asked if I wanted them primed etc for painting or powder coating. I said powder coating sounds good, and "do you do that too", they don't, but the guy who does across the road, happend to be in their building! Stroke of luck. Quoted £75+ for the pair completed, I went with "wheel silver" as I asked for whatever is cheapest. Prob be a week or two, not to worry as the old ones are still holding up, so far!! Watch this space. R
  19. Blimey! Well, my 2 units are both combo, so I guess I have 2 of each! Fixed and handheld VHF, I think there is a compass in grab bag too. Phone and PLB beacon. I think the plb works on a different sat system for Comms, but it does require gps to send location, but I think.can be tracked once help is close. Just a note, prob one of the smallest boats in the club! R
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