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  1. Is the annual subs from April to March Brian?
  2. I hope it's on, I've spent this afternoon renewing my line on my reels with heavier line after losing three heavy fish last weekend.
  3. I think it was the smell of the bacon that enticed the doggies over to you :-)
  4. I took a mate out today and anchored up close to alfresco on the banks a few miles out. A doggie joined us within minutes. We didn't have to wait too long for the rays to join in. We ended up having a cracking day with rays to 19lb, a couple of doggies and eels (landed) up to 10lb with a few very heavy and very grumpy fish being lost on the way up.
  5. what sort of area are you likely to be Charlie? I may pop out myself too.
  6. I did go out Sunday, about 6 or 7 miles out. There were three or 4 other boats there too. It was "do-able" but not particularly comfortable and certainly not productive. I gave it about 3 hours, one doggie and a conger and headed back to the shelter of the harbour. That produced crabs, crabs and more crabs. Roll on the 28th.
  7. Forecast is improving a little, so Graham with two non members (son Wayne and grandson Ashton) will be out there somewhere. Ive never caught a cod before (apart from while drifting over a wreck on Alfresco many years ago). Is the general opinion that anchoring or drifting is the way to fish for cod? I personally prefer anchoring (but as mentioned, have never caught a cod, maybe thats why?).
  8. Ive started using circle hooks too. Plus I grind off the barb with a pair of pliers before use. It loses a few fish on the retrieve (if its not kept tight), but ive genuinely had no lost hooks since Ive been doing that (probably down to my lack of catch :-/ ) . .
  9. I use that disgorger Tiddler, I must be honest Ive never had that demo so look forward to my next need to use it. As for swizzle sticks, they look barbaric to me. Surely that just rips the throat out?
  10. the weekend is looking less promising as it gets closer.
  11. It would seem that the vote went 265 to 202 against the amendment. 265 conservative MPs rejected the amendment and only 22 were for it. The difference was 63 votes, however 85 MPs were absent or abstained. There will be a second vote on Wednesday this week. There's a list of the MPs who didn't vote in the following link and instructions on what to do (if you feel strongly enough about it) https://www.change.org/p/uk-parliament-make-reducing-sewage-pollution-a-legal-requirement-in-the-uk/u/29757972
  12. Graham Nash


    It certainly does the rounds does that hoist. Superb bit of kit
  13. How long would you need it? I replied to you in August as I knew I would be needing it myself a couple of months later. Mine is down at Ridge Wharfe, trailer is good but the brakes have been removed (so obviously unlikely to be legal to tow your boat on the road). But as I say, Ill be using it myself towards the end of this month so probably no good to you any more.
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