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  1. Hi Sam. I'm on samoya. An Orkney 590. Sounds like we are leaving Wareham around 8am.
  2. I dont particularly want smuts, especially pups!!
  3. Thanks for the messages guys. I was genuinely expecting it to be some sort of private joke that had Morphed into a club joke over the years. I must stop being such a cynic.
  4. I'm out with my mate again Thursday to see it we can improve on zero fish! I'm almost certainly going to forget the miles on Thursday and just head to old harry for some bream. I have a sneaking suspicion I'll regret asking this ..... But what is this "secret ray mark" I see mentioned regularly!?!?
  5. I'm having a bit of a tidy up and I have a small anchor free to whoever thinks they can use it. 2.5 kg, looks unused. Collect Upton or I might even get to a meeting some time and can bring it there.
  6. Good day, finished off with a good deed. Well done on both counts
  7. That's one more than I found yesterday!
  8. Have a safe trip guys. It sounds like lots of planning, I hope the fish appreciate your efforts
  9. Ha ha. I did that. Fell off the thing nearly every time I used it! Sold it to some guy from southbourne who used it with his dog. (Hopefully him and his dog had better Ballance than me)!!
  10. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I look forward to reading and sharing some of our experiences.
  11. Orkney 590 Charlie.
  12. Good morning all, Ive just re-joined after many years. Some might remember me by the name "Little Sal", well those that know me will know i'm neither "little" nor am I "Sal". Im now at Ridge Warfe in Wareham, which is a bit of a jaunt to the bay, but i believe the motor home up the river flushes my engine after every trip. Hopefully the weather will get back to what summer is supposed to be and we can all enjoy our boats.
  13. while de-cluttering I have found a brand new 5 stud trailer wheel with new 155/70/12C tyre. May be of use to you trailer types ;-) When I was fixing my boat I purchased a 4M X 8M "GALA TENT". It stood up to the massive storms we had in 2014. The sides and ends were never used and are still boxed up in my loft. The rest was up for about a year. Cost me over £500, make me an offer coz I'll never use it again unless I move somewhere with a huge garden (and find loads of friends). https://www.galatent.co.uk/more_details.asp?itemcode=06507
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