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  1. great white

    Plastic/fibreglass moulding.

    Andy may be your man then Terry
  2. great white

    Plastic/fibreglass moulding.

    Hi Terry depends how big the unit will be Terry. would it fit where that large gauge is in the [Timber?] part of the dash, so its just a case of swapping things around If you want a moulding made, and nobody here has time and expertise, You could try Andy Middleton who does a lot at the Yacht Club, he is on 07860 167991 Charlie
  3. great white

    Happy Birthday Dave and Freddie

    Happy Birthday guys Have a great day
  4. great white

    Fish of the Month - 2020

    Well done Dave left it to the last trip of the year I seešŸ¤£
  5. great white

    What have I gone and done ??

    Good luck with the new Motor. when I had an old Wilson Flyer 18 I too got fed up with an old dodgy engine. I bought a new 2 stroke 60HP Yamaha. Boy the boat was so different afterwards, fast stable and with an engine that could be totally relied on. I had years of fun until I upsized.
  6. great white

    Photo of the Month January 21

    Finishing the day on the ray mark, looks like rain is coming.
  7. great white

    Photo of the Month January 21

    Be alright until he finds beer and girls
  8. great white

    Jaws - caught at Chesil Beach

    great fish that. I have never caught one. a mate of mine caught one of those on Chesil on my very first trip there as a teenager. [long time ago now] I remember it scared him to death in the dark, when his torch shone on all of its teeth. LOL
  9. great white


    Depends what you are trying to do with your boat. if its just getting back to the marks and wrecks, it doesn't need all the bells and whistles. if you are chasing fish in deep water you may need more than basic kit.
  10. great white

    Continental Beachcasters

    150 metres out, I would need the boat for that
  11. great white

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year and a great 2021 everyone. Tight lines and calm seas to you all. Charlie and Wendy
  12. great white

    Alderney 2021...

    If we can get through the Pandemic, we would want to go
  13. great white

    Winter marks in poole bay and swanage

    Hi Andy If you go out on a calm day over the break you will see lots of boats around the numbers Jerry gave you and the banks just east of there recently the fishing has been quite good in that area, so take plenty of bait.
  14. great white


    love the one where he dives in to grab the rod
  15. great white

    Planning a trip out tomorrow

    Plenty of whiting on the 50/50 banks Stuie. Tight lines