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  1. great white

    Chimney sweep

    Thanks Steve
  2. great white

    Chimney sweep

    does anyone have the number of chimney sweep Neughbours are looking for one Thanks
  3. great white

    Boat wanted

    try my office No 01202 738824, could not hear you on mobile
  4. great white

    Boat wanted

    I am in all day tomorrow and Wednesday, 0830-1700 then on holiday just as the weather breaks give me a call 07887 794716
  5. great white

    Boat wanted

    I have some XS500 RIBs at work if you just want to see one to check the build
  6. great white

    Boat wanted

    just wait until the winter, there should be bargains to be had.
  7. great white

    Sole searching

    strange times we seem to be in an odd good trip and a lot of mediocre Well done for grabbing the opportunity
  8. great white

    What a day

    Sorry to hear that the trip was slow, well done on the joeys, may have to find out where they came from Tides seemed to be moving on the ebb, but very little flood. Its a real bummer when the tope and cuttles get to the baits before the target fish. Dan and I thought you would be rounding them up on the 18 mile banks
  9. great white

    wrecking on a nice tide

    Please do Martin Not a problem with me, He is from Swanage so I have asked Sam to keep an eye out for him ashore and thank him again
  10. great white

    wrecking on a nice tide

    Dan and I could not resist the combination of a small tide and good forecast to try anchoring a wreck on Sunday Rowing out to the boat at 0700 there was no wind and a flat calm, fully loaded and off we go. the usual call on channel 6 gave us a brief chat to Martin on Madness looking for bait fish. Passing the chains we go up to 20 knots to the chosen mark, after recent trips I decided to not even try for mackerel, we would use frozen and catch some pout at the wreck. On the ebbing tide we were soon at the wreck. Big anchor down and settle on the tide. According to No 2 son I got lucky, we were 57 meters in front of the wreck in 40 metres of water. a couple of baits down on 12 oz leads, and we wait!! 😀😀 Fish on. That was the start of a busy session on the increasing ebb tide, mainly conger and one stroppy Tope. Baited feathers kept us supplied with poor cod and pout for bait and occasionally we got up to 2 rods each. 😎 The small tide meant that we could fish through, but did go up to our largest leads for about an hour [1 rod out each and Bacon Butties on] As slack water approached so did a Swanage diving boat called "Wight Spirit" The skipper asked me to call him on 6, "here we go" says Dan [remembering some history with dive boats] He asked me what our intentions were, when I told him we were going to re anchor for the flood, he asked if he could put divers down on slack. after I told him that it would ruin our fishing he moved off to another wreck close by, what a nice skipper, Many thanks we moved a little early and it took a while for the flood to start, no problem as we were now getting lots of medium size Tope. 😀😀 Just as the Lasagne was cooked and ready to eat, we swung into place and the congers started to feed again, catching and T barring weighty fish off, while trying to eat our late lunch is just the sort of Multi tasking we like. 😍 No monsters this time, the only one weighed went to 39lb in the net, allowing 2lb for the net, its a 92% specimen. But my god did it make a mess of the boat. It reminds us why we usually leave them outside of the boat. We had at least 10 eels each averaging 25/30 and half as many Tope that were a little smaller. Nice warm day with a dropping warm wind Just my sort of day.😍😎
  11. great white

    Planning a trip out on Tuesday 15th

    Nice tides , good luck all
  12. great white

    Photo of Month September

    I was fishing for Bream Steve, with a big bait over too. One of these followed the large bait in, then darted back down to the bottom. I dropped a bream rig down where it went and had it on within a minute, so I sort of fished for that one.
  13. great white

    Photo of Month September

    they sure do Martin, very strong runs
  14. great white

    Photo of Month September

    Only my second ever Trigger Catch and release, boy this one fought well 3 lb 1.5 oz
  15. great white

    Out fished again ...

    Well done Skipper 😀😀