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  1. What a way to start a Sunday. 0700 just outside Chapmans Pool
  2. well done Terry [and Martin] I have used that system of a pump over the side a lot Terry , but got fed up with chopping the pumps off when we forgot to bring it onboard. I now use a tee off of the deckwash system, via a larger diameter pipe and plastic valve it gives a good volume of water to the blue drum, without too much back pressure on the pump.
  3. We had plans to fish Sat and Sunday after a sleep onboard. When we realised Sam and Family were out and heading for Chapmans Pool, it would be rude not to take both Chapman boats over. Tied up together in the sunshine, we had lots of fun and even swam ashore. After they left we moved out a bit for a fish by the charter boats, then popped back in just before Ben arrived and tied alongside for a chat and a beer. Sunday morning was so lovely , Wendy stayed in bed and I moved out onto the reef, 8 Undulates and several small congers before 0900. After breakfast had a few more but at a slower pace The fishing continued to slow down through the day but we did find tope to over 30lb and larger congers Came in early at 1600 as we were getting a bit overheated. Great weather for boating and the fishing that we did was good
  4. Happy to do that Kam What sort of leads are you after?
  5. Thanks Lofty And all that liked.
  6. Nice moody shot of Kevs 10lb Turbot. with a couple of club boats in the fog on Friday
  7. rare picture, lofty on a boat.
  8. Loobie 1V Jerry 1 Jerry 2 Norman Fishlock. Saturday Madness - Martin + Dean non member. Sunday Tigerfish - Steve + Alun + Terry + Ian Reel Magic Dave Kev and Charlie, Saturday
  9. Hi all Just to let all know, I have sent the Harbour booking forms for Reel Magic and Kingfisher over the channel by email We need to be doing our own travel trackers tomorrow and take passports with us for the NHS App evidence of vaccinations. Fuel is booked by bowser delivery at 1400 Friday, then Covid admin between 1500-1600. I checked with the harbour authority to get permission to leave the boats on commercial quay while we do that. so no need to take a tender 5 of us are now booked into the Indian Restaurant Nelly Grays on Friday at 1900 and the Marais Hall at the same time 1900 on Saturday, lets hope that they have a TV, kick off at 2000. Charlie
  10. Good morning all I have just been struggling with the paperwork a bit 1. Braye Harbour booking form , for Reel Magic. [what catagory is our area of departure] 2. Travel Tracker for me [Address for self isolation] In the end i phoned the Braye Harbour office. He has told me to leave the question about Cat3 Cat2 area blank on the Braye Harbour Booking Form. He also told me not to use the travel tracker until tomorrow as it will be updated 1/7/21. Questions will be changed then Bloody hell, I hope the fish are biting
  11. Not a problem Dave Just text me your address and post code I will do the form filling and email it across Chris, if you would rather I do that for you and Dogfish please do the same
  12. http://www.alderney.gov.gg/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=139520&p=0 we need to submit these forms 48 hours in advance by email if you want to send them to me, or just the details to fill in [wchapman212@outlook.com] I will email over to them, I have already phoned them and our three boats are booked in, so we have time. I see that they say a tender is required but they did not have a problem with us being on the commercial quay for fuel?? Steve are you taking your tender? Travel tracker cannot be done yet. I just tried and it would not let me. For admin ashore and any tests, there are only two daily windows 0900-1100 and 1500-1600. Fuel has been a bit tricky as Mainbrayce is closed. I have booked a bowser delivery on the commercial quay at 1400 Friday. and need to confirm on Thursday that we are going. They do not work at Weekends so if we need a second fill that will need to be from them at 0800 Monday, or if the weather window for Monday return trip closes, we may need to use drums filled on Friday. I have booked dinner at 1900 on Sat in Marais Hall and will continue to look for a late booking somewhere on Friday Charlie
  13. Looks like a good choice and not too thirsty for the run from ridge You will look forward to the winter, when the speed limit is removed. When I kept my 18ft Dory at Royal Marines Poole I always enjoyed that and planing up the harbour made a huge saving in fuel.
  14. Welcome Back Graham What boat have you got now? Charlie
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