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  1. Thanks Jim We will try to get yours next weekend
  2. I have a keen crew and its a good tide. T bags are topped up Jim😃 So lets hope we get a weather window
  3. A couple of pictures of the big man in action
  4. If it was I had better change the menu. Good to see you out there Graham
  5. Thanks for joining me guys it was a pleasure having you onboard. Nice to be out again, shame the winter fish were so scarce But still avery nice day
  6. Probably near the 50 50 banks Graham Well we will start there. Lol
  7. Hard to avoid them nowadays Jim
  8. Thanks for the rapid response Guys Looks like Jim and Stuie are keen and available. It will be a lovely change to have Members that have not yet fished on Alfresco onboard. Lets hope the skipper can still find some fish.
  9. I need to give the boat a spin, so I am thinking of going on Saturday. Target probably some whiting if I can find them on these tides. Currently no crew, so if anyone would like to come, please get in touch. Charlie
  10. That's Sad Mike My 18ft Flyer served me very well as I learnt the skills required to run my own boat
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