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  1. great white

    Pirk moulds available

    Are mine the white or green ones Ben?
  2. great white

    First time out for Tiddler

    Well done Jim Easy to get distracted and also to get to many choices and choose the wrong spot I did the same myself on Saturday
  3. great white

    Two Long Days

    yes that the one Jerry cannot remember her name
  4. great white

    Two Long Days

    Perhaps we should ask that lady that comes to our meetings
  5. great white

    Who's out on the weekend?

    Good luck everyone Look forward to seeing reports The steering ram seals have gone on Alfresco, she will have to come ashore next weekend to swap them out and do a few jobs. But I really like gardening more than fishing anyway. Lol NOT
  6. great white


    Hi Gaz Welcome to the Club
  7. great white

    Dorset fishing industry article

    While we are on a bass ban, or just allowed one fish Excuse me if I do not cry over the fact the commercials cannot make money out of taking all they can catch. As for the oyster farmers, the things will still be there on their strings when this is over and the market reopens Just my brief thoughts
  8. great white

    Birthday greetings Charlie & Coddy

    Thanks all Had Steak beer and a great evening Glad to see you did too dave
  9. great white

    Photo of the Century

    May fit in here Kev. LOL
  10. great white

    Photo of the Century

    Bait robbing Bastard