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  1. so would I Alun but I was trying to show my workings for my Maths. LOL
  2. Sorry to be picky Not sure that is correct 15.98lb cannot be 15lb 7oz, as that is less than 15.5 1 oz = 0.0625lb 0.98 divided 0.0625 equals 15.68 ounces, add to pounds 15.98 = 15lb 15oz rounded down .75 is a little easier as .75 of a 16 ounce pound is 12 ounces 4.75 = 4lb 12 oz Two Nice fish Lofty
  3. Always fun even for us on committee that had to sacrifice fishing times to get registration done and then back for weigh in Me and the boys always enjoyed this one and did fairly well.
  4. Sounds great I was decorating both days , so you did better than I did Jim
  5. tight lines I was considering it until I had a call and finished up in the office instead­čśĆ
  6. Welcome back Dan Charlie
  7. On the way to the wrecks , in company with Dave and his crew on Reel Magic
  8. Dan with his PB Pollack from Sunday , 12lb
  9. great white

    New member

    Welcome Mark Tight lines, hope to see you out there at some time My boat is "Alfresco" Charlie
  10. not sure using them for pot bait is a good idea Greg.
  11. well done guys , looks like fun
  12. Happy 40th Birthday Adam I hope that you have a great day, are you taking the boat for a spin at the weekend?
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