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  1. great white

    2 days

    Nice fish in some nice weather Looking forward to getting out there again soon
  2. great white

    New rod and reel recommendations.

    Choices are vast But to get one rod to do it all, a soft braid rod in the 12-20 class would get response from small fish and able to cope with the odd large fish. I have a few Finn Nor fixed spools and they are great. the bigger ones have huge drag settings. The main problem would be the braid. I generally use 30lb, but small breaming reels are filled with lighter and deeper water reels are 50lb. Easy to change spools on a fixed spool, but the extra spool and two lots of braid alone, would use most of your budget
  3. great white

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Good luck all we are away so I was hoping for a reschedule, but it looks like the weather will be kind for a change. I hope that a few COD show up in case you have forgotten , this is what they look like. LOL
  4. great white

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Belated Happy Birthday Terry Hope that you had great day
  5. great white

    Best birthday wishes Oli

    Happy Birthday Oli Have a great day
  6. great white

    Photo of the Month November

    Look at the price of the tickets. Wow But thinking back to what we were being paid in 1980, I expect it was still one to save up for
  7. great white

    Bass catch and release from now

    Bound to catch some now. Well I might if I can get a break from this damn weather
  8. great white

    Need more Power?

    Bugger servicing or fueling up that lot. I struggle to get out enough now, so that would make each trip very costly
  9. great white

    Heavier spinning rod wanted

    Hi Steve I presume that it is a travel rod you are after. I use a Shimano up to 100g , I could let you have the details if you like Mine is the 3 mtr one and a tad long, I borrowed Dan's 2.7 this year for Norway and it had a better balance.
  10. great white

    Birthday greetings Andy

    Happy Birthday Andy Have a great day.
  11. great white

    Mission Accomplished

    I too decided to give the constant rain a miss. Just about finished the bathroom project at the weekend, Wendy is very pleased with it, so I now need a weather window to use up the brownie points.
  12. great white

    Norway 2019 [long report]

    Thanks Mick
  13. great white

    POM winner September

    Thanks Lofty and all who liked the picture.
  14. great white

    Norway 2019 [long report]

    Hope that works for you Ian, I believe the light nights tend to get calm are you at the meeting tonight I still have one of your tops at home.
  15. great white

    POM winner September