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  1. Adam F

    South of Pevril, East of Durlston

    Big tides tomorrow and that area being off the headland gets a big tide run. It’s a good area for rope / conger etc but on the smaller tides.
  2. Adam F

    Junior Comp 2019 Dates

    Really looking forward to this again this year. Do we have any new juniors in 2019?! Rob - we fishing sun 14th?
  3. Adam F

    Alderney Take 2

    I'm looking to take JV to Alderney around 9/10/11/12th August as we didnt make the first trip in May. If anyone fancies buddying up post up on here.... (Jerry?! I'm sure you'll be keen with the new boat?!) Adam
  4. Adam F

    Cerviche of Sea Bream

    Tried this tonight - excellent! BUT!! The crispy fried leeks really make the dish and add a 3rd dimension to the citrus and onion / coriander. I recommend you try and again with the leeks!
  5. Adam F

    Cerviche of Sea Bream

    https://houseandhome.com/recipe/sea-bream-ceviche/ This one I’m guessing?
  6. Adam F

    Photo of the month May.

    Isla’s first proper day’s fishing and a double header of bream for tea.
  7. Adam F

    Alderney 2019

    Have a super trip guys. This time JV is opting to head West for a couple of days in Portland - we can’t make the Fri or Monday. We will look again in 2 weeks if anyone who missed this trip needs a buddy.
  8. Adam F

    Alderney 2019

    Evening, JV is down for this trip albeit only the 2 skippers as no crew available. As it stands I’d want a better forecast to go - it’s marginal at best for a 3 day trip - as usual if it improves its game on if it falls away it gets pretty snotty... The current JV plan is to head Portland way for wrecking and Shambles - sat and sun. The reports ive seen are mixed on the other side.... the May water has also started and has dropped the wrecking off somewhat if you can’t find clear water.
  9. Adam F

    Sat 30th

    JV and crew and looking to head out on Sat - currently a lovely forecast. Maybe looking to go wrecking for a few pollock. Anyway fancy a buddy boat?
  10. Adam F

    Alderney 2019

    Pencil in JV - suspect the usual 4 of us for crew - IJ, AJ and RF. Ive put the dates in the diary but will be wanting to see some better reports in the early charter trips to convince me to go - last 2 years have been dreadful and yes, whislt the trip is still great fun, it’s expensive in fuel and a lot of effort. If it hasn’t improved I’d rather do Portland - where the fishing has been as good, weather isn’t as crucial and it’s closer. Adam
  11. Adam F

    Flatfish Competition

    Thanks guys! Been a while since I won a comp... come to think of it..... been a while since I fished one! With JV still awaiting repair a very generous offer of a guest spot on Tigerfish came at just the right time. I’ve not enjoyed a days fishing so much for ages. Super comfy, super fast boat and great weather and I bagged a few turbot! For once I felt rested and relaxed upon getting back in. Thanks Steve. Fishing was tough but light leads and really concerntrating on bait presentation helped 4 flatties onboard... the biggest a real last minute.com literally the last rod I wound in!
  12. Adam F

    Friday pm

    That also looked like a big silver eel and not a conger Lofty? sounds like a great days fishing though.
  13. Adam F

    Wrecking sat

    JV might go wrecking Sat, any other boats out and fancy buddy up?
  14. Was following a couple of Facebook discussions this week where anglers we shunning Alderney trips due to the gradual demise of the fishing. Certianly our experience has been one of gradual decline in the last few years. A decade ago it was a real Mecca, somewhere a long way off shore but where you could virtually guarantee good fishing compared to back home. Is it a phase? Or do we have bigger and faster boats and more people go, is it now was fished out as back home? Discuss?
  15. Adam F

    Alderney 2018

    After being jealous as hell for missing my favourite trip of the year in stunning weather, I’m sat with baited breath for the catch reports!