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  3. As part of our Anglers Against Pollution campaign, we've been calling for more boots on the ground to carry out proper monitoring and enforcement of agricultural pollution. The EA have responded by announcing they are looking to recruit 50 new farm inspectors in England. Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook said: "The fact that the EA are now recruiting large numbers of new farm inspectors is a significant sign that our voice is being heard. There is still a huge amount of work to be done and we have yet to hear the detail of how these staff will be deployed, but we should celebrate these victories and I would personally like to thank every angler who has signed the petition, bought a T-Shirt, joined the Trust or supported the campaign in any way. " Read the full story Water companies failing to stop sewage spills pollution Water companies are continuing to fail to cut pollution from raw sewage spills into our rivers and coastal waters. According to the Environment Agency’s Environmental Performance Report for 2020, of the nine water and sewage companies included “no water company achieved all the environmental expectations set out for 2015 to 2020”. The report was published just days after Southern Water were fined a record £90million after the company admitted to 6,971 illegal spills from 17 sites in Hampshire, Kent and West Sussex between 2010 and 2015. The Angling Trust will continue to press for polluters to be held to account for the damage they cause, and for the Government to restore funding to enable more monitoring of our waters. Anglers can play their part by supporting our Anglers Against Pollution campaign. Read: Water companies failing Read: Southern Water fined £90m Three ways you can support Anglers Against Pollution Show your support by signing our petition which calls on the government to provide more funding so that laws to tackle pollution are enforced. Click Here Wear our Anglers Against Pollution logo with pride by buying our T-shirts or Hoodies. All profits from sales will be used to support the campaign. Click Here If you're not a member of the Angling Trust, please join us. As a non-profit organisation, we fight to protect fish and fishing for all anglers. Click Here Sea angling's 'exciting' plans The Angling Trust has set out its vision for sea angling in England and Wales describing the future as "exciting" with an opportunity to work with Defra to develop investment into the sport. Click Here Treasure Your River! The Angling Trust has joined the Treasure Your River anti-littering campaign to combat litter around seven of the UK’s most famous rivers and their tributaries. Click Here Judge says Government's report promise is 'legally binding' A Judge at the High Court has ruled that a promise made by the Government in 2015 to provide reports on sensitive rivers and lakes is enforceable. WWF, the Angling Trust and Fish Legal took Defra and the Environment Agency back to Court for failing to publish the reports, which are expected to detail the measures necessary to get sensitive rivers and lakes back to “favourable” condition after years of agricultural pollution. Read more Member discounts ... 10% off at Farlows and Sportfish! Here’s a great offer from leading game and fly-fishing specialists Farlows and Sportfish. All Angling Trust members are entitled to a 10% discount online, in-store and via telephone mail order at both Farlows and Sportfish. Click here to find out how to claim your discount and details of more great savings for members Not yet a member? Join today and enjoy great benefits WATCH: Take a Friend Fishing is back for the summer! Take a Friend Fishing is back for summer 2021, giving even more people the chance to get out fishing. Between Friday 23rd July to Sunday 5th September (inclusive), existing fishing licence holders can register for a FREE one-day fishing licence from the Environment Agency. Watch the video then head over to the Angling Trust website for more details. Click here for more information No.1 website for Welsh anglers Fishing In Wales is the no.1 website for Welsh angling, created by anglers for anglers. Where, when, how and what to fish for in Wales – we have it covered! Take a look for yourself Fishomania Final: Can Andy land title for a third year? The Fishomania Grand Final takes place this weekend at Hayfield Lakes, Doncaster. Defending champion Andy Bennett - aiming to win for the third year running - will be joined by 23 other anglers battling it out for the £50,000 top prize with £10,000 going to the runner-up. The competition is being shown live on Sky Sports. Latest Fishomania news And they're all great swimmers! Many of us have a soft spot for angling’s smaller species. But how much do you really know about these remarkable little fish? With the Olympics about to start, Angling Trust Ambassador and author Dr Mark Everard reveals his list of the fastest, toughest and weirdest small fish in our latest Lines On The Water blog. Lines On The Water blog Anglers on look-out for pink salmon and red skin disease The Angling Trust are asking anglers to be on the look-out for pink salmon and red skin disease in UK rivers this summer. Several records of pink salmon – an invasive non-native species – have already been reported in Scotland this year. Anglers are also being asked to be vigilant for wild Atlantic salmon infected by red skin disease. Affected fish exhibit unusual haemorrhaging on their underside which can appear like a spotted red rash. Click to read the full story TRADE TALK: N'ZON feeder rod series from Daiwa The new N'ZON feeder rod series offers a broad range for light method feeder fishing up to extra-heavy feeder work on rivers. Starting with a 10’ classic method feeder rod featuring a parabolic action, through to a 13’ extra power edition. The series is distinguished by their slim, well-balanced, tough blanks. The Cork EVA Armlock handle aids handling when applying power and features an embedded Daiwa logo. All feature HMC+® High Modulus Plus carbon fibre, Titanium Oxide guides and two carbon quiver tips. More information The Angling Trust We are a not for profit organisation, representing anglers, fighting for fish, fishing and the environment. We are recognised by the Government as the National Governing Body for angling in England and partner with Visit Wales and Natural Resources Wales to promote Fishing in Wales. We are a member-based organisation made up of anglers of all disciplines providing a united front to represent, grow and protect our sport. By becoming a member of the Angling Trust you are helping to protect the waterways you fish in and the fish which live within them, ensuring their health and protection for future generations. Click here for more information about membership Angling Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee, company number 05320350 Angling Trust & Fish Legal, Eastwood House, Rainbow Street, Leominster, HR6 8DQ Telephone: 01568 620447
  4. Stuie

    What fish?

  5. What a way to start a Sunday. 0700 just outside Chapmans Pool
  6. Hengisbury Head as the sun dips
  7. Out again tonight Steve, I know right!!!!!! Couldn't find macs once again and had 1 run on a too big Pollack as it was getting dark at 21:15, but lovely to be out. R
  8. Ok cool. I'm moving the boat to Poole mid morning so I should see you on route. My boat is called Hydra and is a quicksilver 640. Sent from my SM-G996B using Tapatalk
  9. Hi Sam. I'm on samoya. An Orkney 590. Sounds like we are leaving Wareham around 8am.
  10. What's the boat name Graham will be able to call you on Channel 6 then Sent from my SM-G996B using Tapatalk
  11. I will be out Thursday morning. If I see you will.come over and say hello and point out a few of the not so secret marks. Being based out of swanage there is plenty to chose from Sent from my SM-G996B using Tapatalk
  12. I dont particularly want smuts, especially pups!!
  13. I fished there Sunday. Very quiet. Small eyed nearly always favour sandeels I’ve found. Dozens of smut pups
  14. That's why it's called "secret" Even Jim knows where it is! Good luck for tomorrow.
  15. Thanks for the messages guys. I was genuinely expecting it to be some sort of private joke that had Morphed into a club joke over the years. I must stop being such a cynic.
  16. Yes mate. I'll fire em up when I get a mo this week. R
  17. Other way around Jim You have a pm Graham
  18. It's at the end of the Channel entrance to the harbour. Straight out past the chain ferry. Someone will be more precise. I think it's undulates on the left and Blondes on the right ? ? ? ? Or something like that.
  19. Cheers Rob. Let me know and I'll nip over anytime to suit you. You say you have a few? If you don't want them could I be really cheeky & take a couple? I need to run some old software for the CNC and no harm in keeping a spare. Thanks. Jim
  20. Bournemouth? Laptop, will need to be plugged in as battery shot. Let me know I have a few, will see it I can get one fired up. R
  21. I'm out with my mate again Thursday to see it we can improve on zero fish! I'm almost certainly going to forget the miles on Thursday and just head to old harry for some bream. I have a sneaking suspicion I'll regret asking this ..... But what is this "secret ray mark" I see mentioned regularly!?!?
  22. Anyone got an old Windows 7 32bit computer lying around that's no longer needed? I'll come & collect if local to Poole. And I'll clear any info from drives so no need to worry about that. Or a Win XP system. Ta. Jim
  23. Good job you could start a fire to keep warm ! 😜
  24. Yeah it was a cracking weekend for it Jim, we had another lovely day in Swanage And Leo did a good job of keeping us entertained at the camp! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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