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    Borrowed Brian's Engine hoist. Perfect ! Thank you very Much Brian.
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  4. i trailer my boat down to the fal every year too. Dont watch boat trailer fails on youtube just before you go, it makes for a nervous drive.
  5. You should have mentioned earlier, we saw him at the marina on Saturday. I think a few are using the new DJI action cameras. R
  6. No, as was 3 weeks in-between and we didn't see that good weather coming, towing her doesn't slow us down by much as she is so small and light. Mind you, I do loose a handful of mpg! R
  7. Did you leave the boat down there between trips Rob?
  8. I have tried messaging John Locker to see what he uses [Fishlocker on you tube] No reply yet
  9. I wonder what the Awsome Fishing guy uses - seems to work fine..
  10. I can't find another which ticks any more boxes I might need than the V 50 Pro. Providing it is totally waterproof and has enough battery and memory I think we are in. Wedge
  11. Found many more interesting models & prices yet Trev?
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  13. Well done, nice blue. We've been trailing down there every September for the last 4 years now and love it, just wish it was closer.
  14. You're expecting some fish on board then Trev ? High.mp4
  15. I have used Go Pro's and the much cheaper copies. Tried controlling them from the phone App, but that takes time and eats the battery. The cheaper ones have a control that you cam wear on your wrist that is useful, there batteries also last much longer. The fact that they are in a protection water proof cover helps, but because of this, sound is an issue The recent Falmouth trip I had some great video of Jerry's fight with the biggest beastie, but the sound was as I say poor. My biggest problem is the time taken to edit. Images and videos taken on the phone do not have the same problems but I am not putting my smart phone in the salt water
  16. What do you guys consider to be the best fixed action camera for a boat (remote activated)? Sort of looking at fixing one to the radar arch overlooking the deck and immediately alongside to capture fish being landed and smiley faces with the catch on board. Cheers Wedge 😎
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  18. I'd been promising Ad a trip down west on JoJo for the last 4 yrs, but weather and diaries have never come together. The fact we had the chance to have 2 trips in 3 weeks was too good to pass up!!!! I think he has started planning next year's already. R
  19. Only takers a minute to copy & paste letter.....
  20. View in browser | Members Update Members Update October 18th, 2021 24 hours to force the government to stop sewage pollution - please act now! Dear Member Parliament will be debating the Environment Bill on Wednesday (20th October). This is the last chance to make sure the Bill contains firm action to stop raw sewage pouring into our rivers and seas from storm overflows. We need you to EMAIL YOUR MP IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS to ask them to support clause 82 of the Environment Bill and resist any last-minute attempt by the government to weaken this clause. Clause 82 will place a “duty on sewerage undertakers to take all reasonable steps to ensure untreated sewage is not discharged from storm overflows”. This means Water Companies will not just have to monitor and report, they must act to stop this pollution. Please email ASAP as the vote is on Wednesday. Emailing your MP is simple. Just visit Theyworkforyou.com, enter your post code and when you get to your MP's page click the “send a message” button. Ask them to support Clause 82 of the Environment Bill at the Consideration of Lords Amendment debate and to tell them to resist any attempts by the government to change this clause. When writing feel free to tell them how passionate you are about our rivers and seas, and how you want clear and healthy waters fit for fish to swim in and people to enjoy. Template Text Whilst personal emails are more effective we realise that time is short so here’s a form of wording that you can cut, paste and adapt for sending to your own MP: “Dear [Insert Name] MP I am a keen angler and would like you to take action this week to strengthen the Environment Bill to end the scandal of untreated sewage entering our rivers and seas. There were a shocking 400,000 spills from storm overflows in 2020 and Clause 82 of the Environment Bill at the Consideration of Lords Amendment debate on Wednesday (Oct 20) is your chance to make a difference and take a big step towards ending pollution of our rivers and seas from raw sewage. The declining condition of our rivers due to pollution is a national disgrace and flies in the face of government promises ‘to leave the environment in a better condition for the next generation’. As anglers, we see first hand what damage is being done and I urge you to support the Lords Amendment to force water companies to stop pouring untreated sewage into our local rivers and seas which should be a haven for fish and wildlife and something we can all enjoy in safety.” Please act now and thank you for your support. Stuart Singleton-White, Head of Campaigns Martin Salter, Head of Policy. To find out more about our Anglers Against Pollution Campaign Click HERE The Angling Trust We are a not for profit organisation, representing anglers, fighting for fish, fishing and the environment. We are recognised by the Government as the National Governing Body for angling in England and partner with Visit Wales and Natural Resources Wales to promote Fishing in Wales. We are a member-based organisation made up of anglers of all disciplines providing a united front to represent, grow and protect our sport. By becoming a member of the Angling Trust you are helping to protect the waterways you fish in and the fish which live within them, ensuring their health and protection for future generations. Click here for more information about membership Angling Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee, company number 05320350 Angling Trust & Fish Legal, Eastwood House, Rainbow Street, Leominster, HR6 8DQ Telephone: 01568 620447
  21. Thanks for the best wishes everyone - saw grandson's under 8's beat Blandford 15 - 1 so the day started off really well. Saw all the children during the day and a Chinese meal for the two of us in the evening. A memorable day.
  22. Belated Happy Birthday mate Hope you had a great day
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