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1 hour ago, jerry.shutter said:

I want to fish both days but I cant🤣🤣🤣🤣

but I did see my boat today and it now has similarities to a boat😀😀🤪🤪😡😡😩😩😤😤😤👍👍👍👍👍👍

Glad to hear that your boat is coming together, not much time to the Boat show.

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A fruitful trip on Kingfisher, about 20 rays of all species. We started on the secret Ray mark, my wife, Sandy and Nigel Allen were due to pass us whilst on a trip to Guernsey on the Condor. We had a wave good bye as they left the swash channel, then they turned around were on their way back in with Condor suffering from a Generator problem.

The next hour for them was mayhem. First announcement they were still going after a quick repair, then it was all off the boat it is going no where and did'nt move allday. 

Chris and I had several moves during the day, the most fruitful was a late move back to the Swash.

Our best effort was a 12.8lb  Undulate to MT and a 10.6lb Thorney to MT.

Another good day on Kingfisher, followed by a swift Doonbar😀😀

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Chris and I had a strange start to our Day when Chris spotted a large black refuse sack by stakes bouy. We decided to lift it out as it looked suspicious. Inside the black sack we found two inflated life jackets with names on. We called the find in to the Harbour commissioners just incase anything untoward had happened. On our return to the Harbour we handed in the jackets. 

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Our day went a bit wrong, after a nice early start, the engine cut back as we throttled up outside the harbour


The fuel problem is not quite sorted yet, but I was aware that we may need to change the filter head and lift pump assembly. An engineer was going to get me it from Bosch rather than Volvo.


Anyway we apologised to Dave and changed our plans. trouble is we never seemed to get wind, tide and fishing linked up


Lots of Dogs Mackerel smooth smoothies but not a lot of Rays. In fact only one, a nice Undulate to Dan of 14lb 8oz

Dan also had a fit looking bass that went 4lb 12oz, and swam off strongly.


We had a good look at the fuel system and the boat was then running a bit better.🙂


At 1500 our 7 hrs was up and we headed in. 


Great to have Dan and Chrissie onboard for the first time this year. They have had a very busy 2018.



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We gave it a shot Saturday.was a little late getting out and as the weather  was due to change in the afternoon we made a dash for an inshore mark, we arrived to see Charlie and the crew trying a similar thing 🙂 however a call from Charlie indicted that weed was hampering play.

We stuck it out knowing that if the wind picked up we have some cover from the land .we managed 1 small eye ray over 3lb 8oz. Then the wind started to pick up and the tide was due to turn and we did not fancy that combo. A quick wave to the boys and we finished up with A few bream in the harbour.


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