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  1. Happy Birthday Stuie, It was great to meet up with you again at the Club Meeting. Hope you have had a great day. Greg
  2. What a great Fish Well done Wendy 👍
  3. Very similar day to Mal, lots of bird activity with the surface bubbling with baitfish and Bass, but, unfortunately could not temp anything on board lager than a 1lb 7 Once Bass to me !!!
  4. Marlin - Greg and Brad Sunday (finally got a weekend off 🙂 !!!)
  5. Greg

    Plane crash

    A very sad sight indeed Mick. Carol and I had left the Air Show early to pick our son up from work. We waved to Tony and Loraine on Serenity on the way out of the anchorage area. Unlike me, we ambled back taking our time as we would be too early for the 16.30 bridges. We had just passed the Shore Road mark when were saw the two Wing Walker Bi-planes pass us. We looked at them for a couple of moments and then Carol commented that one was flying low. I thought it was going to do a Fly Pass by the Haven, instead to our horror we saw it just out of the sky round the corner of the Haven. We did not see it crash but we were soon there and saw the Life boat attending to some persons by the Brownsea pick up point by the Haven. The news since have reported that both the Pilot and the Female Wing Walker were safe and sound and had got away with minor injuries. Apparently, the plane had nose dived and flipped over. The two then popped up and were rescued by a passing Rib. Eye witnesses saw the plane ditch just before the Chain Ferry on the harbour entrance side. This happened just in front of a guy fishing from the Rocks Thankfully, both are alive but really upsetting to watch it go down. Greg
  6. Unfortunately due to Carol falling ill overnight we will have to sit this one out. Good luck everyone Greg
  7. Kingfisher - Chris, Mal, Stuie - Fishing Saturday My Babby- Norman, Dave, Brian - Fishing Saturday Tigerfish - Steve, Graham Shurvell - Probably Saturday based on the forecast Loobie 1V Jerry, Jerry 2, Kev Marlin - Greg and Brad Saturday (as long as the wind is favourable!!!
  8. Greg

    Boat on fire

    I expect their are a few Marinas reviewing their Fire procedures now looking at that incident. God forbid if it happened at Cobbs!!! It is so important to have Fire Breaks for that very reason. But in reality I guess it is not practicable!!
  9. Greg

    What a kipper!!

    The guy who caught that looks a bundle of laughs whilst holding his prize!!! I think I would of had a smile from ear to ear with that monster.
  10. Greg

    Ideas please.

    I have used Robton Engineering as well. They made a special rail for the back of my Quicksilver Pilothouse to take rod holders. The work was excellent but took nearly three months to make the item as they were very busy at the time. I suggest wherever you go Terry, you ask them to give you a realistic lead in time for manufacture. I would certainly recommend them as well.
  11. Greg

    Ideas please.

    Terry I have used Stainless Steel Steve in the past. 01590 674988. He specialises in Marine Stainless Steel Engineering. He is based at Lymington and his website is currently under construction. I am sure others will give you their contacts. Greg
  12. I know what you are going through Pete. It has been a real crap time for all of us and like you I have lost the interest in fishing recently. All I can advise is that when I got rid of my first boat to raise cash to start our business 20 years ago, I missed it greatly, and bought a new boat three years after. I now tend to do more leisure boating now with the odd trolling of lures to keep into fishing. I find it a real chore now to get up early and scrabble for bait and all the hassle of cleaning down afterwards. Actually, thinking about, it I think the recent lockdowns and restrictions have made me very lazy when it comes to fishing!!! I will get back into it again once all the restrictions have been lifted. I hope you hang in there and would hope to see you at the next club meet. Cheers Greg
  13. Thanks Lofty Two Great Photos. (Even if I do say so myself LOL)
  14. Well We left Cobbs om the 10.30 Bridges on Saturday, for the first two and half hours I could not get a single fish on board. Did everything wrong, I thought I was going to blank it was that bad. So off to the good old Poole Patch for sanctuary, So here it goes, Bream, Bream, Bream, Bream, Bream, Dragonette, Bream, Bream, Bream, Bream, Bream, Bream, Smoothound, Bream, Bream, Bream, Bream, Bream, Bream, Conger, Bream, Bream, Bream, Bream and Ballan Wrasse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So 5 species from me. 😒
  15. Just found the Club Competition Rules 👌
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