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  1. Greg

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    Thanks Martin
  2. Greg

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    Can someone advise me whether the tide runs for Flounder fishing are suitable for that Sunday?
  3. Greg

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    In 20 hours time we will know Tony who is it going to be?????????????
  4. Greg

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Hooky I caught the winning Cod in 2006 just this side of the Historic Wreck. That is just outside the Swash channel by a little reef. Everyone else had gone off shore and to the needles. There are also a few gullies the South side of the Dolphin sands. You can fish with crab as well as squid. When I gutted the Cod it had crabs and a small Lobster in its gut. Oh, and by the way the first prize then was £770.00 So the moral of this little story is that you do not need to go far to get a winning fish.
  5. Greg

    Cod practice session

    Well done for getting out Jerry and for all the info’ I feel a change of tactic for Sunday is in order 🤭
  6. Greg

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Don’t loose heart Charlie, I expect Andy will run anther Cod comp in December during the Christmas break - I hope 🤞 Have a great break
  7. Greg

    Happy Birthday Terry

    The classics are always the best Terry
  8. Greg

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy Birthday Terry, I suspect some very nice restaurant in town no doubt!! Have a great one, Greg
  9. Greg

    Best birthday wishes Oli

    Happy Birthday Oli
  10. Greg

    Chortle chortle

  11. Greg

    Day in the bay

    Mick Where have you been.... The secret Ray mark has moved !!!!!
  12. Greg

    Day in the bay

    You found the secret Ray mark then Jerry!! Well done, looked like the perfect day. This time of year I think you need to be down the IOW end of the bay for a better chance of the Cod.
  13. Greg

    Birthday greetings Andy

    Happy Birthday Andy Much appreciated your support for the club. Hope you have a good one Greg
  14. Greg

    Small Boat Rescue Platform

    When it is looked after and serviced annually yes. It is not like a life jacket which is constantly exposed to the elements. The life raft only comes out once a year to be serviced. It has never been used and is kept inside the cabin within its Valise. I would imagine Seago will inform me when it is no longer suitable to be used. (I hope !!) Thanks for the heads up on the Platform
  15. Greg

    POM winner September

    Plaice and chips 365 times please 🤪