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  1. Greg

    Photo of the Month June

    I bet that was fun to handle Rob. I would of loved to of seen that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Greg

    Photo of the Month June

    Don’t be too hard on yourself Rob, at least you have a club record. πŸ‘
  3. Greg

    Spooling a fixed spool reel.

  4. Greg

    Spooling a fixed spool reel.

    Rob That’s because you take your thumb off the spool too soon you dumb ass. But there, you are young and you will soon learn 🀞🀞
  5. Greg

    Fish of the Month - 2020

    Mark My son Brad Who was about 10 years old at the time caught a 19lb 11 oz Undulate Ray. He won the Fish of the Month. Not only that Stuie sent the photo and details off to the press. As a result of Stuie’s intervention Sea Angler took up the story and Brad one junior boat angler of the month and was awarded with a Penn boat rod. So I can confirm that the club does promote juniors where they have produced a good catch.
  6. Greg

    Ceviche of Sea Bream

    Very sophisticated Rob Looks like a top notch restaurant with a special table for two. I guess the kids were shipped out 😘😘
  7. Greg

    Get your Rods out!

    Reminds me of the size of the Crocks in Sea World A couple of years ago 🀭🀭
  8. Greg

    Happy Birthday Sam

    Happy Birthday Sam
  9. Greg

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Happy Birthday Jerry, I am sure it will be a very wet one both on and off the water 😁
  10. Excuses, excuses 🀣🀣
  11. Thanks Stuie Greg
  12. I may be out Stuie. Work has suddenly gone busy (not complaining) but have to service it. Where can we obtain bait at the moment? i.e squid and Wragg?
  13. Greg

    Fishing quotas

    Thanks for this Stuie This confirms what the Guys at Brixham Fish Market explained to us that Brexit will not alter things on the fishing catches for the U.K.
  14. Greg

    Lockdown project - livebait tank

    Amazing. Looks the dogs 😁
  15. Greg

    Who's out on the weekend?

    Silver Lures then Steve ? (for Bass obviously not Bream)