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  1. Greg

    Ray Competition

    No Terry, it seemed quite plump, so I guess it hade been on a stable diet 😁
  2. Greg

    Ray Competition

    Steve Personally, I would have thought it would have preferred Horse Mackerel !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Greg

    Ray Competition

    Marlin had a quiet day watchin Rob and his guests catching all of the Rays on Solan just 15 meters from us !!! However, I did eventually get to land 3 Rays in the end, a spotted ray 2lb 5ozs, and two small Eyed Rays, one 5lb and one 7lb10ozs. Also, an unusual catch that came up in the mouth of half a mackerel bait - a Sea Horse !! Now I am sure that is not on the Year species list??????
  4. Greg

    Ray Competition

    Good to see my rescue boat is out on Sunday. 👌
  5. Greg

    Ray Competition

    Marlin - Greg and Brad Sunday
  6. Greg

    Birthday greetings Lofty

    Happy 50th Birthday Steve Hope you are somewhere hot celebrating Greg
  7. Greg


    1. Martin 2. Ian Jones 3. Greg.  Thanks Jim Well that worked Brilliant response as always Jim, Thanks, Greg
  8. I can see your Leo is going to make a fine angler. Such a polite and enthusiastic lad.
  9. Greg


    I do not know how.to cut and paste with this new web site. Please add me to the list of persons travelling from Poole.
  10. Greg

    Bass Comp 2019

    No fortunately Martin. Just overheated. Some idiot forgot to turn the sea cock on !!!!
  11. Greg

    Bass Comp 2019

    Marlin never made it either and unfortunately will not be taking part due to maintenance issues!!!!!!!!! - and a tow in by Sea Start ☹️☹️☹️
  12. Greg

    Bass Comp 2019

    Marlin will be out on the 11.30 bridge to enter the Bass Comp. Greg and Brad
  13. Greg

    Leg Antifoul

    Hi Jerry My previous boat had an out drive Leg and it too used to weed up even though I used Trilux right from the start. Cobbs is bad for weeding up and I am afraid you may have to clean your legs every so often as I used to. Now I am shaft driven as Chris said it is a lot less hastle.
  14. Greg

    JV Junior Comp

    What a brilliant site Well done guys and good luck in the Comp Greg
  15. Greg

    Birthday greetings Mick & Kim

    Happy Birthday to you both hope you had a great day