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  1. One of the only reasons I will miss Rockley is the trip out of the harbour, The views as you plod on by are some of the best going though the harbour.
  2. gonorn

    graham nash

    Welcome back, See you soon
  3. gonorn

    New member

    Hi Mark Good to see you join the club, I know we have chatted on face ache and meet each other a couple of times down at Rockley. Hope to see you down there a bit more this year, I know I am going to make an effort to spend more time on the water this year. Good luck.
  4. Rockley Boat park has only just reopened for us to go down and clean/service, You can only get a launch at the weekend atm, the same reason as Charlies place as its classed as a holiday park not a Marina.
  5. HI Mike I dusted off the beech gear last lock down and ended up buying a new rod. I went for one of the new Conti style rods for ease of use. Vercelli Oxygen Airbone 420 LC was on offer from veals around £70.00 Hybrd tip. I've always used heavy 12-13 foot rods with a pen 525 mag so this was a little different for me. Simple over head cast with a fixed spool gets plenty of distance with no stress. This model is fine for me as i fish mainly clean sandy areas, sandbanks to Southbourne, best fish so far on it approx. 15lb undulate handles it no problem but I would I say its a little light for shingle beech work and big tides I would be more than happy to buy another of these rods in a slightly heavier build to handle the likes of Milford and Chesil assuming the same build quality. Vercelli Enygma Centinel-T 420 - Tubular (veals.co.uk) something like this I was looking at. The only trouble is stock of fishing rods this year is very thin on the ground. Mike 1
  6. Thanks all had a nice relaxed day and let some one else do the cooking Lol.
  7. The only small thing I try and do is keep the fish out of contact with fresh water ie melting ice, I use a bin liner to keep the fish in and then ice over and under it in layers if I have too.
  8. You should be fine setting these up, I used to sell them to the trade and no one ever came back and said they could not get them to set up. Hardest bit is getting you virgin hub into modem mode and making sure you move the main connection to the right port as once you switch it over only 1 out put works. Might suggest you get a gigabyte network switch as if you have anything cabled you wont have enough ports to connect to with a few cat6 patch leads. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-TL-SG108S-Ethernet-Lifetime-Warranty/dp/B07HP5TN4S/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=gigabit%2Bswitch%2Btp%2Blink&qid=1592668090&sr=8-5&th=1 Mike
  9. Boat is stuck at Rockley Still so I'm having to resort to some shore fishing. Seems I can still hold my own. Not bad as I was fishing for flatties!
  10. Having an idea they where going to shut the cafes and pubs down I had the boat serviced and ready to go, And when I looked we had been giving light Northerly's. Now I am sad as Jerry Just said its all gone around Easterly and not looking very good for the weekend atm.
  11. HI All I was given a copy of the today and thought I would upload it here if anyone is interested, I'm sure it would be great fun for the kids. Regards Mike
  12. I am fishing Andy's Comp tomorrow with my father. We are fishing on a charter boat for a change as my father has been ill and needs a bit of cover atm and my little boat does not cut the mustard this time of year. So I will see some of you at weigh in tomorrow evening. Good luck all.
  13. Rockley had there planning persimmon refused by NE and are now trying to get people back in the yard after lots of people moving out. They are developing main complex now.
  14. I keep mine on a trailer at Rockley boat park, you also have the option to dry stack it there. To keep it on a trailer in the yard which is secure and has slipway access around £1500 per year. You can ring security to get to your boat out of hours as long as you have made arrangements beforehand. However there is over night berthing on the water for those early morning get a way's and late coming back.
  15. SAVAGE GEAR XLNT-3 TRIGGER ROD SERIES MODEL: CCS XLNT-3 TRIGGER ROD SERIES I picked up one of these this year they do a nice range and not silly money, I ordered mine from one of the eBay stores as I could not get one local though. Plenty of reviews on you tube for them as well. RODS AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SIZES LENGTH CASTING SECTIONS TRANSPORT LENGTH ROD WEIGHT 7ft / 213cm 12-45g 2 sec 108cm 135g 7ft / 213cm 20-70g 2 sec 108cm 164g 7ft / 213cm > 100g 2 sec 108cm 157g 8ft-3" / 251cm > 100g 2 sec 128cm 199g 8ft-3" / 251cm > 150g 2 sec 128cm 215g
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