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  1. sparky

    Evening sole trip.

    100% luck , especially in that bright sunshine!😁
  2. sparky

    Incorrect entry.

    I have just filled in catch report wrongly by putting weight of fish in 1 box . The sole weighed 1lb 4 oz and not 1lb as shown. Did put comment in box but it did not come up, sorry about that Oli. Mick
  3. sparky

    Evening sole trip.

    Well what a lovely day it was yesterday! Started of at the secret ray mark on the ebb, plagued by small bream stripping the baits there, no rays but one solitary smoothhound. Moved to southbourne having a couple of scad on the way but as others have said no mackerel about for me either. Small plaice in abundance, tub gurnards and 1 grey gurnard and baby smoothounds. Was on the phone and drifted inside the yellow buoys , had a bite and up comes a sole , now that was a nice surprise !! Got a picture too ! Ran out of bait and came in about 3pm for good clean up......cracking day out.
  4. sparky

    Online users

    There were a few hard days over the years Chris!
  5. sparky

    Online users

    Not on holiday but out on boat last 2 days swimming and stuff back of brownsea......21 degrees water. Thought you were there too, boat just like yours there! Can't do pictures though
  6. sparky

    Kenzaki problem

    Cheers Dave
  7. sparky

    Kenzaki problem

    Cheers Rob and Charlie, sent Hooky a message and awaiting reply. Will ring wessex tomorrow.
  8. sparky

    Kenzaki problem

    Hi all, got a problem with my kenzaki 20/30 where the reel seat section that goes into butt ( of the rod !!) has come loose and is twisting, I suspect glue has failed , does anyone know of a rod repairer who can sort out for me please? Cheers, Mick
  9. It's got a built in " guaranteed fish locator " too Jim, that should help !!!
  10. sparky

    2 GPS units to 1 VHF unit.

    Thanks for that !! You seem to be the only " electronics" wizard on here Steve!
  11. sparky

    2 GPS units to 1 VHF unit.

    Cheers Steve, I would only be using 1 plotter at a time as one is already connected. I have added another plotter to the boat and want to connect that one to vhf as this is the one i will be using mostly, as well as being a back up. So i assume that if the receive and transmit of both plotters are connected to the radio and only 1 unit is powered up it should be OK ?? The plotters are both Lowrance and the VHF is a Navman I think which has the DSC button on it. Mick
  12. sparky

    2 GPS units to 1 VHF unit.

    Don't you start Jim!!!
  13. sparky

    2 GPS units to 1 VHF unit.

    How did I know it would be you Nige......😁😋
  14. sparky

    2 GPS units to 1 VHF unit.

    Hi all, I am hoping to pick some " Electronic " wizards brains tonight! I have 2 GPS units on Marichelle and am hoping to connect them BOTH to the same VHF unit so I can get co ordinates on both units at the same time for the DSC connection. Is this possible, would I just connect the send and receive wires from both GPS units together....is it that simple......OR NOT ? Thanks, Mick Forgot to say that BOTH GPS units communicate to each other via an ethernet cable but only 1 shows coordinate data on screen as I did not connect the transmit and receive wires on 2nd unit.
  15. sparky

    Best day of the week !!!

    Thanks fella's ............probably give your mark a miss Charlie !!