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  1. sparky

    Hinged bow roller any recommendations??

    Any chance of a picture of that set up ?
  2. sparky

    Stern gland easy to repack yourself ?

    If you have the volvo type seal Ben, You will have to " burp" the seal when back in water so a little trickle of water comes in, this gets rid of air. As Mike says, you would need to put in grease, I do mine through a plastic drinking straw. MIKE WILLS at cobbs sells the grease.
  3. sparky

    Pirk moulds available

    Could be the bacon smell!πŸ™‚
  4. sparky

    Outboard Anode

    Neither was I, but still got really bad wear on anodes.
  5. sparky

    Outboard Anode

    Forgot to say was advised by Cobbs to get a galvanic isolator fitted, but I am not connected to shorepower .....
  6. sparky

    Outboard Anode

    It was tested several years back Rob, as was the whole marina . There are " hot spots" around the marina apparently! Best answer I could get, then I moved my boat . Makes you wonder as several members have had problems with props etc
  7. sparky

    Cobbs fuel

    Just spoken to Cobbs and problem is still happening........apparently they are waiting for a part for their card reader, which is in the post!! I'm not joking, you just couldn't make this up. I did say about going back to writing it down and ringing us for payment.........can't be done according to the lady as it is all tied up with the computers!! This is crazy .......
  8. sparky

    Outboard Anode

    Used to get the same at F17 Brian, it all started about 4 years ago, it seemed to start after EXTRA electrical sockets were added to F pontoon!! That's why I added 2 more onto my rudder to combat the problem.
  9. sparky

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Have a goodun Jerry πŸ₯³πŸΊπŸΊ
  10. sparky

    Has anyone seen any mackerel yet?

    It's about time too !πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
  11. sparky

    Has anyone seen any mackerel yet?

    Not wrong there Jim!! Wife and myself went over to back of Brownsea near pottery pier , there must of been 40 boats there later, some complete idiots among them!! Lovely day though, we got there about 8.30 and came in at 2PM to miss all the madness ( not you Martin !!😁 )
  12. sparky

    Has anyone seen any mackerel yet?

    Was out last week, and on the patch area there was none....could see feathers 8ft down.
  13. sparky

    Who's out on the weekend?

    Got surprise call from cobbs at 8.50 am, boat back in water by 10.45 am !!!!😁😁 Might go out Saturday .
  14. sparky

    Happy Birthday.

    Have a goodun Frank πŸ₯³
  15. sparky

    Diesel Bug - long time on shore

    I use Fuel Set too, had boat 11 years now with no bug, engine is a Volvo D3 160 , it's good stuff!