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  1. sparky

    Happy Big (60th) Nigel. πŸŽ‚πŸΎ

    must say a lot of beers etc. passed through my hands.
  2. sparky

    Happy Big (60th) Nigel. πŸŽ‚πŸΎ

    Had some for you to Jim!!
  3. sparky

    Norway 2019 [long report]

    Just read this through.....WOW"" Great angling all, some fantastic fish caught. Great report Charlie !!
  4. sparky

    Happy Big (60th) Nigel. πŸŽ‚πŸΎ

    Belated birthday wishes Nige.....been having a few beers on your behalf in sunny Lanzarote🍺🍺
  5. sparky


    Lucky you didn't have your cold beers in live bait well!😯
  6. sparky

    Ray Competition

    Don;t worry Jerry, we all lose our way sometimes !
  7. sparky

    Ray Competition

    Would of entered but laid up with a back problem, good luck all
  8. sparky

    Boat show discount code.

    You will have to get past the cotton wool first!😁
  9. sparky


    Shame they were all Tiddlers!
  10. sparky


    Started off at the chines only to find it full of tiny bream . Down to the piers next, first drift 4 plaice all about 1lb, thought I had it sussed. Well not to be , no more plaice to be had even after a move.......just hordes of bait robbing 3 inch bream Move required so into harbour for a Gilthead , no luck just hordes of 6 inch bass taking bait , only other species caught was a plump corkwing. So you had plenty of fish caught for you today Jim !!
  11. sparky


    Never mind Jim, will try and catch a few for you !
  12. sparky


    Is anybody else out tomorrow, we are going out earyiish, be on channel 6.
  13. sparky

    Boat show discount code.

    You can afford it Jim!!😁
  14. sparky

    Incorrect entry.

    Thanks Oli
  15. sparky

    Evening sole trip.

    100% luck , especially in that bright sunshine!😁