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  1. sparky

    F Pontoon

    No problem Pete
  2. sparky

    F Pontoon

    Got several of those in my van Pete, you would be more than welcome to borrow one, they are nylon, but do not have the attachments as shown.
  3. sparky

    F Pontoon

    What about one of those flexible drain cleaners on a reel Pete?
  4. sparky

    Flotalia of lights

    You should be alright though Brian!😁
  5. sparky

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    You speak for yourself Jim................but don't tell Jackie !!!
  6. sparky

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    2. Marichelle - Mick & James ( non member) Both comps
  7. sparky

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Ooooops............just seen 7.30 on Martins post...stupid boy Pike !!
  8. sparky

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    7.30 Dave , gotta a couple of forms in my van if you need them, let me know crew and I can fill them in ready.
  9. sparky

    From Dorset Harbour Security Watch

    Thats the one
  10. sparky

    From Dorset Harbour Security Watch

    Bluebird social club.......is that the one at Longham?
  11. sparky

    The building permit

    So true.
  12. sparky

    Happy birthday Pete

    Happy Birthday Pete, have a really good day😊
  13. sparky

    New Bait

    Bet it would go well on red bull!🀣
  14. sparky

    Day in the bay

    Bad back and holidays kept me from going out, previous trip was 2nd september....thanks for letting me know Gregl😁😁
  15. sparky

    Day in the bay

    Glad you found some Ray's, the only ones we could catch were sunrays ! They had deserted the original ( secret ) ray mark and it had turned into a kennel club and baby smoothound mark! Saw big shoals of bass just under the surface but they disappeared as soon as we put some bait in. Lovely day to be out ......don't any of you go to work?😁