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  1. I hope you manage to swing it guys, sure you can take some spare fuel if you can get round it that way👍
  2. For all those who don’t have diaries😜 The Flatfish Competition is on 3-4th July. I will put a reminder again WC 28.7.21
  3. Loobie 1V had IAN Simpson on board who I hadn’t see for 24 months, he hadn’t changed🤣🤣🤣 and Jerry 2. We had a relaxed but busy day catching 18 Species including Small Eyed Ray LSD Black Bream Conger Red Gurnard Ballan Wrasse Baillons Wrasse Corkwing Wrasse Goldsinny Wrasse Bass Thin lipped Mullet Tope Turbot Poor Cod Tompot Blenny Mackerel Pout Plaice The most exciting thing about the day was the huge amounts of Mackerel everywhere, just like the old days, brilliant. Un
  4. Loobie1V crew J1J2 and Neil Simpson
  5. Correct Colin, only club members fish count. I can see we will have to get Offsted to check Neil reads the site each spring😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣
  6. Hi Tarlach, All Comps have been on the site for a few months under Competitions and competitions 2021 👍 Jerry
  7. Sorry guys. This is a Boat Species Comp not individual angler. Jerry
  8. Same as previous species comps, the number of species is the goal. Photos are always good, especially if an unusual species. Weekend weather looks good so I hope we get some more entries.
  9. Sorry about the language but it was good footage!
  10. Have a fun day, hope your fishing👍
  11. Species Competition this coming weekend, sorry guys with the delayed Bream Comp I should of posted this sooner. sign up for Saturday or Sunday as usual, good luck and tight lines. Jerry
  12. Have a great day what’s left😀🥃🍺🍷
  13. jerry.shutter

    Hi All

    Hi Charlie welcome back. I hope to spend much more time in Poole in the future, I have been looking at the rivers for Grayling in Dorset as the winds seem to keep us on shore and thought the rivers a really good second choice😀 Jerry
  14. After many cancellations at last we managed to proceed with the Bream Comp. Far from perfect weather conditions or tide but well done everyone who joined in. First place. Alan Green Fisheagle. Black Bream 3lbs Second place. Colin Frances Boblin Black Bream 2lbs 13oz Third Place. Mike Hall Fisheagle Black Bream 2lbs 12oz Species comp now only a couple of weeks away so let’s hope to be rid of the easterlies by then. Jerry
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