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  1. jerry.shutter

    Southerrn IFCA - update re inshore netting

    Exactly Steve, nothing to get in the least bit hopeful or excited unfortunately.
  2. jerry.shutter

    Rodman for sale at PYC

    Terry have you asked Veronica? just asking🙄
  3. jerry.shutter

    Birthday greetings

    Have a good one Dave, it seems you enjoy beer and cake😜 Kick on and have a great day🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  4. jerry.shutter


    Congratulations you must be delighted and excited. Glad to see she was christened with the right stuff!!
  5. jerry.shutter

    Hi everyone

    Hi Max, As per Greg, at Cobbs and seen your boat many times. Welcome to the club, it is a great club, the more you involve yourself the more you get out. Look forward to meeting you. Jerry
  6. jerry.shutter

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    That’s not good, glad all ended well.
  7. jerry.shutter

    Undersized bass deaths in Cornwall

    It is unbelievable. Unfortunately compared with all the other government departments which are in crisis fisheries is very low down. I suppose we just have to keep banging the drum in the vague hope someone will listen. As Martin sayes Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh unfortunately doesn’t make me feel better. Thankyou Stuie for keeping us up to speed.
  8. jerry.shutter

    January Apologies

    Sorry I will not make the meeting tomorrow. Still not allowed to drive. Have a good meeting👍👍
  9. jerry.shutter

    Evening sole trip.

    Brilliant, well done Brian, you need to have something to while away the hours when we get another windy season😜😜
  10. jerry.shutter

    Flounder Competition Rescheduled 29th December 2019

    Thanks for posting that Chris, and well done Dave and everyone else who braved a chilly wind I hear. Happy New year to everyone and hope 2020 is happy,healthy, and wealthy for everyone🥳🥂🥂
  11. jerry.shutter

    10mm Rope

    Hi Dave, If Colin doesn’t want it I will take it for the little open boat we bought last year. Let me know if it is available, happy new year. Jerry
  12. jerry.shutter

    Flounder Competition Rescheduled 29th December 2019

    1 Serenity Tony, Jim 2 Marichelle Mick,James 3 Kingfisher Chris, Nigel 4 Reel Busy Kev, Jacob, Dave 5 Fisheagle Alan, Mike
  13. Re Scheduled Flounder Competition looks like it’s found a great weather window. The competition is in conjunction with PSA and there Open Flounder Boat Competition. PBSBAC club hamper for the best Flounder caught by a club member. PSA prizes as advertised, please order your bait with Andy before 2pm tomorrow to be sure of your order. Weigh in at the Liberal Club between 4-5pm on Sunday, please take the fish in buckets of water to the weigh in unless intended for the table. Please sign in to give Andy an idea of numbers as soon as you can. Sorry not to be with you. Tight lines
  14. jerry.shutter

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    Flounder Comp re run 29th December Just a reminder as it’s such a busy time of year that there will hopefully be a chance to run the Flounder Competition on December 29th. Happy Christmas everyone.
  15. jerry.shutter

    Weather window tomorrow

    Tight lines guys, hope someone might find a Cod? I heard a rumour the mega trawler tried to refuel in Weymouth and was kicked out? Sorry all a bit behind in wet Wiltshire.