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  1. jerry.shutter

    Save our Bass

    Thankyou Martin, I thought no one was going to answer😜😜
  2. jerry.shutter

    Save our Bass

    On this subject. When we were fishing in the harbour last week a small dinghy with outboard was moored 100m away. They were uptide of us so we did not pay a lot of attention to how they were doing. We were catching Bass hand over fist. When the tide turned and we were facing them they departed. Pulling the dinghy up the beach they had various plastic bags which sent our alarm bells ringing. Who should we of contacted IFCA? We know where the boat is and would be easily recognisable without being politically incorrect.
  3. jerry.shutter

    Birthday greetings Lofty

    Well done have a great day, all uphill now you’ve reached 50!,
  4. jerry.shutter


    Look out guys, looks like we might be taking wives to fill spaces!
  5. jerry.shutter


    Ok a slot has appeared so first come first served guys. Drop me a pm or just sign up on here👍
  6. jerry.shutter

    Transport in Poole takes another blow

    As a non local and totally fed up with the bridges, as long as it stays up like it was today i’m happy😀😀
  7. jerry.shutter


    Sorry guys I only have my phone so cut and paste 🤣🤣 computer down those who have said they are coming are myself Jerry Sumbler Martin Burt paid Ian Jones paid Greg paid Tony Deavin Martin Grove Hooky Holmwood Ian Sorry not knowing names surnames. The above have all said they are coming. Please confirm ASAP by paying the £15, rooms paid on arrival/departure.
  8. jerry.shutter


    Hotel is booked. Premier Inn Paignton South, Brixham Road, TQ4 7AZ I have booked two single rooms, one for Ian and one for Jerry Sumbler. The rest of us have twins. The price is £24.50pp for the twins and £49 for single occupancy. If you have not paid £15.00 for the actual tour yet could you please, by bank transfer, here are my details 24-25 Stall Street Bath JPB Shutter 52397602 56-00-34 Should the local Poole contingent wish to go together do organise yourselves, i would imagine Jerry Sumbler, Gummage, and myself will go direct. Jerry
  9. jerry.shutter

    Bass Comp 2019

    Bass Comp results 1. Steve Scott 6lbs 5oz 66.45% 2. Ian Jones 4lbs 6oz 3 Stuie 2lbs 2oz
  10. jerry.shutter

    Junior Comp 10 or 11th August

    This coming weekend is the second part of the junior competition, please sign in as usual one or other day. There must be some grandchildren out there who haven’t competed yet? Sorry or children, forgetting my age.🥴
  11. jerry.shutter

    Photo of the Month. August.

    Sunfish on a cloudy day
  12. jerry.shutter

    Bass Comp 2019

    Loobie1V headed west with Kev and Jacob as crew. Live bait no problem but the Bass were!! Kev falling asleep, the Fastnet race and first Sunfish for a couple of years were the highlights of our day!! Well done all those who caught in an Easterly, my excuse🙄🙄
  13. jerry.shutter

    Bass Comp 2019

    Loobie IV crew tbc Saturday
  14. jerry.shutter

    Bass Comp 2019

    Bass Competition this weekend. Lets hope the weather is better than last weekend. Please sign up here and look forward to some more members joining in if the weather is kind.
  15. jerry.shutter

    48 hr Comp

    48 hr Comp Results 1. Mike Hall Gilthead Bream 2-4oz 112.5% 2 Allan Green Thornback Ray 12-8oz 96.15% 3. Steve Scott Bass 7-9oz 79.61% Well done to the winners and all those who took part over a patchy weekend weather wise.