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  1. jerry.shutter

    Poole Town during lockdown

    I thought that was Madness moored on the quay, then when I saw the foredeck I realised it wasn't 😜
  2. jerry.shutter

    Lathe and router free to a good home

    Mal, I have no idea, I thought it was a router. Any way I cannot believe the amount of interest!!! Chris W was the first out the blocks and has both. I have lots more clearing to do yet !
  3. jerry.shutter

    Lathe and router free to a good home

    Both items gone thankyou.
  4. jerry.shutter

    Lathe and router free to a good home

    Two items I cleared after a relative passed away and I could not face putting in the skip. I have had them for 12 months. All working as far as I am aware. Donations to HOW.
  5. jerry.shutter

    New warrior

    Hi Andy, Very smart, I would look down every avenue regards power. I had a single 225 Yamaha on a Breaksea 25, I loved the boat and engine but not the mpg!! It now has twin 300 Yamahas on it and when being tested they bottled out at 43k!! Good luck with the build in these bonkers times Really look forward to seeing progress 👍 Jerry
  6. jerry.shutter

    Passing the time

    Martin, You need to make sure the jobs given take much longer than expected so visits to the boat, PSA , can be fitted in between Travis Perkins or B+Q. Complaining about tiredness or overwork to gain a day or 3 off a week needs to be added to go fishing. Or of course man up and say your off fishing🤣🤣🤣 (then run) I have done lots of “jobs outstanding” hung an owl box yesterday after 6 months, tied some sole rigs this morning. Well done Brian, great to have your boat at home to get up to speed.👍
  7. jerry.shutter

    POM March

    Bit below the belt Chris, 🤣🤣it was a member of the Witheford family who lost the monster of the deep🥴🥴
  8. jerry.shutter

    POM March

    After two days of isolation harrowing and rolling fields I noticed a commotion in this double trough, a bit of sheep’s blood ruby dubby and I hooked into this Porgie. Had two big runs but broke me😳
  9. jerry.shutter

    New Member Adrian

    It may well not be in a few months Adrian!
  10. jerry.shutter

    New Member Adrian

    Hi, Welcome to a great club. Jerry
  11. jerry.shutter


    I am hoping that we will be allowed to keep using our boats (selfishly). I assume poor old Cobbs bar will be shut. Of course if the bridges stop operating Martin we will be looking for the Holes Bay Monster🙈🙈 I will try and beat the easterlies at least once this week, might creep down towards the island? On a a different tack at least Naga Munchetty is back on breakfast tv😄😄😄😄😄
  12. jerry.shutter


    Who has ordered the next two weeks of easterlies?😡😡😡
  13. jerry.shutter

    Sums it up nicely.

    Brian, You missed Chris W post of the same, don’t worry it’s an age thing 😳😳 Come on guys Monday Thursday looks good, the salt air will kill most things I hope to do both, any one else out there?
  14. jerry.shutter

    Cobbs parking.....or lack of!

    It’s a shame we cannot put our gripes forward en masse. As we all know you pay your money and take your choice. Shouldnt you be washing your hair to take Dean out Martin?
  15. jerry.shutter

    Cobbs parking.....or lack of!

    It is all a bit sad, the place seems to of lost its heart. A lot of the banter in the office has gone. losing the fishing Comp I think must be very negative to MDL in the long term. Does anyone know exactly how many club boats moor here?