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  1. Dave and Mick hopefully Saturday
  2. Kingfisher - Chris, Mal, Stuie - Fishing Saturday My Babby- Norman, Dave, Brian - Fishing Saturday Tigerfish - Steve, Graham Shurvell - Probably Saturday based on the forecast Loobie 1V Jerry, Jerry 2, Kev - Sat Marlin - Greg and Brad Saturday (as long as the wind is favourable!!! Alfresco- Charlie & Wendy - Sat Reel magic - Dave and Mick - Saturday
  3. Happy birthday to you both Hope you had a good day
  4. Hi Charlie can't get link to work
  5. Got mine sorted last night with the help of Charlie 😁
  6. Hi Terry My crew are all double jabbed and 14 days plus
  7. Reel Magic lovely day out in the sun we managed 13 species Plaice Black bream Mackerel Smooth hound Undulate ray Dogfish Ballions wrasse Ballon wrasse Pout Small eyed ray Conger Grey gurnard Tub gurnard
  8. What about fuelling up?
  9. Reel magic will be out Sunday Dave and Mick
  10. Reelmagic hopefully out Monday Dave & Mick
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