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  1. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Cheers. I hope it is exceptional
  2. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Feliz cumpleanos amigo
  3. Mal Thomas

    Photo of the Century

    It’s come down to this...
  4. Mal Thomas

    Lathe and router free to a good home

    Great I can ask to use without having to find them a home. LOL
  5. Mal Thomas

    Lathe and router free to a good home

    Jerry that looks like a plunging mortice machine?
  6. Mal Thomas

    Who’s having a bad day?

    Hi Mark, Mal Thomas here. Just to let you know the 695 merry fisher is still going well. We have done a lot to it and she fits the bill. However I keep looking at OHANA that's a nice bit of kit.
  7. Mal Thomas

    Alderney 2020

    If we are not all on lock down😓
  8. Mal Thomas


    You might just be in the best isolation, good luck with Spring.
  9. Mal Thomas

    Eel smuggling

    All of his assets should be frozen and reclaim any monies that the court can, including his house. His other assets should be chopped off.
  10. Mal Thomas

    Notice to Mariners re bridge lifts

    You keep posting, you are one of the most enthusiastic, fishing and active members. We definitely need you in this forum. More power to your elbow. Colin I enjoy your work rate, your positive approach and your willingness to accept guidance and go and try attitude to catch your target species. If there was a trophy for most improved member you would have my vote. 😊
  11. Mal Thomas

    Baby Ray ID please

    Small eyed, spines are correct. Cuckoo has black background with cream spots
  12. Mal Thomas

    Need to purchase some teak

    Try Christchurch Timber, they may have something similar. Iroko is more affordable and used in marine boat framing.
  13. Mal Thomas

    January Apologies

    After returning from Spain with a cold it is not improving with a heavy workload, so I will keep my germs to myself and rest up as evenings are the worse time. Have a good meeting and go easy on Charlie.
  14. Mal Thomas

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Cod Comp weather watch looks good at the moment with a very good chance of being one of the fairest days in some weeks,
  15. Mal Thomas

    Best birthday wishes Oli

    Belated Happy birthday Oli thanks for all you do for the club. Hope you find a cod or two.