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  1. Mal Thomas

    Wednesday &/or Thursday &/or Friday

    Keep an eye out for fog this week before you travel.
  2. Weather looking good for the weekend junior comp
  3. Mal Thomas

    Ray Competition

    Y knot had 25 Thornbacks and spotted Rays, the best to Trevor 13lb .02 oz, 9lb 8 Thorney to me. A bumpy day. We also had a 6lb bass, a few 5lb smooth hounds
  4. Mal Thomas

    Ray Competition

    Mal and Trevor Thomas Sunday.
  5. Mal Thomas

    Is my boat safe to fish out of the harbour

    Hi James as fellow members have said there are many aspects to safe boating. The best way to learn is time on a boat with good skippers and Rya training.We can help with training if your interested. VHF radio certificates and boat handling. There are many pre trip checks that can help to avoid a dangerous or risky trip with good planning There are Rya booklets available listing all the safety equipment you should carry and well worth purchasing. Obviously life jackets should always be worn. The weather provides lots of challenges, the least experienced should avoid choppy days. Teach yourself in calm conditions to keep things as simple as possible. Anchoring is one of our risky tasks and has many hazards, again learn over Sandy areas with little tide, start shallow and move deeper gradually. You will probably need to learn a technique using an Alderney ring unless you have an electric windlass. Please don’t hold back ask as much as you want I am pleased to help. In answer to your original question your boat should be capable of an inshore trip on a calm day but please make sure you do all your Pre trip checks. Your engine should be well maintained and reliable, Carry a mobile and tell people your trip plan so your family know where your going and how long your trip will be.
  6. The weather for Saturday looks terrible and I do not believe it will be safe anywhere so Saturday will be CANCELLED. Sunday is looking highly unlikely, Rob will discuss with me nearer the time. With the large swell from the previous high winds Friday and Saturday it will not be outside the Harbour at best. One small glimmer of hope is that Monday winds come early hence we will make that call nearer the day. Rob will have more info on those attending and may make a call to suit the likely entrants and the competition.
  7. Power boat training will put up a post later today regarding dates and prices when courses are available. Please choose the course that suits you and book it direct with Sam .Retain your invoice and the club will refund a small contribution. You will obtain a license for a small fee and then follow that up with an mmsi registration number for the vessel. Hope you enjoy the course. When doing the practical speak slowly, clearly and be ready to repeat.
  8. Mal Thomas

    Bass Comp 2019

    WEATHER WATCH Sunday may be a little uncomfortable so please be aware. Saturday looks the best day.
  9. Mal Thomas

    48 hr Comp

    Weather is looking bumpy but not impossible for an offshore excursion Saturday, however with the direction forecast an inshore trip looks doable both Saturday and Sunday. The boats entered to date all look to be very capable to be safe and reasonably comfortable. Small tides will help the situation, Wind and tide inline for the homeward journey should calm the sea slightly. We will keep a eye on the situation and post if the forecast worsens. Only available Sunday myself but will be working on the sea front at Southbourne Saturday so I will be looking at the sea state.👍
  10. Mal Thomas

    Change of plans

    That Trawler done exactly that line when Chris and I was there a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Mal Thomas

    Diesel tank sludge

    Just spoken with Stuart white at sales@swukmarine.co.uk. They are the Starfisher maindealer / agent with contacts to the manufacturers in Spain. He has never had any listing issues before. He was very helpful and offered assistance if you email him, he also offered a pdf manual if the boat does not have one. The boat is a single think skin boat with a heavy duty lay up. Trust this is of some help in your quest to explain the list.
  12. Mal Thomas

    Diesel tank sludge

    We spoke about him at the Club meet and I have seen his ads on FAFB. You told me about the dispute over the window and carriage.
  13. I have just spoken with the Power Boat safety organiser Danielle Strawford, the race has been postponed till Sunday 9th June which will clash very much with our flatfish comp especially on the drifts along the sea front at Bournemouth. The main race times are between 12.00hrs and 14.30hrs. The race organiser has kindly given me their details and in future will be contacting us directly as one of the biggest recreational clubs sharing the same areas. The zones that look the safest to me are Past old Harry close in and out on Dolphin sands or middle of the bay. Please keep away from the area from 11.30am till 3pm to be ultra safe. Please display black bouys when at anchor. If you go on Poole harbour commissioners site you will find maps of the laps, there is a link on this site under the power boat race notice as well.
  14. Mal Thomas

    Diesel tank sludge

    The listing is a worry, have you got a waste tank and a water tank?? Check the levels in those. Has the listing become worse since see has been sat in the water? Did you say she is a double skin boat at the very begining.?
  15. Mal Thomas

    Diesel tank sludge

    Trevor Huggings