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  1. Mal Thomas

    Species and Specimen Comp for PBSBAC 24th + 25th October

    The weather looks very blowy at the moment, even in the Harbour, launching and retrieving can become difficult in such conditions. I believe it would be prudent to be very cautious. Force 4 being the best I can see at the moment.
  2. Mal Thomas

    New rope advice 😡😡

    I agree with Steve and would add, rope with a twisted strand always needs to be coiled in the same way to provide a memory, bit like stowing a hose, it goes away better if the hose goes away with the same twist or same handed person doing the retrieving. Discipline when putting the rope back in the locker is the key, whenever I have put it away badly in a choppy sea I nearly always have a loop that forms under the deck when releasing. Time consuming and tiresome but necessary. If the rope is stowed correctly it should look like a polo mint from above, then the chain can drop in the middle. Most boats up to 7.5 mtr boats with vee lockers are not suited to the deep anchoring we do, therefore the rope does not have enough drop to coil itself as it comes in off the gypsy, hence we hand stow, especially a horizontal gypsy which the majority are. The vertically dropping rope off a vertical gypsy stows better in small lockers. I fitted one on my last boat it was much better and the motor is not in the way either. I coil the rope in the same way Steve does, where the rope is tied off to the bollard that is always slightly troublesome as it has been twisted. Plait has less memory and therefore better, but some gypsies do not like plait because it reduces in width as it stretches so gripping it can be an issues at full load, make sure it is compatible with your gypsy before purchase. I use nylon 3 strand and it is fine, poly is a poorer quality generally and used by commercial fisherman on pots etc and not as good for our type of use. I was listening to your troubles out at sea, seems like you were very unlucky, a string of loose pots or nets maybe to have drifted so far, it would not matter if you had tripped your anchor with cable ties in that situation. I tend to turn my rope around after a couple of years to give it even wear. I am sure you know all this Ben, the answer is for those members reading and taking on advice. The next choice is what type or pattern of anchor and how much chain.
  3. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Neil

    Happy birthday Neil have a nice day🍺
  4. Mal Thomas

    Trip out Saturday

    Hope you have a good trip without any dramas, I will be out try a call on 6.
  5. Mal Thomas

    Upgrading from Warrior 165

    Toby I am in Ribs marine in Christchurch your welcome to take a look around. I have a Marlin merry fisher 695 with a single 150 yamaha. I have most of what you want and at the cheaper end of the market. Once you move to twins you double your fuel and servicing and as mike says refuelling can then be a chore. Ribs owners now own Rossiters and there is talk of possibly installing a petrol pump. The class rating B is for offshore, most boats are C rating but will do most things on calm seas and nursed at 12knots will do most of the rest. If your out in worse than that you have made a trip plan mistake. If I was upgrading for Christchurch with your wish list I would go for a Barracuda 8 but you will need 60k. Where as 35k might buy you what I have. I would prefer a cat for Christchurch just because of the sand bar and draft issues in the Winter or beyond November. If you study the commercials they prefer Cats in Christchurch as they sit square rather than listing if you run aground by accident.
  6. Mal Thomas

    Ideal for Christchurch entrance

    I certainly would not want the maintenance bill for keeping that working.
  7. Mal Thomas

    Chain Ferry Accident

    This week's large spring tides following the Soltice, accompanied with Southerly winds, heavy speeding boat traffic, strong currents, rough water and sunny weather will test all the least experienced water users. This would seem like the perfect storm for a reoccurrence of such an accident. Lets hope not, I cant help but think that crafts with a minimal boat speed should be restricted on Springs for their own safety for a period. I also think the raising of the black ball and flashing light may be needs to be upgraded. I also think many users do not even know of these ferry underway signals.
  8. Mal Thomas

    WiFi expert wanted.

    Look up ips throttling your speed and explain it in simple English please Rob.
  9. Mal Thomas

    WiFi expert wanted.

    We had a guy come around to measure the signal and the dead areas, the coverage has improved.
  10. Mal Thomas

    WiFi expert wanted.

    The bt extenders worked for us just recently, the house is covered now.
  11. Mal Thomas

    WiFi expert wanted.

    Same as that, we have coverage in the garden.
  12. Mal Thomas

    My first ever boat purchase.

    That was a close escape. Don't forget a few other safety essentials like a working vhf radio preferably not a hand held. A set of inshore flares, a horn to attract attention and some nav lights. Good luck with your search.
  13. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Cheers. I hope it is exceptional
  14. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Feliz cumpleanos amigo
  15. Mal Thomas

    Photo of the Century

    It’s come down to this...