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  1. Woops! Didn`t mean to hijack your post Brian, Us youngsters have no manners, Mick.
  2. Hi Terry, Whats wrong with the trimtabs, they stop the Warriors from porpoising, so if they work ok I would leave them on. What sort of money are you thinking as I am interested. also do you have a trailer. Cheers Mick.
  3. 2006holmwood

    Kayak tope

    I`d have fell overboard trying to land that, cracking fish well done.
  4. Great to see people again after a long time,glad to see we all survived. Mick.
  5. Think smaller cod taste better. would put something that size back to keep breeding.
  6. Had my screen surround made by J & T Tubes on Upton ind est, made to measure, well pleased.
  7. Have you thought about moving boat to Soton, there are some good marinas, may even be an MDL.
  8. Finally got screen and surround fitted, got bespoke screen made by Precision Units in Poole, they also made replacement windows for our Explorer. The made to measure surround was made by J & T Tubes in Upton, Can highly recommend both companies.
  9. Sold to you, Are you going to next meeting,I can bring it if you can wait. Will post if have to .
  10. Surplus to requirements,I have 7 reels to sell. offered to club members first then going on F/ache Penn Fierce 4000 F/S with spare spool. £20.00 SOLD Penn Slammer 111 3500 F/S .Only used once. £95.00 SOLD Daiwa Windcast X5000 F/S with spare spool. £15.00 SOLD Daiwa Windcast Z5000 F/S with spare spool. £15.00 SOLD Shimano 5500 F/S with spare spool. £40.00 SOLD Abu AG SEVEN Multi. £15.00 SOLD Abu C7000 Multi. £20.0 SOLD All ono. Tel; 07528791105. All provisionally sold
  11. Thanks all,Had chocolate cake,YUMMY, Sorry Jim!.
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