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  1. 2006holmwood

    Wire Cable Advice Please

    Pete at the chandlers in Parkstone Yacht Club can supply wire and crimp as req. he did one for Nigel on Lady V, works every time.
  2. 2006holmwood

    More kts please

    Stand corrected, Ive only ever had self adj trim tabs,
  3. 2006holmwood

    More kts please

    trim tabs wont make it go any faster, can help get on plane earlier , as Maverick said, on your size boat you need electric or hydraulic.
  4. 2006holmwood

    Wire Cable Advice Please

    Pete used crimps and they have not failed yet .
  5. 2006holmwood

    Wire Cable Advice Please

    that is the same set up on Nigels Lady V . except he didnt fit the swivel. Pete at Parkstone Yacht Club chandlers made it for him.
  6. 2006holmwood

    Need to purchase some teak

    that is K J Howells he is at cobbs. 01202 665724
  7. 2006holmwood

    Save our Seabass initiative

    Don"t really need more than one bass a day , but would be nice to have choice. email sent.
  8. 2006holmwood

    Why strap it down?

    at least he stopped behind the white line or he might of got a ticket.😏
  9. 2006holmwood

    Save our Bass

    responded.email sent to EU
  10. 2006holmwood


    Sorry can no longer make this trip.
  11. 2006holmwood

    Engine Talk

    Go and see Yellow Penguin He is main dealer for Suzuki & Mercury. Ive bought 2 engines from him and always get a good deal.
  12. 2006holmwood


    I could also be up for this
  13. 2006holmwood


    yes please. Mick.
  14. 2006holmwood

    Tomorrow - Thursday

    went today, Bass for tea tomorrow.
  15. 2006holmwood

    Twin Sails

    There`s always been one fault with this bridge, THEY BUILT IT.