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  1. That looks nasty hope they are going to remove it
  2. What part of human rights covers breaking the law. They should be treated the same as everyone else, their not special, there not travelers ,they only use the caravans to go on holiday. they have permanent sites with mobile homes on,some even live in ordinary houses. Mick.
  3. Caravans at Baiter down by the slip. Thought we were in lockdown, how can they tow a caravan on the road and not get stopped. No overnight camping no traveling outside area. What are the police doing letting them get away with it. They all have registered addresses why arn`t they sent home. If it was one of us we would have been turned around.
  4. Found this on WSF boating section COVID-19 Reopening of the marine industry in England.pdf
  5. Will also be out, not fishing just running engine in. need to make the most of good weather.
  6. Well you should have some perks.
  7. Forgive my ignorance but what are the fuel alternatives instead of diesel for the commercial marine industry
  8. Great ,boat launched & retrieved ok, Need to run engine in,first bit done can go faster next time. bearing in mind it was flat calm it performed ok, due to misty conditions stayed in harbour . Engine seems nice and quiet.
  9. Decided as weather and tide both look good tomorrow going to launch boat for first time , need to start running in engine. also need to see if everything performs ok. Hope so as this is more than likely the last one we buy.
  10. If you had asked nicely i`m sure they would have moved.😀 But there again you might not have caught the Brill.
  11. Porthcawl for me too
  12. New skipper,got lost?😁
  13. I logged on this morning , and for the first time since I joined no one had posted. Fitted a screen to my console yesterday so am ready to go, Just need to fit a couple of rod holders,ready for fishing season. Hope to launch this week and see how boat performs,and run engine in. Hopefully this will be last boat and everything goes ok. Need to pick right day as RIB does not have cabin or heater ,but on plus side is cheap to run. Just need flat sea and sunshine and no wind. Stay safe.Cheers Mick.
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