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  1. 50cm (5lb 2oz) Wrasse Dancing Ledge. Fisssh Black Minnow IMG_0075.MOV
  2. I got in trouble about this 🤣 Tracey caught it , I did sort of weigh it 1lb 11 0z ( scales are pretty crappie) What do you lot guess?
  3. I didn’t register to enter the comp, late Sunday after a very difficult day at work I had to get out no matter what the winds or tides we’re doing Alan was moored up and advised me to stay well clear of the ledges, he had come through huge swells ( 3 attempts) . I crawled up the swash, it really was nasty 🤮, back to the harbour to drag up some weed I suppose 😁 Monday 😁wow, a whole day off , I went straight over to Poole outer, anchored ( first time this year) used a very lightweight rod with tiny hooks ( I’m one handed at the moment) **** ( a tale for another thread) to just get a couple of fish on . Wrasse was the target, Four species, And a tiny Bream 😀 Also got a visit from the fisheries vessel 👍 On the bad side of the day was the boat traffic, how close do these stupid yacht owners need to come.( would you leave a auto helm switched on with so many vessels around 😤bloody dangerous) Why do these stupid jet ski owner need to congregate ( about 10) within 60 feet playing very loud wrap music when they have miles of open sea to play on 🤬 Coming back through the harbour got far worse !,,, I suppose that the wrisk of a bank holiday , a great day ruined by the selfishness of others.
  4. Best wishes and a happy 21st birthday 🎂
  5. Leaving F pontoon about 10.30 ish, returning 8 pm ish Destination possibilities? Southbourne Rough/ ish Weather looks perfect ish 👍🐟🙏
  6. Well done Steve, superb catch
  7. Just got home, report tomorrow 👍
  8. Happy birthday you old codger 👍
  9. Simple answer , nope. Lets face it , we all try our best to hit that one day dream 🎣, I have had far more blanks and failures , I honestly think that the best thing to do is go out with other members. I have (this year) have a boat and engine that Seems up for the job. I will never be a species hunter or dedicated bait man, I get the biggest smile having a few fish on very light gear ( Pen rods ! )
  10. 🤣guilty, Allan told me to try his ‘special’ Turbocharged rigs ( was this 2017 ?.) From memory he even had the rig baited up, I just clipped it on and dumped it. Huge amount of skill on my part 👍🙃
  11. Possibly, 🤣( you would not believe the stick I got when I dragged up that one 😂) Best fish I have ever caught, it’s all skill you know 🤫
  12. Mines same engine as yours, it’s never going to be the same . I have been working out my consumption, 1.5lts per mile Taking 100 litres, . Very happy to have some buddy’s on this trip, it’s the sensible thing it’s been a while but 🤣
  13. Good plan. Yes, we might leave early, still restrictions on revs so 17knts down Can anyone estimate the mileage please ??
  14. The slightly disappointing thing is the lack of fish 😂
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