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Day off

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We had a couple of days holiday to use.

We took today off jobs at home and went into Poole for a " mooch around "

It was cold & wet so we went down to the Fisherman Cafe.

We ordered our " Fishermans Breackfasts "

I noticed they'd named some food after ME ! :lol:





Clare told me to " Help myself to fishing magazines "


Jolly decent I thought.





















Thanks Mike ! ! ! !

One less tidying job for you. :lol:



Called into Poole Sea Angling for some supplies and found Frank in there chatting to Andy.







When the time comes for me to retire I don't think I'm going to be bored . . . . . . . . . 

I'm thoroughly enjoying doing S*D ALL !







All I need is some Dosh !




Mike ! ! !

I didn't really take the magazines. I just couldn't resist pulling your leg. :):smileys-fish-777679:







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I've had one of those lists FAR longer than I can remember.

I've tried to catch up with it over the years but it just keeps growing.

Now I just do a bit,


Do a bit,


I know I'll never catch up so I've stopped trying. ;)



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Interesting  post Jim,  Excellent photos of Frank and Andy, is that taken with a phone or a camera?  "they say"  every picture tells a story, and this one is no exception, so i feel  obliged to fill in the story.   Frank was not just passing Andys shop, he had gone to interrogate Andy as to what lures he sold me last trip down that i caught a nine lbs one ounce bass on . With Andy sworn to secrecy picture one shows Franks response,   Picture two shows Frank holding tight onto two lures in his right hand pocket, after soaping Andy up with a fifty pound note,  The lures worked i caught five bass  and had never fished with lures  before, beginners luck or what? they cost  about £13.50 if Andy sees this but they were £5,50 each when i was last down!                                                                                                                                                                               Sorry Frank coudnt resist it !                     Colin,

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