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  1. gjb

    Coming soon to Swanage

    I had one for 10 years brilliant boat πŸ‘
  2. gjb

    Air brush

    well done Andy you can do my makeup when i go out🀣
  3. gjb

    Lockdown project - livebait tank

    Very very good πŸ‘
  4. gjb

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    My very first car was a ford Prefect 3 gears and it had a oil pressure gauge well sporty πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. gjb

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    I thought my Hillman Hunter was the bees knees 😊
  6. gjb

    Diesel Bug - long time on shore

    Last year I know mine is petrol but I had a addictive put in as I broke my hip it was ok before this so hopefully still okay 🀞
  7. gjb

    Happy Easter

    Brilliant Jim πŸ‘
  8. gjb

    Lathe and router free to a good home

    Yes chisel mortice got one very useful πŸ‘
  9. gjb

    New warrior

    Is that yours Andy?
  10. gjb

    New Member Adrian

    Hi I was going mainly from baiter but also west bay , maybe just me but I found all the in and out and towing took the edge off the day but the other side is I miss going to different places so maybe it’s a compromise no easy answer graham
  11. gjb

    New Member Adrian

    Hi I had a 16’ Orkney to start with the problem with it I had was it could be a great day but when you come to take it out often the tide can be very strong and it’s then you can have your hands full getting it back on the trailer so ended up with mooring good luck and welcome to the club graham
  12. gjb

    Jerry cans

    3 Jerry cans for sale as new Β£14.00 each graham they are steel
  13. gjb

    Jerry cans

    Hi they are 20 litres and if any petrol graham
  14. gjb

    Evening sole trip.

    Brian just put yours beer & cake haha πŸ˜‚
  15. I must admit i said a prayer as it went by
  16. The cathedral here in Salisbury clocked up 92.5 MPH I was going to clean the gutters out but give it a miss
  17. gjb

    Arvor 215 for sale

    Well done looking forward to seeing it and you must be very excited about your new boat good luck graham
  18. gjb

    Arvor 215 for sale

    I hope a new boat is on the way?
  19. gjb

    live weather site

    Go get them Jim