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  1. gaffa

    Walk round, cuddy or pilothouse

    All the Scandinavian boats seem to be heavily laid up,they are really solidly built and will take a lot more weather than their owners will put up with.......from experience😋
  2. gaffa

    Volvo Penta 431

    Sounds like it may be blocked jets in the carburettor or choke faulty . Should be sorted once all cleaned etc.....Fingers Crossed
  3. gaffa

    Walk round, cuddy or pilothouse

    Mine is a Swedish RYDS 600AC no longer available. Ryds were absorbed into the Nimbus group and most of the models suspended. Similar boats are available from Finnmaster,Yanmarin ,Bella etc just seen this Bella available in Poole Bella 580c Shes a little smaller than mine and may not be what you are looking for but this style of boat although common in Scandinavia is rare in UK
  4. gaffa

    Walk round, cuddy or pilothouse

    Its not at all comfortable travelling in the bow at speed teeth rattling. But inside its toasty and very little water comes over the foredeck which is self draining. With a new high pressure fuel pump and fuel regulator in the 115 hp efi OB ,hydraulic steering and trimtabs shes a great 30knot water taxi. Doesnt catch many fish though probably because its more fun blasting around the bay[emoji3]
  5. gaffa

    Walk round, cuddy or pilothouse

    You just can't beat a fully enclosed cabin especially when its fitted with a heater.🤗 Why do you think I havent got rid of my old faithful ( 22 years young of which 14 years have been my ownership) . and I dont mean the wife..........🤔
  6. gaffa

    Navionics Chart Support withdrawn.

    Looks like they were starting to discontinue apps back in december 2018. the following links may help https://www.navionics.com/usa/blog/post/navionics-boating-apps-discontinued https://navionics.secure.force.com/kb/articles/en_US/Knowledge_Article/Mobile-App-Migration-Syncing-Purchases-Before-Proceeding/ Hope you get it sorted Alan
  7. gaffa


    Hi Gary, Welcome to the club Peteg
  8. gaffa

    Chartplotter problems

    Good result Terry I should really do the same but mine is still working for now and I've got a backup fish finder on board so am delaying matters. Good info on the Romsey site though they are just up the road from me.
  9. gaffa

    Chartplotter problems

    I've got an old lowrance 3300 globalmap that is my backup and the GPS antenna module regularly gives up the ghost with the not responding message. There is a possible software update that can assist this problem but not guaranteed. Mine sometimes bursts back into life if I unplug it and replug it in after about 30seconds and sometimes restarting the plotter fixes the problem sometimes it comes back on its own. A new /replacement Lowrance antenna was around £125 last time I looked but would probably not fix the issue as it is a known design fault on this model and although 3rd party units can be made to work at lower cost i would recommend paying a bit more and getting a new budget chartplotter for backup. I do have a spare 1st edition unused antenna at home if you need to try it but these were even more unreliable as didnt have the software mod.When I get back from Wales next week I will send you a picture to see if its compatible with yours .If so your welcome to it.
  10. gaffa

    Photo of the Month . July

    So who was the father??????
  11. gaffa

    Photo of the Month . July

    More to the point Who caught the lamb
  12. gaffa

    Ideal for Christchurch entrance

    Can't really see the purpose other than levelling the bottom. They have to remove the mud with diggers. Why level the bottom? Could it be that a floating digger and barge dredging system wouldn't work because the bottom is bedrock?
  13. gaffa

    Spooling a fixed spool reel.

    line spooler plenty around for under £20 . It has to be the way to go
  14. gaffa

    Get your Rods out!

  15. gaffa

    Birthday greetings Dave

    Happy Birthday Dave 🎂 Enjoy the day 🍻 Welcome to the ole farts Club