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  1. gaffa

    Happy Big (60th) Nigel. 🎂🍾

    Happy Birthday Nigel hope you enjoyed the day 👍 🎂
  2. gaffa

    Norway 2019 [long report]

    Super Report Charlie could almost feel I was there.
  3. gaffa

    Wednesday &/or Thursday &/or Friday

    I thought I saw your car in the cobbs carpark this morning when I arrived and thought you had got there really early. It would explain why you didn't answer my calls during the day and I didn't spy your boat at the normal marks. Freelanders must be two a penny at Cobbs Hope all goes well with you tomorrow
  4. gaffa

    Wednesday &/or Thursday &/or Friday

    Had a very pleasant trip out today although there was a bit of a swell during the flood in the bay. I tried everything to coax a mackerel out from Durley Rock with my new Sabiki Rods and home made Sabiki rigs but they just didn't want to play. I reckon my drifts were not accurate enough. Very frustrating as they showed up on the sounder but by the time I got the lines over the side all was barren😕 Anyway all was not lost as I managed to christen both rods with some good sized Pollock. Headed back early so I can be refreshed for a further attempt tomorrow Thursday
  5. gaffa

    Wednesday &/or Thursday &/or Friday

    Cheers Mal Fog didnt show up on my weather forecast but I will keep checking
  6. Looking to take the boat out this week and trying to get as many days out as possible. Space available if anyone fancies it. I need to at least christen a couple of Sabiki Rods
  7. gaffa

    Best hand held vhf ??

    Hi Neil, I like the standard horizon range part of the YAESU brand can't give you a preferred model number as mine is about 5 years old and non dsc but has performed well over the years floats upright(not tested) and has good battery life and range.It was about £130 then but assuming range has evolved a dsc type must be available now for the same price although their HX890E DSC type is around £200 sale price on some sites. Another plus for the brand for me is that their main support office was in Winchestetr.I also have a standard horizon fixed dsc vhf which is great. I know many people swear by ICOM but my personal experience with this brand when I used to use their VHF/UHF handhelds (non marine bands) for communicating during work projects was not the best regarding reliability and battery life problems. When they did work they were very good but they used to visit repair centres quite regularly . YAESU have some really low cost handhelds (around £60 ) and make good kit.
  8. gaffa


    Ah Crafty My Book length is 19ft 6 inches or 5.95m Cobbs charge me for the overhang of the outboard and bow roller at 6.2M Who says size doesn't matter😕 Its all in the length
  9. gaffa


    Brian , Any particular reason for looking at the Arvor 215? I thought most people were now fancying Outboards rather than Diesels in that size range. Although i must admit there seem to be a few reasonably priced candidates on the web
  10. gaffa


    I hope to be out Tuesday Mick even if its just in the harbour . Winds seem a bit on the high side🤢 Then hope to get to monthly meeting Fitting an Oven In my sons kitchen tomorrow
  11. gaffa

    Why strap it down?

    AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH Don't you just hate it when you leave it to the wife to tie the boat down
  12. gaffa


    Not me this time Stuie am off to Wales again. Will hope to go out next week for a few days on the trot as cabin fever is at epidemic level😡
  13. gaffa

    Evening sole trip.

    Well I didn't get out at all 😒 My maintenance tasks varied from completed no problems to almighty hassle. VHF aerial repair seems to work but could not prove its range as although tried calling Hengisbury Head NCI and Stingray got no reply .Cobbs Marina replied loud and clear it was only 100m away.😉 Main task was to repair my sliding cockpit door which was a lot more involved than first thought.Needless to say boat ended up being put back on rack minus door at the end of the morning and I took the offending parts back home to repair broken guide rollers and drill out snapped screws and to buy a rivet gun and appropriate rivets (some fixings had been riveted for security).😣 Anyway yesterday afternoon and evenings repairs went well and I turned up at the marina early this morning to refit the repaired door.Good job I had the early start I had one of the last car park spaces at 07.45 and from then on the place became more and more manic Got everything sorted by about 10.30 and made the decision to get back home rather than take the boat out to miss the bank holiday boat and car traffic . Had a great trip home as traveling against the traffic which was virtually stopped all the way from Wimborne roundabout A31 to M3 Winchester. Door slide and locking operate a treat with new fixings very pleased with my handiwork Tomorrows task is to modify my sons kitchen units to fit the new oven and fridge freezer he is about to buy....who says retirement is boring😕 Peteg
  14. gaffa

    Evening sole trip.

    I'll be at the boat tomorrow reinstalling the VHF Aerial which I have now hopefully repaired. If it works I will of course have to re-christen it with whatever shows up to my mackerel feathers. I have a few maintenance jobs that also need sorting so won't be able to linger too long though and don't expect to bump into you Sole hunters. Hope you all have a productive evening
  15. gaffa

    Birthday greetings Lofty

    Is that him I can see under your napkin