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  1. Colin-58

    Mission Accomplished

    Sounds like a good day Jerry, and what a clubmate, delivering tea bags, on a day like saturday that must come close to being in the category of life saving !
  2. Just when most of us made the decision not to brave the rain i found out a couple of keen clubmates did , iam posting for them, their day was spent mostly catching Rays i am not going to post the coordinates on here as it is secret, "hint-hint". A grand total of 15 i believe, were hauled up biggest around 13 lb est, 3 varieties . interspersed with 8 doggies and a couple of mac. just in case anyone thinks they were mad going out in the rain i will not mention any names, Farmer Colin, P S I could not remember how big the mac was Frank and Jan!
  3. Colin-58

    Latest Angling Trust News - Sea Angling

    Very interesting Stuie, it would be great to hear if some of our club juniors could take up the challenge. Colin.
  4. Colin-58

    Nice Ling and other fish,

    Hi clubmates, using ref start point as end of swash, is it possible any of you have knowledge of a wreck i e name of, and coordinates that i can go to within say 10 to 20 miles out (or along) that i may have a sporting chance of catching Ling in the coming week"s , if so it would be much appreciated, Many Thank"s Colin.
  5. Colin-58

    Caravan insurance

    Dont know your name Wedger, my advice is try the N F U I have a fleet of vheicles with them, read there claim reviews, i tow a seven metre trailer with my boat on behind a motorhome that costs £300 per year. Hope this helps good luck,
  6. Colin-58


    Also yes please mick, if available still, is it a raffle? draw straws? auction? all the best farmer Colin.
  7. Colin-58

    Birthday best wishes Charlie & Coddy

    Happy Birthday Charlie, got you priorities right then i see, work first build up the appetite, love is more important than fishing, so no fishing trip today then, good compromise you could have fish and chip supper with Wendy! Hope you have a good day. Happy Birthday as well Dave all the best Colin.
  8. Colin-58

    Great underwater photography

    You may be the man then, as it is my birthday today (61 candles required) and my girls wanted to know what they may be able to get me as a present , i was hoping to set up with a camera or video camera to try and take pictures both above and below water when fishing this summer from my boat, any advice would be greatly appreciated many thanks Colin.
  9. Colin-58

    Big Bullhuss for Yann.

    Nice one Yan, wish i was there with you ,we enjoyed our Kimmeridge expidition last summer, hope you had an uneventful landing this time ! Good luck Colin.
  10. Colin-58

    New Police Boat

  11. Colin-58

    Isle of Wight Cod

    If Lee is not a member of our club i take it we will be inviting him to join and then he will be duty bound to share the mark with us! That"s a great fish, Colin,
  12. Colin-58

    Baiter Slip

    Never mind the kids paddling pool, do you think they have checked that the engine "flushing water" is working as most of the time we need it ; it is not, just in case the visitors need to wash their clothes etc, and of course no doubt they will have advised them that the water from these taps is not of drinking quality it is ground water pumped. Yes sure that will have come up in the health and safety risk assessment as like the toilet, thats why they will be delivering Chilton spring water or near equivalent free of charge at you Dorset tax payers expense no doubt!
  13. Colin-58

    Baiter Slip

    Sounds like a good winter earner to me, how many of them are there? they charge me 13-80 a go Even on a sunday! And i have got my own bog. Have they put slot machines on the pikies? Farmer Colin.
  14. Colin-58

    Tuna report

    Quite right Rob, just cut the line sooner and make sure there is a flood tide, still save fuel then!
  15. Colin-58

    Crew Space for Thursday 10th. Jan.

    Hi Allan , I would love to have come out with you but sadly i have a family friends funeral to go to on friday so plans are a bit scuppered this week . hope someone takes up your kind offer and that you have a good day out, It would be good to see picture of a 25lb Cod! So good luck Colin.