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  1. Colin-58

    next week

    As Alun says the weather is giving us the chance to get out and enjoy a calmish sea for a day or two hopefully , i will be pleased to see a new picture of a cod caught by any club member, so wish you all good luck. Hope you manage to get out Charlie, i know work thing can be a bit of a bind! Good luck folks Colin
  2. Colin-58

    Sunday - trip out

    yes i hope to be out stuie if plan A continues๐Ÿ˜Š
  3. Colin-58

    Accident at Upton crossroads

    Nice clean one Jim , cheering everyone up in the wind and rain down your way, 10 out of 10๐Ÿ˜
  4. Colin-58

    next week

    Hi Alun, yes iam hoping to get out again for a two day jaunt, subject to farm work, may see you out or channel 6 v h f may be, good luck. Colin. P S Terry, did Katfish leave a big red X ? ๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. Colin-58


    Sounds like your dreams are coming true again Bobi and Colin, Good luck with your new Boblin, look forward to seeing you both out on the water enjoying yourselves. Best of luck Colin.
  6. Colin-58

    Flounder Comp 2nd Comp

    It may be your turn Allan! i was hoping to join in its a good cause, just worried Frank caught the last two flounders in the harbour last outing though! . struggling to drum up any enthusiasm with crew, do you think if i offer them a hot three course lunch that may be enough to entice them,? i think it seems a good idea as it would give me something to do, cant think i will be "busy" floundering. And on a serious note, do you think it will go ahead? weather is not set that fair at the moment is it? All the best an optimistic Colin.
  7. Colin-58

    January Apologies

    Sorry can not make it, have a good meeting clubmates best wishes Colin
  8. Colin-58


    Thoughtful words of wisdom Terry, i will say ditto to that, we never know whats looming round the corner or over the next wave, here go i by the the grace of god, healthy and hearty new year to you all clubmates best wishes Colin.
  9. Colin-58

    Flounder Competition Rescheduled 29th December 2019

    yes very well done Dave Jan Frank and Kev iam sure the rest of us enjoyed the day as well, thanks to all the organizers , hope more will support it next year, the banter and food afterwards made it worth attending the event! I realize flounder fishing has got to be somewhat of a challenge, indeed i believe new tactics were employed by some club boats yesterday, mainly quietly parking on the mud at the top end out the way and considering digging for the little rascals, i guess if this method was proven to be successful we would just have to consider the max size of spade rather than number of rods!
  10. Colin-58

    Boat for sale

    Glad to hear your better Jim, Snorting and coughing about for seven weeks is no rascal fun! best wishes, look after yourself cause no one else will. Colin
  11. Colin-58

    10mm Rope

    i will p m you Dave ๐Ÿ˜Š Colin
  12. Colin-58

    Boat for sale

    Sorry Jim just realised it was terry that went to carol concert, hope you didnt catch it if you read it though, !๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  13. Colin-58

    Boat for sale

    you didnt miss lead me Jim i like your seasonal banter, hope your cold man flu cough or whatever the concert goers gave you is getting better, but if you do have a wish list, iam sure you have been a good boy so you could try putting a note on the side by the chimney brest , you never know your luck! The man himself may have some spare at the end of his rounds๐ŸŽ… Colin
  14. Colin-58

    Boat for sale

    Hi Rob, Did you read my description? its pretty much immaculate, so you could look up on Orkney boats site,it has the cuddy on it, iam selling for a friend, six or seven grand would be a talking point nothing is set in stone. Boxing day sale would be O K Jim you would just need to P M me. still working on tec issues to upload photos but i could whatsapp no prob. Maveric your confusing me, if you are Martin, i thought your boat is called Madness, have you got two boats already or is it a different martin?
  15. Colin-58

    Boat for sale

    Boat for sale, pretty much immaculate, ready to go fishing, cruising etc, it is a Orkney Longliner 2 16 ft. With a good road trailer, it has a cuddy and cover, Mercury 20 elpt 4 stroke 5hp auxilliary, there are many extras to go with boat , fishfinder, tender with electric motor boat is 4 years old from Orkney boats, main engine has been serviced, has done about twenty hours from new, if a club member is looking to buy a first boat, this deal will have everything you could possibly want plus quite a few more , any interest i will post more details. Thanks Colin.