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  1. Colin-58


    Well done Lofty, Nice photo, nice fish, Nice day by the look of it, probably the biggest club Flounder caught this autumn so far? unless you clubmates say differently? 😊
  2. Colin-58

    Flotalia of lights

    Looks good fun, is this the first time it has been held? Colin
  3. Colin-58

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    hoping to fish the comp tomorrow, boat;; undecided, Skipper Colin Whitehead Crew Pump action Pete! Good luck to all, hope to see some of you at weigh in.
  4. Colin-58

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Very handsome photo Charlie, You didnt look to bad either! Colin.
  5. Colin-58

    The building permit

    Dont tell me , when we come to visit we will have to worship the great all mighty C O D !
  6. Colin-58

    Bass catch and release from now

    This may make sense for fish or bass conservation , i dont know, but i wonder if the "bass police" were aboard the trawler sight seeing up and down the coast off brighton a few days ago did a species count we would like to hear their findings. By a species count i mean the number of fish in each species, it could have been a frightening amount couldn't it ? possibly a significant number of bass in that. Colin.
  7. Colin-58

    New prop anyone?

    Read it properly !
  8. Colin-58

    New prop anyone?

    Very interesting indeed Brian, i put a new engine on my boat earlier this year and went through a process of testing 3 props, one aluminium 2 stainless, the advice i was given about the stainless was not correct it was a prop called appolo, the best prop i found , after doing very accutate tests up wareham channel was called balistic. it seem to out perform all the others at most stages from idle to flat out ,. at preferred cruising speed especially. i achieved a top speed of 28 m p h . o yes and by the way at 25 m p h i passed the only boa t visible in the whole area on a sunday afternoon which was harbour control. i did a quick u turn to explain my reasoning for being there, they gave me a positive response told me to be mindful of any other boats if i met any, and said they would look the other way . phew i thought my sense of humor and quick thinking honesty has probably just saved me£ 1000 fine and or 3 weeks porridge! after this testing i also had the pitch increased to add further fuel efficiency The Sharrow prop seems to suggest a further 15% fuel saving could be made. i will try and pursue this but dont expect it will be easy. i will do some research. and update my findings. price ? i think 1 and 1/2 to twice the price of normal stainless prop may be? Colin.
  9. Colin-58

    Mission Accomplished

    Sounds like a good day Jerry, and what a clubmate, delivering tea bags, on a day like saturday that must come close to being in the category of life saving !
  10. Just when most of us made the decision not to brave the rain i found out a couple of keen clubmates did , iam posting for them, their day was spent mostly catching Rays i am not going to post the coordinates on here as it is secret, "hint-hint". A grand total of 15 i believe, were hauled up biggest around 13 lb est, 3 varieties . interspersed with 8 doggies and a couple of mac. just in case anyone thinks they were mad going out in the rain i will not mention any names, Farmer Colin, P S I could not remember how big the mac was Frank and Jan!
  11. Colin-58

    Latest Angling Trust News - Sea Angling

    Very interesting Stuie, it would be great to hear if some of our club juniors could take up the challenge. Colin.
  12. Colin-58

    Nice Ling and other fish,

    Hi clubmates, using ref start point as end of swash, is it possible any of you have knowledge of a wreck i e name of, and coordinates that i can go to within say 10 to 20 miles out (or along) that i may have a sporting chance of catching Ling in the coming week"s , if so it would be much appreciated, Many Thank"s Colin.
  13. Colin-58

    Caravan insurance

    Dont know your name Wedger, my advice is try the N F U I have a fleet of vheicles with them, read there claim reviews, i tow a seven metre trailer with my boat on behind a motorhome that costs £300 per year. Hope this helps good luck,
  14. Colin-58


    Also yes please mick, if available still, is it a raffle? draw straws? auction? all the best farmer Colin.
  15. Colin-58

    Birthday best wishes Charlie & Coddy

    Happy Birthday Charlie, got you priorities right then i see, work first build up the appetite, love is more important than fishing, so no fishing trip today then, good compromise you could have fish and chip supper with Wendy! Hope you have a good day. Happy Birthday as well Dave all the best Colin.