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  1. Colin-58

    Orkney 21 day angler

    Interesting, why do you want a three foot shorter boat ?
  2. Colin-58

    Get your Rods out!

    How many have you caught in that crayfish trap ? 😉 Beautiful garden coming on, is it a live watercourse ?
  3. Colin-58

    Fishy Tales

    Yes very, very interesting, a boys dream unfolding, what age are you at this point i wonder ? the 25 mile tedious trail made me smirk a bit though , i have to add a hundred on that ! Ditto Martins post , cant wait. O iam not on facebook, had no luck following that link either Colin ,
  4. Colin-58

    First time out for Tiddler

    Hi Jim , great to hear you are out and about on the water, reving about at thirty miles an hour, site seeing, enjoying the fresh air, soaking up the sun etc, as rob says fish are a bonus, so just checking , when you chuck a line over with a little lump of lead on it, there is something you can buy at a good tackle shop, it is like strong wire bent a bit with a sharpe end you can attach a bit of bait of some sort that does improuve your chances, i think they call it a hook ! are you using one ? just jokeing Jim, i bet before some of us get out again you are the one reporting mackereal coming up five at a time, and if so you had better tell us where ! Glad you had an enjoyable and safe day. Tight lines Colin.
  5. Colin-58

    Has anyone seen any mackerel yet?

    Hi Rob, there has been a few caught but not in big numbers according to reports, i caught a male black bream last weekend and a male mackerel. i think the water is still murky at the moment, hope it soon clears i for one am hoping to soon venture out again. Colin.
  6. Colin-58

    Who's out on the weekend?

    Hi Andy , I think i will try and head down to Poole for some exersize at the week end , yes like i really need it after working seven days a week for the last three months! are well it has to be done, want to keep fit. Colin.
  7. Colin-58

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    Its turned into an interesting and entertaining thread Dave, to cheer folk up for the week end, i have come to the conclusion if you need a lift ask Jim, could be quite good fun, BUT under no circumstancies get in a vheicle with Niggle, he"s a wrecker! does anyone know if the lifeboat follows him out to sea? Just kidding Niggle, but i wonder what you said to your dad when you got home after you bad luck, I"ve done it again dad, may be ? Carefull Colin
  8. Colin-58

    Happy Birthday.

    Enjoy the cream tea"s Frank, let"s see it"s one for each decade, ? we will have a liquid celibration another day..... A cup of tea out in thirty feet of water just off bournemouth pier, and while we are there you may as well drop a plaice rig over the side , keep laughing it can only get better! best wishes for a lovely day. Colin
  9. Colin-58

    Workshop clear out

    Hi Lofty, It is with the greatest respect i feel i need to point out your unjustified, unqualified small minded, and inappropriate comments as to what charity an individual wishes to support. Seems in this case the generosity of one of our members is exemplary, already being a regular supporter of J H, it seems. No doubt like myself, other charities and good causes as well. Colin, Hon Rotarian, Life Hon. Round Tabler, and Charity Auctioneer.
  10. Colin-58

    Workshop clear out

    Hi Jerry, Yes thats fine, i will try and P M you tonight about details Many thanks Colin
  11. Colin-58

    Workshop clear out

    Hi Jerry, Think your probably right about tyres, should not be to hard to get sorted , battery not so easy at the moment, there is a shop near me but cant get phone answered till monday, I will take a gamble and offer £100 if you want to take it let me me know, i would sort from there with you thanks, Colin
  12. Colin-58

    Birthday greetings Charlie & Coddy

    Belated best wishes to you Charlie and Dave🚶‍♂️
  13. Colin-58

    My first ever boat purchase.

    Hi Adrian , there is a good vid on Youtube by Danger Marine, how to install a second battery on a boat , have a peep at that if you can, it is quite simple to follow i think you will find Cheers Colin
  14. Colin-58

    Workshop clear out

    Hi Jerry, I would be interested, does it need new tryers? i presume so, looked on tinternet could not see size of. As shops seem to be shut difficult to gain knowledge. may be you could print details of tyres and or potentially availability? i guess this is an obsolete model but would think tryes could be obtained. Or just size and make, and one of our "furlonged" clubmates could research availabiliyy for you . If someone does come up trumps i will pledge a fiver to our club H O W fund. Thanks Colin..
  15. Colin-58

    My first ever boat purchase.

    Hi Adrian, Sound advise from Dave as ever, Probably worth mentioning at this point though, you are about to make a substantial investment, dont spoil the ship for the sake of a half-pennies worth of tar, i refer to the battery, as an engineer i would say keep the one with the boat now as a spare, buy a new battery, and make sure it is rated at or above what you need, that is a fair engine to start. in my opinion the most important thing going out to sea is not actually the fishing, it is the safe return back to base. batteries and isolators are a subject of there own, Charlie put a post on here worth you reading, to avoid that happening to you. Think Safety Safety Safety then you should be O K Colin