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  1. Colin-58

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Concentrate on what you can do not what you can not do, hope you have a special day Terry, Best Wishes Colin.
  2. Colin-58

    Solent - 8th November. Wot, no cod??

    Stick to the science not the stories please guys, that was a conger you lost, Conger, Oversized, determined, we had some of them last wed, well alright C, O, D., For short, 😉
  3. Colin-58

    Best birthday wishes Oli

    Happy birthday oli, knowing the average age of the club, we havn"t met , i take it your still in the junior section ! hope you had a good one Best wishes Colin. O and on a serious note if your Oli the club technical expert thanks for what you do for the club.
  4. Colin-58

    Magnet kitchen pocket door larder

    Can you put some playdough behind the drawer, shut the drawer till it sits where you want to locate it , open drawer measure the squashed playdough, you should be able to get accurate measurement to poss 1 mm. ? Colin
  5. Colin-58

    Magnet kitchen pocket door larder

    If your still stuck, let me know , i can make any cabinet fit any space, iam a dab hand with a chain-saw, and i can make chairs from trees! Colin.
  6. Colin-58

    Happy Birthday Mal, Crossy & Timmy 2 Stroke

    Happy birthday all, Go "Safely " Mal you have a reputation to keep, no water sports today looking at forecast for down your way though ! Best wishes all Colin
  7. Colin-58


    The last lot in the summer were not ethnic Brian, ..............................They were irish ! 😉
  8. Colin-58


    And thinking about it, if they do then when iam there i think they should provide me with ragworms ! 😉
  9. Colin-58


    Its not the weather that will affect them Martin, its the water tap and whether poole council provide them with toilets ! 😊
  10. HI guys, i have been watching the worsening forecast, cancelled my crew yesterday on safety grounds , if i would not be happy launching at baiter with my set up i dont think anyone else would be. happy to back Charlies idea, Jerry, Mal and committe its your call but i think this is " THE STORM BEFORE THE LULL ! " Next weekend wind up to 58 m, p, h, boo. Awaiting with interest Colin.
  11. Colin-58

    Happy Birthday Stuie

    Happy b-day young man, hope you have a great day , family and friends today and fishing tomorrow would be a good plan 😊 Take care, Best wishes Colin.
  12. Colin-58

    Happy birthday Chris

    Hi Chris , ditto Jims comment, looked up your profile, guess you may be out with dogs not worms, good luck COLIN
  13. Colin-58

    Lobster Pot

    Hi Steve welcome to the club, good luck Colin.
  14. Colin-58


    Good luck Allan , hope you get to my thornie mark, try and find some calm water this week !☺️