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  1. Colin-58

    New Member Adrian

    Hi Adrian , i may well have good news, i have a good friend with a 100% genuine boat for sale that may well interest you, i will message you at some point this evening to chat , got to go i have a sheep lambing . Colin
  2. Colin-58

    Alderney 2020

    Ditto , Mal, it does make me wonder, Boris keeps warning people because not everyone is taking advise. Some people think it is not going to be me , coronavirus is for the others , well today was a classic with people out in the countryside, i witnessed people go through the fields on a footpath, not a problem to me or my sheep with one to ten day old lambs, so wheres the problem? Since none of them thought to put new gloves on or sanitise there hands after opening and shutting the four feet six wide steel galvanised gate i wondered if the first one today had left any virus on the gate or latch how many of the other twentyish would have been infected? Absolutely Frightening. I think it was Brian that hinted the other day in a post that i was in a good position to distance isolate out in the open fields and fresh air and so did i , but i now realise i need to remember one of my friends , he had a few "sayings" and one of them was , " The world is full of half~wits" Seen some today! Scary. Colin
  3. Colin-58

    New Member Adrian

    Hi Adrian , Welcome to the club, ref a boat have you got a budget in mind ? That rules in or out some conversations Best wishes Colin
  4. Colin-58


    Hi Guys, pubs , clubs, restaurants, etc seem to have been targeted today, plus no gatherings above five people, so how is the position at cobbs quay,? and yacht club Charlie? this is all starting to look very frustrating and may be more prolonged than has been reported up till tonight . The job looks like dragging on a long time. Who ordered easterlies Jerry? well not my new born lambs, they would like it warmer, but at least its a bit drier on average, thats a start!
  5. Colin-58

    Berkeley rod holders

    Have sent you p m Mick thanks Colin
  6. Colin-58

    Sums it up nicely.

    Don"t apologize Brian, it was well worth seeing twice, just about sums up the Government"s incompetence to a T. I think. Jerry, Sadly i can not make it down and as you say it looks o k Mon/Thurs, but with you and Allan (two top fishermen) going out it will be good market research for the rest of us in the club as to what is about, Good luck , hope a few more do join you, look forward to reports.
  7. Colin-58

    Hello. Another newbie

    Thanks John very interesting and informative, and much appreciated, think i would need to be with someone very experienced before i would consider going there though, it sounds like it could be a tad dangerous if you didnt know exactly what you were doing.Safety is paramount to me. Many thanks Colin.
  8. Colin-58

    Lowrance Active Imaging sidescan images

    Thanks Andy, good sound advise, i understand some people drop a marker bouy near to the wreck as well to help relocate after a drift as well, and with a smaller second marker bouy as well can help predict the wind/tide pull if anchoring was prefered. Thanks Colin.
  9. Colin-58

    Lowrance Active Imaging sidescan images

    Hi Andy, Well done for posting such an interesting topic, there is a lot to study with any of the newer finders, i have three sorts, iam still very much a novice at this stage but i set time aside some days iam out to forward my knowledge as to how to get the best out of them. it then seems to pay off when i go out to fish with experienced fisherman. Wreck fishing is high on my list to aim for this summer "weather permitting" so hopefully some of the "old hands" will be able to aim us in the right direction as to what wrecks have been successful in the last year or two for them. feel sure they will. Good luck Colin
  10. Colin-58

    Bit of a weather window Friday

    Good luck boys, unfortunately cant make it Colin
  11. Colin-58

    Hello. Another newbie

    Welcome to the club John, feel free to post some of your previous fishing experiences in the thames estuary, ie fish you caught /time of year/ species etc. sure this would be very interesting for us to be informed. slipway locations for us trailer boaters as well. My main launch is baiter by the way. Sure we will meet at some stage, Fishing wise suggest you do what i do, rely on a huge amount of luck, listen to any of the many top anglers that will be able to advise you, you wont go wrong. i also try and think outside the box , o and try to cook bacon butties when fishing is slack, that always gets the line pulling! Best wishes and Good Luck farmer Colin. P. S. Less of the old gits please Terry, i do mid week jobbies because the fish feed better, well that or the wind is 45 m p h different!
  12. Colin-58

    Notice to Mariners re bridge lifts

    Many thanks Greg
  13. Colin-58

    Hello PBSBAC

    Hi , Welcome Andy, you have made a good move joining, enjoy the club and dont forget to post reports when possible, there are people who dont get out as much as they would like to and they love to read them, Good luck and all the best farmer Colin.
  14. Colin-58

    Greetings from a New Member

    Hi Chris, Welcome to the club, there is a wealth of knowledge available from the more experienced seamen , you just have to ask, they will be pleased to give advice iam sure. I joined three years ago, and feel it was the best thing i could have possibly done. My personal advise would be to think of the first three important things first, ie SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY Then gradually move onto fishing Best Wishes farmer Colin.
  15. Colin-58

    Notice to Mariners re bridge lifts

    Thanks Jerry, i accept your compliments Thanks Mal , iam almost speechless , with a lump in my throat, that is one of the nicest, kindest, reassuring statements anyone has ever made about me, much appreciated . i like the trophy idea , i have come a long way in three years i suppose, if you were to have asked me back then to name three things i may catch at Poole i may have answered Mackerel , a train , and Deli-Beli ! On returning from Specsavers, its a winking emoj , all for given Terry😊 Keep laughing clubmates it costs nothing ! Best Wishes Colin Of course not Stuie, not for long, there is too much doom and gloom in the world , we all need some good cheer, well and some good fishing weather would not go a miss!