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  1. gjb

    Best hand held vhf ??

    I have icon very good Graham
  2. gjb


    If yo got it flaunt it😉
  3. gjb

    Why strap it down?

    He hit the automatic launch control
  4. I will stick to table salt absolutely incredible
  5. gjb

    Fishing videos free

    Is there anyone want some videos on fishing there are 7 of them FREE vhs Graham
  6. gjb

    48 hr Comp

    Thanks all
  7. gjb

    48 hr Comp

    Can do it from home as I am still out of action with the broken hip 😠
  8. gjb


    I’m with Porthcawl never had any problem with them and reasonably prices graham
  9. gjb

    Barracuda Competion

    Sorry stuck at the moment I broke my hip 2 weeks ago had to get it screwed and plated so not going to be able to join in much at the moment graham
  10. gjb

    Cerviche of Sea Bream

    Sounds lovely but being a true Wiltshire man batter sounds good to me and the Scottish half says a sprig of heather on top 👍
  11. gjb

    new member

    Hi and welcome aboard graham
  12. gjb

    Alderney 2019

    I would like to wish all those going on this trip a very safe and a very fishy time graham
  13. gjb

    Twin Sails

    Hi Alan thanks for letting me know about the ladder don’t know what happened to let it down but it lifts up and slides under the swim platform I think that I better get down tomorrow and have a look once again thanks very much graham
  14. gjb

    Twin Sails

    I have got the problem that I require petrol which is quite a limited places to get a mooring with this being on site there is a marina opposite brownsea but I have been told the mooring fees are about 1000.00 per year more and I can buy an lot of fuel for that
  15. gjb

    Twin Sails

    I think we’re due a refund on our harbour dues