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  1. Birthday greetings Terry, hope you have a great one🍗🍺🍰
  2. Belated Birthday wishes Oli, hope you had a good one!
  3. Happy Birthdays gentleman, hopefully you will have a great day and a boozy evening with good food and company
  4. fisherman1055

    Kayak Huss

    that's a mean looking one, what did it weigh?
  5. Family event here too so doubtful I will make it. Mother is 90 so we had better celebrate her coming of age. Tony
  6. well done Alan, i could not find any Mackral yesterday and tried from Anvil point back to Studland, but noting taking. Well done for rescuing the Boat and taking back to Cobbs , gies the club a good name and as you say may entice a membership out of him.
  7. fisherman1055

    Hi All

    Welcome back Charlie, good to see people rejoining the club. Hope to see you participating in the competitions when you feel settled back in. Tony
  8. Loobie 1V Jerry Shutter,Jerry Sumbler, Jim Tiddler!, Dave Wilson, Sunday Tigerfish, Alun, Steve - Saturday Marlin - Greg and Brad - Monday Joint Venture - Adam, Ian, Rube, Rob, Charlotte - Saturday Madness - Dean - Martin Reel Bizzy Jacob and Kev Saturday Serenity - Tony and Stuie- Saturday Fisheagle - Allan Green - Mike Hall Sunday.
  9. Thanks Stuie I will let you know which day when I see a forecast
  10. I hope to fish, will be looking for crew, are Stui’s or ohgreatone still interested?
  11. I've milked a goat!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. we should change the comps to wednesdays. they seem to have better weather. Hope it improves soon as I dont want to be discussing the weather when we eventually meet in July!!!!!
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