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  1. fisherman1055


    Hi Jerry this is the week before 2 weeks leave so I have to bow out of this one, also I have to cover my colleague who covers my leave. At least Martin will breath a sigh of relief in case he had to share a room with me. He complains when our boats are alongside!!!!
  2. fisherman1055

    Transport in Poole takes another blow

    I note there are a lot of cones on the Upton bypass, may be they will play the hatrick and close this road and cause absolutel chaos for any one on Upton and Purbeck
  3. fisherman1055

    Wareham Channel pub

    The Priory is always good for a mooring and a meal. They do like advance booking and are not children friendly. However food is good with relevant price tag. Tony
  4. fisherman1055

    Kenzaki problem

    Castaways on Ashley road also run this service, probably the same bloke!!
  5. fisherman1055

    Bass Comp 2019

    Took out grand children, Bass caught by Lucy age 8
  6. fisherman1055

    48 hr Comp

    Well done for getting out guys and catching fish I dutifully attended an 8 year old girls birthday party and had a sleepover watching videos with the other grand children I did not even get one bite!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi Tony,


                   I wish to thank the membership for the lovely bottle of red which I hope to drink in the near future.


                    I am at home now and making steady progress.Hopefuly fishing in the near future.


                                                                 Many Thanks Tom.

  8. fisherman1055

    Fuel price information

    That is when I got Serenity, happy days!
  9. fisherman1055

    Diesel tank sludge

    Boats sometimes list into the wind
  10. fisherman1055

    Birthday greetings Charlie

    Belated greetings Charlie.
  11. fisherman1055

    Flatfish Competition

    Saturdays wind looks too exciting, Sunday looks manageable
  12. fisherman1055

    Poole Powerboat race 8th June

    That will be interesting in a 24 kn wind!!!
  13. fisherman1055

    Rod ring repair

    Castaways on Ashley road also do a good ring replacement service
  14. fisherman1055


    Yes I would be interested, cheaper than a trip to Alderney could also be male bonding time in the evening over a few jars