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I bought myself an absolute bargain on eBay. A hobie revo 16, same as my wife’s. I paid £3200 fo hers but stole this one in an auction for £1800

The only problem was its location. Carnkie in Cornwall. Today was looking good as some chums were down in Sennen for the bank holiday, so I set off at 4.30 am( who knew there was two 4.30s in a day?)e8ab54039f30044dab0ea074b78fcfc9.jpg


It’s a good job I packed a rod and some lures and feathers. The conditions were perfect.

It was action from the off. Nothing big for me but plenty of double figures Pollock were coming out. I had a half a dozen codling and took a few 2-3lbers for Monday’s dinner. I also had a Pb ballan around 4lb, pollock and a 2lb pout a1fb3b4860552f72deb6bb54d49d8b90.jpg08b959f0b88f10860dd1ed01635699e2.jpgb88bc7d308853f49efffc4c1c4447a10.jpg

It was a bit like fishing in an aquarium it was rammed with fish

With a second 200 miles to do I hit the beach around 1pm, said my goodbyes and headed home. 7812a7e997512806127df5cd00238bb7.jpg84ca13513b72a844238cad22f6843e8c.jpg22a7f54c342a738c29adccb56aced6d1.jpg9c4517a4025f1574ba4ed4da936b3e7b.jpg

Not a bad bank holiday Sunday




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Don't get nicked for speeding in the harbour Steve. They're a bit quick. 

I’m pretty sure no one gets nicked in the harbour anymore. We took them out for a go today and there were jet skis and speedboats blasting around with impunity

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