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  1. plaicemat

    Wednesday &/or Thursday &/or Friday

    All being well, I shall be out on Wednesday Pete so, perhaps see you then. I shall be doing my usual. 😉 Anybody fancy joining, give me a shout. Terry.
  2. plaicemat

    Ray Competition

    I would have thought, in light of your activity that day, you would have seen that coming! 😉 Terry.
  3. plaicemat

    Ray Competition

    O/k, let's rein in on the horse jokes. You might have asked it why it had such a long face though. Terry.
  4. plaicemat

    Ray Competition

    'Terry your home made pasties heated up in the Dutch ? oven were superb.' Jim, close, no cigar, Swedish oven but thanks for the mention. 'Also, an unusual catch that came up in the mouth of half a mackerel bait - a Sea Horse !! Now I am sure that is not on the Year species list??????' Greg, did you weigh it? Yay or Neigh? Terry.
  5. plaicemat

    Boat show discount code.

    MDL were also offering discounted tickets to berth holders, don't know if this still applies. £13.50 with code MDL19. Terry.
  6. plaicemat

    Ray Competition

    With the met for Sunday being what it is, I'm surprised people aren't all over this one. Terry.
  7. plaicemat

    Is my boat safe to fish out of the harbour

    Very similar handling to a Microplus I used to own, eminently suitable in the bay, if you are. If you are unsure of your capabilities, the Club has an arrangement whereby you can take your RYA 2 certificate which will give you valuable knowledge and, perhaps, the confidence to venture farther. As Steve said, Mal will have the details. Terry.
  8. plaicemat


    I shall be en route to Denmark for a spot of friend visiting and salmon fishing so, not me. Directly I return though, I shall be amongst you, I feel a sole trip coming on. Terry.
  9. plaicemat


    I must admit, this year when I am transiting the harbour, I seem to be the only one sticking to the speed limit. Terry.
  10. plaicemat

    Evening sole trip.

    Work is definitely the curse of the retired classes, always far too much to do, I don't know how these young fellas manage to do a job as well. 😁 Good to hear you got it all sorted, Pete.
  11. plaicemat

    Evening sole trip.

    Good skill with the sole, a plan is emerging. 😉 Terry.
  12. plaicemat

    Evening sole trip.

    Well, I had a great day! Met Pete (gaffa) and Stuie on the pontoon at departure, always good to meet up with members, loaded up and was down at the Christchurch end by about 10'ish after checking out a couple of spots for mackerel. Alun and brother Ian were already in attendance and had made a slow start with the plaice but, fortunately, they switched on a bit with my arrival and the flooding tide getting moving, albeit at a sedate ½ knot! I stuck with it until about 14.00 when things quietened down so toddled off to get some mackerel and try for a bass, unfortunately, not a mackerel to be had and having forgotten about the back up of small pollack, gave up after about an hour. I decided to have a last hour after the plaice again and, miraculously, they had seriously switched on.I was getting double shots of sizeable fish with very few small ones which kept my attention until about 18.00 when I decided to head back to treat Stingray to a good clean down with my newly acquired expanding hose, which worked perfectly and only £12 for 15 mtrs. As he has said, Jim came down to join in the fun but timed it with the switch being toned down a bit so, coupled with a loss of gear and having to re-fettle his rod, cut down his fishing time. Nice to see you caught something though, Jim. I returned to Poole well inshore where I had to keep a good lookout for long distance swimmers, canoes and paddle boarders, but, despite keeping a good watch, didn't spot Fisheagle anywhere, did I miss you or were you hiding? I have to say, with all that activity, it would have been difficult to find somewhere to quietly fish for sole, I think Barton might have been a better option. I shall be off to Denmark next week visiting friends and salmon fishing but will be back down upon my return to give it another go, possibly with a later start and giving the sole a go. Terry.
  13. plaicemat

    Evening sole trip.

    I'm out tomorrow and may linger to give this a try, possibly see you out there. Terry.
  14. plaicemat

    What 3 words

    As a family, we have been using it since it came out in case of emergencies as we all go into the mountains and wild terrain. Having tested it, we are impressed. Terry.
  15. plaicemat

    Online users

    There's always one! Terry.