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  1. This concurs with the information I passed on a while back gleaned from the B&B who had the latest directive. However, as stated, we must all prepare for this to change at short notice as with any travel arrangements. Terry.
  2. In a word, no. Perhaps a call to Mainbrayce? Terry.
  3. For those staying in B&Bs, a Covid lateral flow test the day before would be very much appreciated although not a mandatory requirement. If it's against your human rights, religious beliefs or you just think it's not necessary, fine, just passing on the information, doesn't seem like a biggy to me and I shall be complying for the peace of mind of my skipper having me in his wheelhouse. They are going to pass this on to the charter skippers. Terry.
  4. plaicemat

    Good old Wood

    It's nice to see Jim can still get wood, even at his age. Well, somebody had to say it. Terry.
  5. Just so there's no confusion, the accommodation I have booked is for the period travelling over on the 2nd and returning on the 5th July. Terry.
  6. Thanks for the kind words, Steve, I have had one other enquiry, I assume he will throw his hat into the ring when I get back to him with accommodation. Terry
  7. Right, I am assuming that, due to the lack of input, there are only two boats planning to go to Alderney on the 2nd July and, in that case, I have sufficient accommodation reserved for the 6 people. I do have access AT THE PRESENT TIME to more but this is likely to dry up rapidly as the Island is opening up on the 1st July and there are a lot of enquiries flooding in, not counting charters which I assume will be keen to go. Basically, this is your final call for me to arrange rooms, leave it 'till later and you're on your own! Terry.
  8. That is pretty alarming and not a little impressive, Jim. Terry.
  9. It's strange you should mention that, I haven't smoked since 1987 but have smoked a couple of really good cigars. Whilst in Cuba in 2011, I acquired a couple of cigars from Fidel Castro's humidor in Havana with the intention of smoking them on our 40th wedding anniversary later in the year. However, I ended up celebrating that with an extended stay in hospital so you have reminded me that they are still in their tubes in the drawer. This year is our 50th Anniversary so, time for them to come out and be conditioned with cabbage leaves in a box ready for the day. Thank you for the re
  10. Happy cake day Jerry, treat yourself. Terry.
  11. You're on the list Charlie. Terry.
  12. So, is the comp on for next weekend, the weather looks good from Wednesday onwards? Terry.
  13. Further update. Guernsey and therefore Alderney are opening up to visitors from Great Britain (as opposed to the UK) on the 1st July so we have just made it. However, accommodation is going to be tight, I have tried most of my regulars and am still left with the 3 rooms I secured earlier. I am happy to go further but one of them has changed hands so he doesn't appreciate the requirements I try to secure and the others are fairly unknown quantities so I can only book definite rooms so a commitment to going will be required as deposits will have to be paid in advance. So far I have the crew of T
  14. Right, update on accommodation. I have managed so far to secure 3 rooms at one of my usuals but I await definite confirmation when the covid circumstances are confirmed on the island, which is behind Guernsey in making a decision; no change there then. At present, we would have to go to Guernsey first and get tested, isolate there for a day and then go to Alderney, a no goer I would have thought. This is due to change in the next week apparently so Mel will call me ASAP thereafter. I have more options but cannot get hold of the other good option but will keep trying but, in the meantime, can p
  15. Thank you Jim. Terry.
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