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  1. plaicemat

    Boat wanted

    I drew the line at baiter years ago and always launched at Christchuch, much more user friendly and good parking if you can work around the tides which, being retired at 59, I was able to do. Terry.
  2. plaicemat

    Boat wanted

    Until 2 years ago I was launching my Warrior single handedly when I gave in and went for dry stack. I don't know how old you are, I was 71 at the time and could still manage, no probs. Terry.
  3. plaicemat

    Going West.

    I shall be out also but heading east. Have a good day. Terry.
  4. plaicemat

    Boat wanted

    Especially if there is another period of lockdown. Terry.
  5. plaicemat

    Boat wanted

    Check the Warrior owners website https://www.facebook.com/groups/warriorboats/, usually a few on there in that price range and you could do much worse. Terry.
  6. plaicemat

    Planning a trip out on Tuesday 15th

    I shall be amongst you if I can get some worms. Terry.
  7. plaicemat

    Chartplotter problems

    Just a quick update. The new Lowrance unit has arrived and is installed, it produces some very nice pictures. I used the opportunity to take care of one or two other little jobs so spent two days at it,, a very nice break. Of course, I couldn't risk an overnight stay so travelled down and back both days. Worth it! Terry.
  8. plaicemat

    Chartplotter problems

    Indeed Jim, and simulator mode on the unit Terry.
  9. plaicemat

    Chartplotter problems

    Another good point well made, I only need half an excuse. 😉 Terry.
  10. plaicemat

    flounder fishing in the harbour

    To me, they knda look like family beach inflatables, not the sort of thing I'd want to be confined in during winter fishing trips. Or any other time actually. Terry.
  11. plaicemat

    Chartplotter problems

    I think I'm going to have to go back to school though, this thing has so many features, I believe I would probably lose the plot using it at sea. A good session with the simulator on is required, I think. Terry.
  12. plaicemat

    Chartplotter problems

    The very same. That was similar feedback I got from Brian so, way to go. Terry.
  13. plaicemat

    Chartplotter problems

    Thanks everyone for your input, all useful stuff. Brian and Dicky, I tried The Service Centre as I have used them in the past but, regretably, I didn't get farther than "we don't deal with Lowrance or Eagle". Despite asking for a bit of advice, I got the same response. I then tried Greeham Regis and they were helpful but the person I really needed to speak to was absent. Hey ho! Then, on Brians recommendation, I called Navico who are the Lowrance agents and asked to be put through to the Service Dept as I generally find engineers more knowledgeable that sales people. He talked me through my problem and advised, as I had suspected, that my unit is obsolete, Eagle are not made any more and I can't get a replacement GPS module. I could get a compatible unit which might work but no guarantees. Now I was able to make a decision, it's definitely a new toy! I decided on a Lowrance Hook Reveal, 9" and Navico obviously sell them but the engineer had a quick look on line and found that Force 4 have them at a discounted price with £100 off, bargain! I found this surprising as it is the latest bit of kit they do and the one recommended by the Navico engineer.and, again surprisingly, he had recommended NOT to go for the Triple Shot model which saved me about £60. Long story short, I am awaiting delivery. As usual the Club has come up trumps with advice and my problem is, hopefully, solved. I look forward to being able to see where I am going. Next challenge is transferring my marks, hopefully easy as they are both the same manufacturer. Terry.
  14. plaicemat

    Chartplotter problems

    My backup chartplotter, an Eagle Fish Strike (Lowrance) is giving me the message GPS Module is not responding so I assume the antenna is furgled. Do we have a tame electronics firm who can confirm my diagnosis and, perhaps, supply a new module. I like to go with local people where possible (your local, not mine, Oxfordshire is not known for it's marine electronics)) Terry.
  15. plaicemat

    The sole search goes on.

    I shall also be amongst you tomorrow, if I'm spared! Terry.