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  1. I seem to remember, probably back in the late 60's, a Weymouth charter skipper used to take old cars out to the Shambles and drop them over for the same purpose. Old trick, same result. Terry.
  2. I watched the PM's speech to Parliament, Jerry, and it seemed fairly straightforward, apart from the usual exhortation to stay at home if you can. 29th March will be the first date one can leave the home area which would suggest we can go fishing. Like me, I'm sure you can travel to your boat, go fishing and return home without coming into contact with anyone. I can assure you that I shall be travelling to Lyme Regis to collect the new toy! Terry.
  3. plaicemat

    New anchor winch

    Has somebody got something they want to share? Terry.
  4. plaicemat

    Boat Insurance

    Well done Tom, you won't regret it. I'm in the process of changing boats and will definitely stay with them. Terry.
  5. Hear, hear, keeps me going. If you can't go fishing or boating, the next best thing is playing with your toys or talking about it. Terry.
  6. plaicemat

    Boat Insurance

    Another one for Porthcawl. Terry.
  7. Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Can't resist an invitation. Terry.
  8. If you want something simple yet bomb proof for thicker, stiffer lines, this is one I picked up in the States years ago, no idea what it is called but it has never let me down. rather than try to explain it, I found this vid and it describes it perfectly.
  9. Also, did you still get your early settlers discount? I had an email from them this week reminding me that I hadn't settled and that the cut off date was approaching, this despite the fact that I had paid on the 8th January and sent the contract in the day after. All sorted with a phone call. Terry.
  10. I do the same with fly tier's UV glue, if you get the medium it doesn't go hard. I would add that I only use it when joining braid to nylon for which I use the improved FG knot. Terry.
  11. Yes, I agree, I shouldn't be surprised. However, the thing that got me the most was three days for experts with all the tools, jigs and patterns available to fit a windlass. Have I missed something? Terry.
  12. plaicemat

    Is it me?

    O/k, here's the thing, I've been thinking about fitting a windlass. Been online and found that I can buy a Lewmar V700 model for about £550 and this is the recommended one used by Jeanneau and, despite being an old fashioned engineer (no computerised machinery in my day) I thought I might get it fitted as I do not live in the same place as my boat. However, I looked at it in detail and can't believe it is that difficult so got a quote from a Poole firm who specialise in this sort of thing and are Lewmar agents. Imagine my shock when I get a quote which put the purchase price of the unit at £87
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