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  1. Update. Stainless rod holders mounted on the side overhang of the wheelhouse roof which gives me storage for 8 rods and doesn't affect the overall height, should be enough for two! Bait tank sorted thanks to Martin who just happened to have one about his person and, pro tem, I am going to use a small bilge pump hurled over the stern when stationary with the outlet pouring out over the transom. At some stage I will get round to fitting a deck wash pump but that may wait until the season is finished, no point in wasting good fishing time. A little cruise next week to Yarmouth (IOW not Norfolk) with Dilys and number 1 daughter with a nice lunch thrown in. Might have time on the way back for a mackerel or three. Terry.
  2. Loobie 1V Jerry 1 Jerry 2 Norman Fishlock. Saturday Madness - Martin + Dean non member. Sunday Tigerfish - Steve + Alun + Terry + Ian, Saturday. Reel Magic Dave Kev and Charlie, Saturday
  3. Loobie 1V Jerry 1 Jerry 2 Norman Fishlock. Saturday Madness - Martin + Dean non member. Sunday Tigerfish - Steve + Alun + Terry + Ian
  4. Having used Min-y-Mor 3 times now, I have identified the urgent improvements that need doing. Number 1) A bait tank which will be installed once I have a deck-wash pump installed which will be achieved with Martin's help. 2) Rod storage. This is the most urgent as it is very difficult keeping them anywhere they are not in the way. The obvious answer is a stainless rack on the roof but, at present, I can get under the two bridges without having to wait for them to lift but at high springs, it is tight. If I add a stainless rail and rack it will mean waiting for bridges so I would like to install one that folds down thus solving the problem. Where do I get one from or get one especially made, there is the rub! Discuss and make suggestions please. Terry.
  5. Just to endorse what Charlie has said, I spoke to the Authorities in Guernsey who decide the regs and have been informed that, although the SW is now considered Category 4 (it was 2), if everyone has been double vaccinated, we will be considered category 1 with Blue status (whatever that is) and, as such, will be free to enter without restrictions. We will not be able to complete our travel trackers until tomorrow when the online form will be updated. Fingers crossed!! Terry.
  6. Thanks for all that, Charlie, top man. Bit of a bugger about Mainbrayce but at least we can get fuel. I've completed the form for Tigerfish as Steve is away in Devon and will forward it straight to the Harbour Authorities with a note that we are in a convoy with the rest. Anyone getting nervous yet? Terry.
  7. There's more! Evening meals are a little difficult due, I presume, to reduced capacity with covid precautions. For the four on Tigerfish, I have booked The Georgian for Friday night, This is available for Saturday night if you don't mind eating in a crowded bar with music. Saturday I have booked the Marais Hall and asked if this could be increased to 9 people and was told in no uncertain terms not to think about it. Sunday night is at Le Pesked which is owned by the previous French chef at the Harbour lights and is French style seafood. I assume the Moorings (Rea's) is still available but could get no answer all day or I believe Cantina 6 is still going by the harbour which is good value Tapas'y type food. Hope this helps. Terry.
  8. Another little suggestion for those thinking of lunches, don't forget the B&B's will do packed lunches preferably with notice. Terry.
  9. Just a little bump as a reminder. For those staying in B&Bs, a Covid lateral flow test the day before would be very much appreciated although not a mandatory requirement. If it's against your human rights, religious beliefs or you just think it's not necessary, fine, just passing on the information, doesn't seem like a biggy to me and I shall be complying for the peace of mind of my skipper having me in his wheelhouse. They are going to pass this on to the charter skippers. Terry.
  10. Wow! A rare species indeed. Terry.
  11. Further update, I have spoken to Gill at Simerock now and, at the moment, she will be doing sit down breakfasts as she has a large dining room. This could change when she learns where the other guests are coming from or if the Authorities change things which happens on Fridays. If you would prefer take out, she is happy to go with that but let her know. This applies to Ian, Chris and Dave. Watch this space! Terry.
  12. Accommodation update, for those staying at Bonjour Guest House (Reel Magic and Tigerfish crews), Mel is doing takeaway breakfasts as she is unable to do 2mtr distancing in the dining room but be assured, it will not be a cheap option apparently. This actually suits me as this is what I usually do after cereal. I cannot confirm if Simerock are doing the same as I haven't managed to get hold of Gill yet, I will update when I do. Terry.
  13. Thanks for the offer and info, I will consider my options. Terry.
  14. Two stones and two shells Pete. Terry.
  15. Quick update, upon gutting the bass, it's stomach contents were quite amazing, how it was going to jettison this lot, I'm not quite sure, I've heard of being on solid foods but this is ridiculous! The fish is a small flattie, not what I would expect on the ledge. The bait tank was only a stop gap Charlie, I've had it for some years, sent to me by the Florida owner of Keep Alive bait tanks who I used to know and fish with. For anything other than mackerel, it is brilliant but therefore of little use to me. When I can find somebody to fit a deck wash pump I will be back up to speed, as I was on Stingray. Terry.
  16. Only a quick report as I have a very busy day. Very enjoyable day out with one of the Jones boys yesterday, in this case Ian. We managed to find some mackerel but had trouble keeping them alive as they don't seem to like my American aerating bait tank, despite not engaging the aerator (which kills them in minutes) and changing the water regularly, I really must get a deck wash pump fitted so I can run a proper bait tank. However, we persevered and I did manage to snaffle a couple of nice bass, the biggest going 8lb 2oz when weighed at home at the end of a very long day. It will probably be a bit smaller when I remove the bloody great crab which can be easily felt in its belly, it's going to know it when it craps that lot out! Otherwise, a fairly uneventful day which left us unbothered by much else of note apart from a nice gurnard for Ian which will, perhaps, contribute to a nice fish stew. As it has done for the last two outings, a perfectly good forecast went windy and lumpy for the second half a the day which put the mockers on the plaice session, they don't like it up 'em Mr. Mainwaring. As seems to be usual, the day finished with me eating my take away Chez Burt, always fun. Now watching the weather for Alderney next week, everything crossed. Terry.
  17. Sorry to hear this Pete, I went through a period of reflection recently but decided a new boat would solve the problem, just let me know when you want to go fishing, you of all people should feel at home on Min-y-Mor! Terry.
  18. Could be or perhaps Chinese, I've been tempted twice recently. I would hate to miss my favourite diner. Terry.
  19. How very dare you! Terry.
  20. Cool???? Getting a bit hip and trendy there Mr. Burt. Terry.
  21. There it is! I've been on online services with my surgery from the beginning and assumed everyone else was as it's so convenient for making appointments, getting results etc. I do recall signing in during the process. Terry.
  22. Ah, I think I see the problem, I use fingerprint for security which worked fine. Dilys occasionally has problems with face recognition, she can't use fingerprint as her fingers are too small to give a reading, it doesn't seem to be as precise as fingerprints with too many variables. Terry.
  23. Trying to work out what the photo and video are about, I just filled out my name, email and NHS number and from there it was plain sailing. Are you both on Apple phones? Perhaps Android is more straightforward. The again, it's the NHS app so there should be no difference. Terry.
  24. No, no photo or video, are you sure you were on the official NHS app. Did you have to wear clothes for the photo and video? 😉 Terry.
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