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  1. Im looking for recommendations on local firms to help with the minefield of choosing the latest chart plotters/transducers/vhf radio etc and to fit them, i'm getting really confused with all this new stuff although my old stuff wasn't that old Help Thanks Gary
  2. Gazza

    Happy birthday Gazza

    Thankyou for my birthday messages, As I am now boatless☹️ I didn't fish the comp although I did fish on Silverspray with sam on the Saturday, but we only managed congers and I mean congers 100's of them some so small i'm not sure how they took the hook. Gary
  3. Gazza

    Warrior Pro Angler

    There is a Warrior owners page on facebook that is very helpful if you follow facebook, good luck with your new boat
  4. Gazza

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    I have used South Coast Marine before (xhurch), Mike at the shop is very knowledgeable but does like to talk . The engine I have now was fitted by Golden Arrow(Poole), But if you are out of warranty and on a budget you could service yourself, service kits available on-line , also only every 3yrs is this link any good to you ,http://www.etecownersgroup.com/categories Gary
  5. Gazza

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    Hi Hooky, I have had 2 Etecs on my boats over the last few years, 1st was a 60hp from new (2005), 1st fault was a broken wire so computer said no start (5 miles south of Old Harry), 2nd fault was trim motor (very common fault ). 2nd engine is a 130 Etec, nearly 3 yrs old and faultless, just coming up to my 1st service so starting to get quotes from authorised Etec dealers because of 5yrs warranty, also I get about 1mile a litre , but if I drive it like I stole it a little more I hope this helps you and good luck Gary Are you worried that you can't service a etc yourself because of computer set up stuff ?
  6. Gazza

    Happy Birthday Gazza

    Thanks guys, Jim, your eyes seem to be able to spot your rocket launcher rod holders o.k (purchased from Brian) My bet is you could also spot beer and cakes at a distance Gary
  7. Gazza

    E-Tec engine problem

    Don't know if you are aware, but there is a site for E-Tec owners like yourself, should find plenty of advise here ,if my link works haha E-TEC owners you will probably have to register and then ask all the questions Gary
  8. Gazza

    Nearly Ready for Cobbs

    I'm still about jim, I've been at rocky dry stack for nearly 2yrs now, its ok there but like Brian says it would be nice to get out in the evenings at short notice, also they close at xmas so you have to make a decision to leave it on the pontoon or not . Its just a big step to anti-foul or not (pontoon berthing forever or not) why don't you try at rocky for 1yr and see how you get on ? call the expense an adventure and it won't hurt so much when am i gonna see you out there ? lots of plaice at the moment close enough for you Gary
  9. Gazza

    Nearly Ready for Cobbs

    Brian , did you have to scuff the hull up to apply the ant-foul or can it be primed on a smooth gel-coat ? just thinking about doing the same but I was wondering what the reverse process would be like, (re-sale price etc) my previous warrior had been anti-fouled and it was a blooming nightmare getting the hull clean again. good luck on Megabytes new home, Gary
  10. Gazza

    Anyone looking for a Warrior?

    There is a Warrior site on facebook with about 800 members on there.......maybe they are all potential customers ? I don't go on facebook really although my eldest set me an account up, but I have never put anything on there. Anyway, it may be worth a try ? , nothing ventured nothing gained and all that. Gary
  11. Gazza

    Anyone looking for a Warrior?

    Brian, that sounds a fair price to me, I will call you when the boat is back at Rockley, Jim, hopefully I will see you out on the water soon......by the way you didn't say if the rod tubes are still in production or not ? Gary
  12. Gazza

    Anyone looking for a Warrior?

    If you are selling them Brian can I have first refusal please ? I will have to check to see if they fit the 175 bridge first.....just to make sure. I am also at Rockley but the boat is having some work done elsewhere and may not be back until a week Saturday have you a price in mind ? can you pm me ? you maybe interested in the ones I have now (height wise) as they are a few inches lower although the dull grey aluminium might put you off Gary
  13. Gazza

    Anyone looking for a Warrior?

    I got the boat second hand from Romney Marsh (near Dover) back in August, was nearly giving up after 3yrs searching and saving. The boat is called "Catch 22" and is kept on a dry rack at Rockley (too much physical exercise in trailing her) Hopefully after a few things to sort out I will be out on the water soon ? Jim, can you still get hold of a set of rocket launchers? as the boat has some but they are those dull horrible aluminium ones Gary
  14. Gazza

    Anyone looking for a Warrior?

    I still look in every now and then to see if anyone is going out in this blooming wind I knew as soon as I got another boat the weather would change...... Gary
  15. Gazza

    Anyone looking for a Warrior?

    Yep thats my old boat, If it's the same engine I think it's been used as a garden ornament ( jim), about the same engine hrs as when i sold it I sold it about 3 yrs ago and have recently bought a second hand 175 Gary