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  1. Gazza

    Hydrolic steering

    Hi Ray, I believe we met yesterday at Cobbs(your new neighbour) discussing your steering problem, Did you find anything out from your owners manual ? If im down there and you need any help just shout, always willing to help if I can although im no expert Best of luck Gary
  2. Gazza

    Looking after your catch....

    Kam, Are you saying to bleed mackerel ? I never even thought about doing them.....normally just thrown in the cool box. You learn something new everyday
  3. Gazza

    Wire Cable Advice Please

    Maybe you need to make the join between the anchor and the swivel rigid somehow so that the chain doesn't come at such a 90 deg angle ? maybe some sacrificial hose/ally tube or similar but slit lengthways so it still trips ? hopefully some of you buddy engineers might understand me just a thought but trying to help.......and waiting for the solution Best of luck Gary
  4. Gazza

    Camswan sidescan sonar images

    Thanks Andy, these are amazing images, at the moment i have a basic in-hull transducer on my boat until i research what type of decent transducer i need for a simrad go 12, however im not sure if the side scan tech is for me lol. Im doing lots of looking on youtube but it seems to always be on USA lakes. do you use the side scan when trying to find ....say bream can you identify the nests ? I would love to see some pictures of the sharks Rob ( I hope you get to go soon) Gary
  5. Gazza

    Camswan sidescan sonar images

    Hi Andy, great pics, If the dark area is the water above the wreck am i right in saying the small white flecks in the dark area are fish above the wreck? I am with lofty with the side scan technology.....totally lost although you are making it a lot easier to understand Gary
  6. Gazza

    First time out for Tiddler

    I'm glad you and Tiddler are all o.k, Im back at work and NOT loving it, long trousers and hard hats not going well. did the girl mention Doombar and cake Gary
  7. Gazza

    Lockdown project - livebait tank

    Adam, have you got a ¾" inlet into the tank for this pump ? otherwise it will seriously reduce the flow rate. I had a 1100gph on my warrior but i had to keep changing and experimenting until the right flow came through. i hope this makes sense the tank looks the bees knees by the way Gary
  8. Gazza

    Who's out on the weekend?

    Thanks Martin, I can't keep up with these bridge times lol, I would say is double check again and again, new boat is a Ocqueteau Ostrea 700, catch report, thick May bloom crawling up the lines...... no plaice 5 bream ( medium sized) kept 1 for dinner loads of doggies and in by 4.30 for some practice parking in a shaft drive .....haha
  9. Gazza

    Who's out on the weekend?

    Going out today from Cobbs on our 1st trip since getting the new boat home in January so it will be an experience of fishing and getting use to the new boat (shaft drive) so completely different to the Warrior ! Excited isn't the word lol I think the bridge is only doing 4 lifts a day 8.30 9.30 3.30 4.40 ???? 7days a week The boys and me went bait digging yesterday and it was hard to find them (Hamworthy pier area) good luck all Gary
  10. Im looking for recommendations on local firms to help with the minefield of choosing the latest chart plotters/transducers/vhf radio etc and to fit them, i'm getting really confused with all this new stuff although my old stuff wasn't that old Help Thanks Gary
  11. Gazza

    Happy birthday Gazza

    Thankyou for my birthday messages, As I am now boatless☹️ I didn't fish the comp although I did fish on Silverspray with sam on the Saturday, but we only managed congers and I mean congers 100's of them some so small i'm not sure how they took the hook. Gary
  12. Gazza

    Warrior Pro Angler

    There is a Warrior owners page on facebook that is very helpful if you follow facebook, good luck with your new boat
  13. Gazza

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    I have used South Coast Marine before (xhurch), Mike at the shop is very knowledgeable but does like to talk . The engine I have now was fitted by Golden Arrow(Poole), But if you are out of warranty and on a budget you could service yourself, service kits available on-line , also only every 3yrs is this link any good to you ,http://www.etecownersgroup.com/categories Gary
  14. Gazza

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    Hi Hooky, I have had 2 Etecs on my boats over the last few years, 1st was a 60hp from new (2005), 1st fault was a broken wire so computer said no start (5 miles south of Old Harry), 2nd fault was trim motor (very common fault ). 2nd engine is a 130 Etec, nearly 3 yrs old and faultless, just coming up to my 1st service so starting to get quotes from authorised Etec dealers because of 5yrs warranty, also I get about 1mile a litre , but if I drive it like I stole it a little more I hope this helps you and good luck Gary Are you worried that you can't service a etc yourself because of computer set up stuff ?
  15. Gazza

    Happy Birthday Gazza

    Thanks guys, Jim, your eyes seem to be able to spot your rocket launcher rod holders o.k (purchased from Brian) My bet is you could also spot beer and cakes at a distance Gary