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  1. lofty

    Monday 19 th

    They are in Swanage bay. Mate caught 10 this week but he had to look for them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Cheers chaps. I don’t always weigh like this. I’ve got a big net laundry bag that acts as a sling for stingers and gilts. This way seemed a bit more brutal but they both swam away well. If i’m honest i’m sure I’ve caught bigger undulates at Southbourne but it looked pretty good so got out the scales. Makes me wonder if I should have weighed the others. The spotty was a good size and until I started hauling I thought I had my first Bream as it shot around the yak at first. FYI my chum eventual found 2 bream
  3. Went out to the Black bream mark in the fabulous early conditions. Didn’t find any but did get some dogs and 2 personal best Rays Undulate at 16lb and Spotty at 4.75. Question. My scale does pounds but to me it looks like it then does percentages of lbs? The undulate bounced from 15.98 to 16.28 lbs. The spotted from 4.75 to just under 5 Will be adding the weights to catch reports once you chaps clarify Cheer
  4. Baiter at sunrise by Chris W
  5. If you take a nice photo this month, post it below for club members to vote on. If you like the photo and want to vote, press the like button. Post 1 image per post as it’s easier to count the votes.
  6. Sad news. Why didn’t the small boat move? Anchored? Hindsight is great but surely he could have got out the way pretty quickly unless he was broken down. If i’m anchored in Swanage and see Solent Scene I always pull and move as that f*Coker is on rails and won’t deviate. Seen my mate get swamped without a backwards glance.
  7. lofty

    Who's the boss

    I don’t blame them for jumping ship. The British tabloid press are scum of the earth anyway. It was Piers who had Millie Dowlers answerphone accessed for his shite rag, making her parents believe there was a chance it was her and she might still be alive. They put their joint wealth at around 10-20 million dollars. Not much in the worlds of the elite. Now Harry can ask 1 million dollars per private speaking event, that he couldn’t do as a royal. I’d work one night a week for a million. Personally I say let em get on with it in the USA.
  8. This photo won the “clubs seal” of approval .
  9. lofty

    New member

    Welcome Nigel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Pretending i’m a real boy
  11. If you’ve got a snap to share, post below. To vote for it press Like
  12. No rods on Friday. Disappointed look from this seal in front of the castle
  13. Condolences to Daves family. I liked Dave a lot but didn’t know him that well. He was always generous to me with his fishing knowledge and advice, and often had humorous stories to tell,his passing is a reminder how short our time on this planet is. Sad news indeed.
  14. I always wear mine year round.It’s a rare thing to see any photos of club members during the warmer months wearing them. I know a few members wear them but they are the exception to the rule. Not sure a law would make people wear them?
  15. In the unlikely event any of you poke your head out the door in February, post a photo up for POM To vote press like
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