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  1. lofty

    Camswan sidescan sonar images

    I see a topic / slide show demo for our members at a club night? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. lofty

    Camswan sidescan sonar images

    I can never get my head around what i’m seeing on them. Is the centre line the sea surface and the images to the left and right of where you are?
  3. lofty

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    My first and second rides
  4. lofty

    Workshop clear out

    Support whatever charity you like. My point is the NHS isn’t a charity. That’s all I’ve said.We all pay for the NHS. If it’s underfunded that’s down to bad governance. The UK public shouldn’t be propping it up with charity. If you start to look on it as a charity we are on a slippery slope. Please continue to support whatever charities you want.
  5. lofty

    Workshop clear out

    I love the generosity but please remember the NHS isn’t and shouldn’t be a charity. Julia’s house is on the verge of collapse as most charity’s funding has fallen off a cliff. I’m not telling you where to give your donation but a local charity would appreciate it far more.
  6. lofty

    Photo of the Century

    Keep these old photos coming chaps. Dave and his barn door are leading but plenty of time to post up a cracking catch photo from the last 20 years
  7. lofty

    The closest I'll get to a fish this month

    We walked down to Baiter and along the quay this morning . That super yacht is a bit nice. £12m With no income I’d better watch I don’t wear my trainers out
  8. lofty

    Photo of the Century

    Biggest conger I’ve had
  9. lofty

    Photo of the Century

    Get the ball rolling
  10. To give us a bit of inspiration. Go back over your images of your fishing trips and post your photos of past great catches over the last 20 years. No limit to how many you want to post. Post them an image at a time. To vote for them press like. Completion to run until the first of June. Go into your archives. Any great catch you’ve got an image of please share below Lofty
  11. lofty

    POM March

    Call my number 07740456081 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. lofty


    Bog roll Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. lofty

    POM March

    If you take a nice photo please post it below. To vote for it please press “like” Get posting
  14. lofty

    POM winner Feb

    Lofty with the secret ray mark
  15. lofty

    Baby Ray ID please

    Going through the images the closest would be SER.