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  1. I fished there Sunday. Very quiet. Small eyed nearly always favour sandeels I’ve found. Dozens of smut pups
  2. Wendy’s PB Tope
  3. Take a worthy snap of your catch, your vessel, your bum, it doesn’t matter. Post it below. To vote for a photo you like press the like button. Only likes( not emojis) count as a vote
  4. Hired a little cork of a boat, a Pegasus 460, in Cala D’or Majorca this week. Whipped out my travel road and didn’t blank. Result all round
  5. Equally voted for. 12 a piece
  6. lofty


    You’ll not go far wrong with a Jack My Monty is 16 in November
  7. Take a nice photo, doesn’t matter what. Post it below and club members will vote for it. To vote press like
  8. Our new 2 person Hobie
  9. Feels like a March photo in the cold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Can’t believe how bloody cold it still is? Decided to avoid the bream bashing and look for some flatties. Weather was crap first thing but at least it wasn’t windy. Three small plaice and one good one. Off the water by lunchtime as I’d had enough of winter fishing
  11. I’ll be inshore for a few hours looking for a plaice or two off Sandbanks weather permitting
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