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great white

Heavy Tackle

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Just ordered some serious terminal tackle that was not available locally


Some interesting lures, super strong split rings and inline hooks from jigabite


Heavy trace line that is good to tie even at 375lb bs, crane swivels to match and some monster circle hooks up to 14/0. From UKHooks


All ordered on Monday and arrived by today.


Also when on route to Torquay picked up more inline hooks and clips from Weymouth Angling Centre


If Members are tackling up for holidays or the Poole Bay monster, I would recomend these three sources

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The things some club members do to get a few more mini-species off Poole Patch...


I'm seriously interested, Charlie, in something large and low-tech that could be trolled at 6-7 knots in warmer waters to seek small tuna or Mahi-mahi....Look forward to chatting sometime!



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Mike have a look at Halco Max 130

or even better the new larger one. Halco Max 190 which come pre rigged with better hooks


They were so good shore and boat last year, we imported some more 130's direct from Australia.



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