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  1. Match them with suitably sized solar panels, add storage for overnight use, and the range is unlimited. The bad news is the size would be something like a football field, the weight of batteries would sink the average battleship,,and you'd probably still not get it on the plane.
  2. Thanks Stuie, now collected. I look forward to having the opportunity to use it.
  3. Could I have the VHF Radio please Stuie?
  4. Sorry to hear you're giving up having your own boat Stuie, hope you keep the fishing going though!
  5. Mike Fox

    WAFI !!!

    I feel your frustration Mick! I think there's two issues here... The first mentioned above is "consideration for others", and the vast majority of sailboat owners would observe this basic "right", and keep out of the way of others, particularly if they're not doing any harm out of the way. The other is The International Regulations for the Avoidance of Collision at Sea (ColRegs), and in the event of an actual collision, where would the legal liability lie? Given that the mark being fished was just to the south of the Hook Sands, and on the direct/shortest "safe
  6. Well, with the removal of the "stay local" constraint on exercise, I tried the rods using existing reels on 2 local beaches. The difference is incredible, they really launch a lead and baits with so little effort, and am already achieving decent casts of way over 100 yards (the old target back in the 70s) with bait, from little more than semi-powerful lobs. I know the species don't count for our boat comps, but so far have seen: Bass (first fish on each rod) Flounder Whiting Dogfish 5-bearded rockling A total of 10 fish in two sessions, s
  7. There is a serious and relevent point in here. Whatever we do as anglers, we can't stop numpties popping their boat on autopilot, and coming straight for us at times. The club members have recorded many instances, with a surprising number of events on Poole Patch, which is directly on a line from the Solent to the East Looe Channel. Even when anchored, it's obvious we are vulnerable, and something unpleasant can all unfold in just a minute or two. If the worst happens to you, and you find yourself about to be on the receiving end, you have only two practical
  8. The acid test is going to be if the police fine people for travelling "too far". The original article states "minimise travel outside of your local area". For example, it might be ok to drive 5 miles to the boat after 29th, but is it ok to drive 25 or more? I'm hoping to do a little shore fishing from 29th March, as my boat is 100 miles away, and it's reasonable to assume it's out of bounds. My dilemma is, I'm 8-10 miles from fishable beaches...will that be ok? Chesil is nearer 40 miles away, and feels risky. The lack of clarity is deliberate, and frustratin
  9. Mike Fox

    Boat Insurance

    GJW Direct for me too
  10. Good luck for when you do go out Mick
  11. Looks great, hope the installation gives you many years of reliable service. Well done!
  12. Excellent Dave, well done. I'd add one thing...arrange a buddy boat for your first trip, as even after all of that, stuff can and does go wrong! Mike
  13. Oooh, they've arrived.... Am now itching to go out and play with them, but am worried at the definition of "local area". Ho hum, roll on the plaice....
  14. After much deliberation, I decided to stretch my budget and go for the Anyfish Anywhere range (thanks Neil), and have ordered the "Four and Bait" as a conti-capable rod with a bit more oomph, and a "Six and Bait" as a more powerful rod still that will perform well even without tournament-style capabilities. Both at 14 feet, and both ringed for fixed spool. The positive online reviews of both rods helped, plus I liked the fact they've proven themselves over the last decade, the build quality being that bit heavier, and they don't keep changing the range every 5 minutes.
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