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  1. Hi folks, Am keen to participate in the cod/whiting comp. Regretfully, Feisty remains well ouside club waters in Brixham, where I need a base to keep an eye on elderly relatives, and Hooky is unavailable this time round. If the comp is on, has anyone got place for a small one, please? Happy to help with fuel etc. Thanks, Mike
  2. I fished Southbourne for a few hours this afternoon. The sea was smooth, but with a big swell from the south Waves were breaking beyond the 5 knot buoys, consistently more than 2m. As the tide neared high, and the light faded, the biggest waves were obscuring the horizon several hundred yards out so were 3m and a set of those reached my tripod. I packed it in, as I didn't fancy any of those after dark. Good call Jerry, it would have been unpleasant conditions outside of sheltered waters. Ps had a nice schoolie
  3. If anyone is looking for crew mid-week, to track down the elusive cod and jumbo whiting in advance of the comp, i'm happy to come along and provide bait, contribute to fuel etc. it looks like favourable winds for most of the week.
  4. Fished Southbourne from shore this evening, and drew a blank. It's rare to have a winter beach fishing trip where I had as many cod as I had pin whiting!
  5. Thanks Hookey, kind offer. Looking forward to it!
  6. The dangling lionfish is hardly bristling in indignation, and let's face it, it should have been! I remember a red-bellied piranha being weighed in at a comp in the late 70s, and the lady who kept it for years in her aquarium was laughing all the way through the weigh-in. I'm not convinced !!! Anyone else think it looks a bit "thawed out" ?
  7. I know it's early, but if anyone can offer me a trip for the cod comp, I'd be keen to participate. Happy to share cost of fuel etc.
  8. How many of the above need GPS to function properly?
  9. To answer the original question, yes, it would be a major issue, and the usa have the capability of turning off the public system, reserving it for their military. The Eu with Britain's help started building the rival Galileo system, but since Brexit, our involvement and access is no longer guaranteed, and the UK is currently looking to go it alone. From the perspective of us as small boat owners, we should all have the tools and skills to find a safe harbour without electronic aids. Even in fog, the combination of compass and paper chart, from a known or estimated position should be good enough to find Bournemouth Beach, for example, then follow the coastline into Poole.
  10. Match them with suitably sized solar panels, add storage for overnight use, and the range is unlimited. The bad news is the size would be something like a football field, the weight of batteries would sink the average battleship,,and you'd probably still not get it on the plane.
  11. Thanks Stuie, now collected. I look forward to having the opportunity to use it.
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