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Mission Accomplished

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With such few weather windows, a bit of rain wasn’t going to put us off chasing some flatties. After a slow start with some Red and Tub Gurnard and the odd Bream we found some Plaice. Kev joined us on Reel Busy, his fishing wardrobe hasn’t changed since August but he was happy and also supplied us with a full box of tea bags. Thanks Kev, J2 and Dave were cussing the skipper.

When the tide was running we had a steady flow of Plaice, Dave outfished us with 2 triple shots and numerous doubles, the rain was continuous all day with little let up but the sea was glass like. We lost count of numbers, mostly small but enough for a couple of keepers each.

Cracking day, good company and a fish for tea.





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Well done for getting out guys. I was thinking of a trip but got lazy and couldn’t be arsed to get wet !!
Sat in and put my feet up instead, it was nice to have the tv all to myself for a change !!

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Sounds like a good day Jerry,  and what a clubmate,  delivering tea bags, on a day like saturday that must come close to being in the category of life saving  !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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Well done Jerry and Kev. 

I managed to get Tigerfish out for a few hours in the late afternoon on the flood, there was continuous rain and as the evening gloom set in, fog.


Being on my own so not needing to worry about everyone catching I had a go for bass with a whole bunch of different lures, catching as many bass as possible wasn't the objective, just trying to compares lures and fishing methods, ie a learning trip, catch a bass on one, switch lure. Best bass went around 6lb with some others of good size and a wrasse or two as well.


The lure experiments are a work in progress, so no conclusions, needs many trips for that.




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