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Phaeton for quick sale...

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Haven't really got back into fishing since Dave departed, and the journey down to Poole seems to get more and more difficult everytime I do it.


So the boat needs a new owner.


Faeton Moraga 780  Yanmar 4Lha/stzp (4 cylinder turbo diesel, no electronics, bravo 3 drive).

Launched new in Poole 2001. Just over 1000 engine hours.


Would benefit from cosmetic attention as well as a number of minor bits and pieces. The major potential issue is that water dripping of the back of the engine cover when opened has, over the years, rusted up the turbo actuator, and surface rusting on the turbo.its been working fine like it for years and last ran a few weeks ago - however I feel I've priced the boat to take into account the potential cost of replacing. Detailed pictures in the album link attached.


7.8m 2200kg dry cruise all day around 20kt, and has been as fast as 34kt (racing Martin B into the bar at St PeterPort).


Old electronics but all worked this weekend - sounder, multiple chart plotters, radar, radio, eberspacher, windlass (dual controls for foredeck and at helm).


Cuddly below, full camper canvas and seating options in cockpit - again pictures show best. There's even a full sized sun pad!






Please email me at phaeton@dmackie.co.uk

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Not been down to the boat since I posted this last Oct, and didn't get round to advertising elsewhere.


I will be heading down next week to check things over and run the boat up (As well as washing it off again...) but if anyone's interested I am extremely open to offers (obviously I expect to show the boat running as well).


Finally, if any member wants a well used PBSBAC pennant let me know...

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Sheila is very busy at the moment but I will have a word.

2 hours ago, Tarlach. said:

Does the club have pennants ?? To sell I mean ?



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1 hour ago, Brian said:

Wedger's wife used to make them.


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