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  1. duncan

    Phaeton for quick sale...

    Just to confirm that the boat has been sold, but will remain in use around Poole with its new owner. The pennant has found a new home with the membership secretary...as soon as I get it in the post to him! Hope it brings him luck 😎
  2. duncan

    Phaeton for quick sale...

    Not been down to the boat since I posted this last Oct, and didn't get round to advertising elsewhere. I will be heading down next week to check things over and run the boat up (As well as washing it off again...) but if anyone's interested I am extremely open to offers (obviously I expect to show the boat running as well). Finally, if any member wants a well used PBSBAC pennant let me know...
  3. duncan

    Phaeton for quick sale...

    SOLD Haven't really got back into fishing since Dave departed, and the journey down to Poole seems to get more and more difficult everytime I do it. So the boat needs a new owner. Faeton Moraga 780 Yanmar 4Lha/stzp (4 cylinder turbo diesel, no electronics, bravo 3 drive). Launched new in Poole 2001. Just over 1000 engine hours. Would benefit from cosmetic attention as well as a number of minor bits and pieces. The major potential issue is that water dripping of the back of the engine cover when opened has, over the years, rusted up the turbo actuator, and surface rusting on the turbo.its been working fine like it for years and last ran a few weeks ago - however I feel I've priced the boat to take into account the potential cost of replacing. Detailed pictures in the album link attached. 7.8m 2200kg dry cruise all day around 20kt, and has been as fast as 34kt (racing Martin B into the bar at St PeterPort). Old electronics but all worked this weekend - sounder, multiple chart plotters, radar, radio, eberspacher, windlass (dual controls for foredeck and at helm). Cuddly below, full camper canvas and seating options in cockpit - again pictures show best. There's even a full sized sun pad! https://www.flickr.com/gp/duncanmackie/Nq254u £12,000 Please email me at phaeton@dmackie.co.uk
  4. duncan

    Alderney take 3

    It's the moving around that becomes more tricky - basically you get very well defined windows for certain routes and you really really don't want to miss them! Adam is well versed in the issues. Same goes for the banks themselves, although different areas do have different flow rates and you can usually find a suitable one for drift rates. Comfort will depend on wind and tide as usual, although going back up after a drift can require a more circuitous route at times. Plan on using more fuel, although smaller closer banks like the SW casquettes have fished better on bigger tides for me in the past, as has the bank on the South of Alderney. As ever Mark is a good source of info.
  5. duncan

    JV does Alderney 2015

    Sitting under an umbrella on the Oxford canal in the rain this thread made an excellent escape as I continue to catch up on here. Great write up Adam, and glad to hear the boat is delivering for the effort. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  6. duncan

    Happy Birthday Duncan

    Cheers guys - we have got rid of the van but currently still have the boat....how this pans out is yet to be seen! No doubt anything I do get involved with will be around those on here though.
  7. duncan

    Missing fisherman

    difficult to see from that photo that this was high quality gear, or that it was in use at the time. i see the search is currently called off, let's hope it's all a classic misunderstanding.
  8. duncan

    Prop damage, possible cable stretch??

    just how much force was involved in this incident? I'm trying to work out how an impact to the propeller can influence the throttle cable attachment - short of a huge catastrophic force being involved! The attachment is part of the engine head rather than the boat, so the engine can move without affecting it. Obvious answer is to reset the throttle linkage to manufacturer's specification in the first place, and in so doing maybe something will become apparent.
  9. Personally, even launching at Portland it doesn't make a whole lot of sense heading down to Beer in a boat. Pubs are OK but the fishing's better offshore...
  10. duncan

    VHF Licence

    Mick, there are two entirely separate issues here. 1. The operators licence 2. The boats licence. The latter will have a record, but is unrelated to the operators licence that you seem to be referencing as lost. That's relatively easy to check using the MARS database and sure enough you are listed there. WEKENS DREAM has a VHF station and a call sign of 2HCA9 but no MMSI listed. The physical licence issued should be displayed on the boat itself. Your starting point for the latter will be whoever issued it, and possibly the RYA. Unless it was a long time ago you will have done the DSC element which has been part of the course for around 15 years now.. If you contact them with your name and address at the time of issue they may well be able to assist you.
  11. duncan

    Duoprop one prop turned black

    I don't think nibral props going black in seawater after having been cleaned up is new Steve; but as to whether you have a problem I can't really comment. Over the years there have been lots of nibral dph prop issues for some on forums, and obviously a lot of people who never have any issues. Being the front props I seem to remember that there's a plastic shield/cone in front of the props and it's very important that this is maintained in perfect condition or it can accelerate issues that start with the front props.
  12. duncan

    Alderney 2014 take 2 - 23rd May

    indeed Condor Express Friday 23 May 2014 WEATHER DELAY POOLE - CICondor Ferries regrets that Condor Express had to return to Poole due to unexpected weather conditions outside her operating limits. Obviously PBSBAC boats don't have such puny operating limits..........but all the same it's something to take note of!
  13. duncan

    Alderney 2014 take 2 - 23rd May

    I seem to remember an even earlier one with a 6 on the nose for 8 hours in the promise of a fantastic 3 days to follow.....although only Tom and I were in our boats that trip! I hope it works out for you all but beware anticipation and frustration have no place in making difficult decisions on such trips.
  14. duncan

    Old style Bluechart - Garmin

    the real problem lies in the propitiatory nature of the hardware ie G-Chart cards themselves, and subsequently micro G-Charts. without a physical way to interface with the card there's no real point in pursuing the even bigger problems associated with the actual file/data formats! that's the long answer - short answer is to print out your Lowrance data and type in the important ones (or just print it nice and large and type in as and when required!) EDIT on re-reading this in the context of the thread I wonder if I have gone back 1 version too far with the charting! I have a load of G-charts, but these were prior to the Bluecharts, and the latter may have a capability to both interface and import data records. The G-Charts were Garmins version of the Navionics charting - the Bluecharts were their own charting with a different base.
  15. duncan

    Old style Bluechart - Garmin

    looks like Steve's managed to find it more easily than the first post suggested! personally I don't worry about the age of these things much because I don't take anything they say about non-fixed objects too seriously - and the fixed stuff rarely moves! (sand and gravel banks aren't fixed in my world either).