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  1. Hi Graham. You are now paid for 1st April 2022 until 31st March 2023.
  2. and easy to turn on the lathe.
  3. I made mine from commercial chopping boards purchased from Makro. I had no trouble cutting it with my bandsaw. Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  4. Poole Bridges Temporary Closure Saturday& Sunday 20/21st NOVEMBER 2021 On Behalf Of BCP Council Mariners are advised that Bridge Control will be unmanned overnight, for two nights, from 2330 20/11/21 to 0830 21/11/21.and from 1730 21/11/21 to 0530 22/11/21. Last lifting sequence on the 20/11/21 will be 2330 Last lifting sequence on the 21/11/21 will be 1730 0530, 0630 lifts will NOT be available on both nights.
  5. Here's the one I made 8 years ago for MegaByte. The holes on the left hold Disgorger, Pliers, Forceps and scissors. Filleting knife on the right.
  6. About time our authorities started earning their money.
  7. I've just tried again, it works on my iPad Get this on my laptop.
  8. Poole Bridges Temporary Closure SATURDAY 6th NOVEMBER 2021 On Behalf Of BCP Council, Mariners are advised that Bridge Control will be unmanned overnight, from 1830 06/11/21 to 0530 07/11/21. Last lifting sequence will be 1830 06/11/21 1930, 2030, 2130, 2230 and 2330 lifts will NOT be available. Next available lifting sequence will be 0530 07/11/21
  9. Nice report, like Jim, no movie.
  10. She'd probably want a curtain and toilet roll holder, she's fussy like that
  11. I don't think I'd better suggest that 😄
  12. That's no excuse 😄
  13. Decided I'd be daft to go bigger. I can get MegaByte in the driveway to service and antifoul it.
  14. I have another friend who would like a Warrior 165 Mk2 with Suzuki 70hp. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.
  15. Brian

    Warrior 165 Wanted

    Just had a message from Jerry, to say "She's home and towed beautifully".
  16. Brian

    Warrior 165 Wanted

    My friend is looking at a Mk1 at Gosport on Saturday.
  17. Brian

    Warrior 165 Wanted

    Terry How soon?
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