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JV Junior Comp

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Well, what a great forecast!


JV had a relaxed start with 4 kids onboard to entertain. First, pick up some rag, milk, beer and pizzas (the oven is always needed with growing kids onboard).


We headed to a classic Poole patch / Bournemouth rocks area for the usual wrasse subjects. Pushed off by the wind at 12, we headed to some rough.


The dad's had a drift for bass with the kids aquarium members they had been collecting. But to no avail.


Hook in and try for some rays. We had more sun rays than fishy ones. just a small eye for Reuben. Isla had a conger and we had bucket full of macs between us. I was questioning the mark as we only had one lesser cat shark.


Anyway, 3pm finish to fit in with the rules and we were off. Back in bathed in super sunshine and a lovely refreshing breeze to compliment.


Kids had fun, dad's had fun (and less cups of tea that usual) and mum&s had a break for a short time.


Daddy daycare at its best, thanks Adam.



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