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Ais issue

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Ok so I’ve had my electronics suite fitted , all very nice.

Went out Sunday and struggled to be heard when calling up the nci for a radio check . I could receive no problem.

Asked the installer about it today as all was perfect before the ais system was fitted.

He told me that because the vhf now shares an antenna with the ais that is why the signal is weaker !!!!

Does anybody know this to be true ??

I’m a bit miffed about it all and can’t understand why if this is a known issue they don’t tell you before purchase !


Thanks guys and gals !



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I agree with Brian 100%, use a dedicated antenna for the AIS, for the best results from both VHF and AIS, that how I set mine up. The AIS antenna will be about 70cm long.


Sharing antennas and reduced signal strength is quite well documented, also the ideal AIS antenna length is different for the VHF as the frequency is different so although it will 'work' it's far from the best. The AIS antenna does not need to be particularly high, on top of the cabin roof is fine, higher is better but the improvement in range is fairly small, mines on the cabin roof and it appears to be good for 10 miles at least for the ships.


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