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Fish Heads

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Now, I'm not one for wasting bait or potential bait. However, I have a freezer full of minced fish, heads and muck for rubby dubby. Not needing anymore and having a surplus of mackerel a number of weeks ago I posted on a local Facebook group that I had 20 fresh mackerel heads and guts if anybody could make use of them. When prepping macs for eating I cut behind the head through the spine and then along to anal fin, this is quick and clean leaving the body of meat and guts/belly flap still attached to the head.
Well, I could have got rid of these heads 5 times over. First to answers was a local beach angler, and not having access to fresh macs easily from the shore he was please for a bag of bass baits. I was glad not to fill the food waste bin with fish.
Anyway, Sam is my go to Mac head guy, he has been a few times now and usually I am out when he is passing, I leave by the gate and when I get home they are gone. Today I had 4 from yesterday and I finally met him.
Nice chap, as you can imagine we talked fishing for a bit and he was on his way.
This is a great way to recycle fish baits and reduce waste, plus saves the beach guys spending £2.50 on a couple of macs. Win win as far as I am concerned and I will hopefully be supplying him with more over the coming weeks.
Just a thought if any of you guys have waste fish, one man's waste is another man's bait.
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